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  • cookeez


    Sweet Jesus, she is so hot!, there's another girl in the lower right corner, can we see her too?

    • kshell25

      Damn! Good eye!

      • Schlin

        You people need to get out a bit more. It will do you good.

    • porkchopsdontfloat

      Google Shay Laren. Happy fapping,

      • Assface

        10 mins on battery left. Challenge accepted.

    • Somone

      The other girl is Bree Olson.

    • ELR

      Shay Laren and the girl on the bed is Bree Olsen

  • bl.j.j

    #3 A. diner with your wife or B… B!

    • Grammer Police

      Diner = Place where somebody would serve you food.
      Dinner = A meal that you might eat with somebody.

      • bl.j.j

        im very sorry. next time i will use the feature "Check Spelling" i promise

        • Nope

          Sadly spell checker doesn't find incorrect words, only incorrect spelling.

          The more you know.

      • Jason

        Grammar not Grammer

        • Stanji

          well he didnt call himself spelling police

          • Ptesla

            d i d n ' t

  • Justin Hall

    #13 Flawless Victory

    • lance

      And a ref with aspirations of becoming a figure skater.

      • ilovethechive

        made me LOL

  • gnarls swarley

    #7 hop. hop. ho-bleargh.

    • hip hop anonymous

      Honestly, I was so distracted by #8 I didn't even notice this one til I saw this comment and had to scroll back up to make sure it actually was part of the post

    • ilovethechive

      I believe he may have bit off a bit more than he can chew

      • bree1912

        Pelicans will swallow live birds whole. My guess is that it isn't fresh enough.

    • Mathew Kay

      This is just DYING for a "like I give a fvck" caption.

    • MacNCheesePro

      Look at his beak at the end. It looks like he said "fuck it"

  • Just Sayin'

    #16 FATALITY!

    • not again

      Back To The Kitchen!

      • its_forge

        Definitely time to retire that stupid trope.

  • igotashield

    #2 a sweet goodbye kiss

  • dingos dingue

    seriously chive, you got to work harder and try
    to bring some great exclusive stuff, not repeating the posts around the year, this suck !
    note that the chive community is growing, but do not take it fo granted, I ,for an old chiver, am disspointed by all of these shitty posts, so plz use your mind and be creative a little bit.. and try to find some cool new stuff… seriously ..
    Chive on

    • Ryan White

      I'm gonna place my bet at -42

      • Randy Gallegos

        -67 i have faith in the Chivers

      • hMMMM

        -176 you guys are wayyyyy off! I, for one, thought this post was great.

        • bunedoggle

          The only problem I found was that #8 ended too soon.

      • Ryan White

        damn I was way off, but I did place my bet when she was at "0"

    • Benton McGrath


      • j22

        Dude I wasn't gonna thumbs down. But it was at -55. We have a winner

    • Mutt

      "Exclusive stuff"??? That would mean only on one site. You do know that that is impossible on the internet. This isn't one of those magazines you read at the free clinic.

    • panama99

      Stop your whining and go to Reddit they will love you there….

      Oh by the way -37

      • dutch

        you realize most content on this site was originally on reddit, usually 2-3 days before. the exclusion being SC.

    • Zebulon

      I've built a few websites for customers in my day and I notice every time that nobody ever wants to help you build it, but everybody wants to tell you what's wrong with it. Why don't you blow it out your ass and keep your comments that aren't helpful or productive in any fashion to yourself.

    • racerx2112

      FYI…your post isn't original either…and you sir, are an ass……oh and my money is on -43

    • FLHomesteader

      The rules are like The Price is Right…

      You have to get how many thumbs down without going "over". (Over being in quotes for all the math Nazis out there that will say it is technically under)

      24 hours in we will determine a winner.

      -92 is my guess

    • Coldzilla

      -132 is my guess

      Free Chive Tshirt to whomever is correct?


      • meh

        canadians love free shit

        • Coldzilla

          And Americans dont?


    • ZachBob

      I, too, am tired of seeing the exact same pictures on theChive time after time. like, post it once, and if it's worthy, again in best photos of the week. then stop posting it.

    • WirelessCable

      I have to jump into the fray… dingo you should really get a grip on yourself *not a pun* (all other chivers laugh with me) I can't tell if you're a troll or just really stupid…

      But anyways, you should seriously re-define what you think is awesome. theChive is not perfect, but they are doing their darndest to keep the millions of elite chivers entertained. So come with no expectations, prepare for awesome, and accept that if there's a crappy post, tomorrow will be better.

