• Will

    #7 reminded me of Seinfeld for some reason. CARTWRIGHT!

  • Tony


  • WailingFungus

    Billy West is the man!! Add also Maurice LaMarche, Dave Herman, Frank Welker and Jon Di Maggio.

  • Mickey

    You forgot that hot chick from Valley Girl is Chuckies voice from Rugrats. Also, you should have made them smaller, I can almost read them

    • stephen

      That's EG Daily

  • wkdfrog

    #6 Legend

  • Brendan

    Patrick Warburton would be a good add. He's in a bunch of stuff.

    • Spinnyd

      Hear hear! The voice of Brock Sampson will not be silenced!

  • TheBurgerKing

    Agreed, Mel Blanc is a legend

  • jdjdjdd

    I hate the Internet. Going to go do myself in now.

  • Coldzilla

    #6 The best that ever was – even in death hes still doing voices……

    <img src="http://www.mentalfloss.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/mel-blanc-tombstone.jpg&quot; &lt;="" img="">

  • Sugar

    Where is Rob Paulson?

    • Robby D

      Or Maurice Lamarch

  • elbruces

    I'd like to see some Hank Azaria (everybody else not mentioned on the Simpsons) and Marc Hamill (yes, that Mark Hamill) who's done a surprising amount of voice work in the past few decades.

  • Scruffy

    I'm honestly suprised that Grey DeLisle didn't make the list.

  • jimbojones

    Kath Soucie was Bubbles for only a few episodes. Tara Strong voiced her for the majority of the series.

  • SharkyShooter

    Where's Mark Hamill?
    Seriously, how can he not be in this?

  • Qrst1

    What, no Cree Summer? Oh, cause her graphic would be waaaaaaay to large. Gotcha.


  • Darius

    No no no, Christine Cavanaugh played Chucky Finster on Rugrats. She was also Mona the Mail Lady on Salute Your Shorts.

  • Anonymous

    mother of god….what happened to catdog…

  • maurizio

    no hank azaria?

  • Purch

    This is a joke. Where the fuck is Hank Azaria??

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  • Rainbow Dash

    Needs more Grey Delisle and Tara Strong.

  • nope

    How is John Dimaggio not on this list?

  • tom

    #2 Otis. From Andy Griffith show

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  • Daniel

    Lets see some H. Jon Benjamin. One of the funniest voices on tv.

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