You Tokyo Drifted right into my heart (29 Photos)

  • Bless1

    #25- id like to throw my sackajurwaya.

  • baldandsexy

    All good except for #28…. fail!!

  • Syn

    #20 OMG THE EYES! First thing I noticed…

    • medude

      I´d normally go for the "I have bad news for you" but I amazingly believe her eyes compete with her bewbs

      • medude

        …but her bewbs end up winning

  • Bill57

    Oh my gentle Jesus #4

  • Chazz_B

    #3 the angel theme fits =) i like her a lot

  • Affe

    While asian women are attractive, does no man worry that his son will have a tiny penis?

    • thom

      Only your dad.

    • The Beyonder

      Depends on the size of the dads penis. Me? I don't worry about it at all.

    • ghghgh

      when did men ever worry about their sons when they are fucking?!

  • tongystunter

    best asian chive post ever?…

  • Boomer

    #20 BaBaBooi…

  • Number 14 please!


  • geekster

    # 3. Who is she and why you no post MOAR!!!!!!

  • Rick

    Asians are hott!

  • Tsat!

    Harro Big Ferra! God I love Asian women….perfect asses….perking titties….gorgeous bukkake…..always prepared to service their man…

    • hfdgd

      until you piss them off and they butcher you.

  • James

    Thank god for Asian woman :).

  • Pat

    #8 Need a Nordiques Shirt. fcuk the habs

  • Barabba

    #7 Please MOOOOOOAAAAARRRRR !!!!

  • thom

    This whole post goes in the spank bank.

  • UHM

    #15 Moar please

  • JpW

    Woooww this entire post is fantastic.

  • The Dude


    You gotta make Hot Asians a regular post. I like sexy Asian chicks; some sweet, some sour.

  • The Pict

    #28 The girl in red had quite the gap.
    This whole group is Fapfuckintastic.

  • Jack Mehoff

    #4, Thems what I would call bed room eyes. I get a woody just looking at her.

  • dOOb

    #8 BURN that jersey… dirty Habs fan!!!

  • Mr shiggles

    #1 is that a nipple I see?

    • Tomas


  • David

    Justene Jaro, Miss Camp, Lisa Kim Fleming, Amy Fay…I love my import models!

  • Zaedrus

    All my base are belong to them.

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