  • Richard Rice


    nope, can't stop watchin

    • Richard Rice

      nah, seriously can't stop looking

  • Pants

    #8 Who be that?

    • walther

      shay laren.
      man i need to get out

      • Randy Gallegos
        • AppreciativeChiver

          Thank you, for those!!!

        • Zebulon

          Good Lord… I'd never leave the house from playing with those all day… every day…

        • William

          Just a heads up…NSFW!!

          • Keith Piscitelli

            Naked Wii is the only way to play when you have a girl like that…

        • ilovethechive

          Thank you sir…those are amazing gifs of amazing tits

        • Patricio

          Her right boob is noticeably bigger than her left one…still incredible!

          • jimbojones

            It's because they are real.

            • Patricio

              No shit! It's just that it is a cup size larger….

  • Bryan

    #11 hilarious how once the dog falls over he looks to see if the other one is still watching him

    • Flopper

      Soccer Dog

    • tralfaz

      vulcan pinch

    • Dirty Dingus

      Vulcan nerve bite.

  • Richard Rice


    rad, this is how I feel like everyday I go to work

    • bizron

      Ron Swanson FTW!!!!

  • Phil

    #2 Just taking a pic of the snow… Photobomb!!

    • Phil

      f**k wrong pic

  • Gabe

    #4 That is one HOT DOG…. Badumm-Tish

  • Paula_

    Excellent gallery Bob ❤ !
    I don't say MOAR a lot, but when I do there's a good reason for it.
    MOARRRRR bouncy bouncy #8!

    – the one you love to hate

    • DweebsterDeluxe

      Not sure if sarcastic orrr….

      • Paula_

        Not this time! Quite a few gems there like #2, #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #15.

        – the one you love to hate

    • random-random

      Did anyone ever think they'd agree with Paula?

      • Ha.Ha.

        Hi, Sonia Miller

    • Paula_

      Did anyone ever think they'd agree with Paula?

      – quickly jumping on this train just in case this becomes a hot trend

      • NebraskaGuy

        Why Paula, your big red negative is going down … down … down … is this something new with you?

        • Paula_

          Even if I'd care about the score, don't you think I have ways of lowering it again? Have faith young padewan.

          – the one you love to hate

    • Randy Gallegos
      • JstevensF

        You sir a gentleman and a scholar, I tip my hat to you.

        • JstevensF

          are a*

  • Anjin-San

    #9 made me laugh the shit out of me

    • Boobman

      pic or it didn't happen

  • 'ho

    Who is #8 ?

    • Paula_

      Norma Stitz. Worth image googling.

      – the one you love to hate

      • God

        I fucking hate you

      • Da_Boz

        Whole office had to know why I was laughing so hard, lots of love for that reply Paula! Yes, I googled it just to see why God fucking hates you.

        • Paula_

          And there we go John, another office full of new souls addicted to the Chive now. Am I going too far over my quota by now?

          – once they see it, they're hooked

      • Holmespump

        I don't care what anyone says – That never gets old.

    • Randy Gallegos
  • Eddie Olazaran

    #5 When I saw that the first time, I couldn't believe it was real.

    • Pål

      Look at the person who starts running to help

    • bunedoggle

      How does that guy even walk with balls that big?

      • Master_Rahl

        I think the real question is how the hell does he walk with ankles that shattered?

  • Benton McGrath

    #2 Bro Bump

  • Jerry Chelm

    #10 love how he still turns the wheel haha

    • Wing Zero

      There would be a brown streak down the race track if that happened to me.

    • crowebar360

      Now, I'm not really into sports or racing or whatever, so let me get this straight. If this happens it's bad, right?

  • mastodon311

    #8 ……perfect…MOAR

  • Joey

    5 wouldve been sweet if he got hit by a car when he takes the steps after he lands…sensed it coming but im not awesome…

  • Kodos

    prepare to die!… psych!

  • Kodos

    Awesome dog .. is awesome.
    Canine neck pinch.

  • Griffin Heath

    #13 Muay Thai FTW~! B)

    • ROK247

      paralyzed from the neck down FTW!

    • JBinNC

      What's with the overly enthusiastic referee???

  • Colin_

    #4 And this is why we never give the dog caffeine.

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