Some very unfortunately placed ads (23 Photos)

  • unimpressed


  • jasgat

    #22 Gotta love it

  • seth

    not found

    • JBinNC

      that one took me a little while.

    • Parkatola

      Don't think four hundred four feet from home plate to the outfield wall. Think of using Yahoo trying to find an internet page and seeing 404 (and actually in the baseball context, the word "error" wouldn't be out of place).

  • jakubwrobel

    #21 is so true hah

  • the professor

    great birthday present … good old fashioned belly laugh .. thanx chive !!!!

  • Mikenasty

    #2 and #22 Made me piss myself.

  • Dr_StrangePants

    #18 made think of that scene from Kick-Ass

  • Coldzilla

    #4 Wrong

    Everyone knows that Jesus likes dogs

    #8 too freakin funny! (cause its true)

  • Allenavw

    #16 Does anyone else google the headlines sometimes just to see what the hell possibly happened?

  • elbruces

    A lot of the internet ones are due to automated keyword matches. I think the search indexes should try to figure out how to flag negative stories so that advertisers can avoid being put on those pages.

  • hazel

    #20 lol good one, #13 is probably brilliant

  • Ukulelemike

    The computer ads are actually designed that way-the place ads using word association with the article being read. Often to humorous effect!

  • poopypie

    A lot of these aren't fails, because they actually catch our attention and advertise their products.

  • incrediawesome

    #23 My mother in law went skydiving there,. still has her legs

  • hrpomrx

    #23 Pilot must have been boozing or completely retarded to hit the guy he just dropped from 10, 000ft + all the way down at 600ft.

  • voDev!L

    forgot this one! it's a classic…….

  • faris babo


  • jonybuzz


  • Katin

    Jesus is true god. he is messiah if any person insult the jesus her life wil be suspended i meant died it is a real fact understand it.i am a sinner but i love d jesus and i also say that jesus is my saviour.

  • Katin

    Life is very dangerous
    d’not dame care it
    life is like a river but river is no end……life has end understand my dear except d jesus in ur life

  • Alpha0010

    Wasn't #18 from a photoplasty on Cracked?

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