Cat Saturday (29 Photos)

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  • iSexyDude

    #13 THIS is a cat like i like them!

  • DanFromDetroit

    So can we just start calling it Caturday like the rest of the Intrrnets?

    • DaddyD

      No. We are not like the rest of the Internets (or even the Intrrnets).

  • Do0zer

    #3 and #5 Made me lose my man card and say "aawwwwwhhh"!

    • Kyle

      #3 is like "Don't tell me how to snipe in Halo. I'm the master of sniping in Halo."

  • Laurie

    #6 "Always pack an extra kitteh in case of emergency"

  • Kodos

    always considered Audrey Hepburn a sexy little kitty…

    • Daniel Angelo Monaco

      What a classy, gorgeous piece of pussy…and a cat too.

  • WirelessCable

    idk why i didn't think of this earlier, but it's pussy galore! (+1 if you know the reference)

  • MonkeyMadness

    #5 I wanna lick her nose too!

  • Cattique

    #6 Why do your and my cats love suitcases?

  • steve

    I wish I could sleep this soundly #6

  • gerbal lover

    Does anyone else find this kind of creepy….like he just had anal with the cat or something ?

    • G L

      oops #12

  • Coldzilla

    #12 Everyone knows that Bond loves Pussy

    • Kyle

      By proxy, the single coolest kitty alive.

  • M6tt

    #20 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat

  • Hut

    #15 lady gaga's writing staff?

  • Jim Schneider

    Chive, please fucking stop with the self-starting video ads i must seek and destroy in the multiple tabs i open to contain your (typical) awesomeness. Its the most annoying thing I can fucking imagine.

  • waltgator

    #24 awesome cat clock! where can I get one?

  • remix_

    #28 its a real life painting!!!



  • Sammy

    #29 is that stenciled on?

  • CaseySweetAss

    #8 and #25 are so great!

  • AXJ

    Cat Fagurday!

    • drew

      Neither funny nor creative. Great attempt, though.

  • SteelCityChivette

    #26 Important question: why does this person take their camera into the shower with them? Most creative answer wins.

  • Daniel Craddock

    #17 Not sure if pet, or run

  • The_Redevil

    #7 If only.

  • Seldi84

    #29 is too cute. We need more of both.
    How about sexy chivettes with their cute cats.

  • Tom

    #7 *Humming the Meow Mix tune*

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