If you happen to be in Chicago

Myself and the other brain-dead idiots I work with will be in Chicago this weekend. I'm not familiar with the area but I guess we're in "Old Town". The meet up is at some bar called "Benchmark" but we will be floating around the area bars from Thursday till Sunday. If you happen to see my dumb-ass, please stop me and let's shoot the shit.

  • specv44

    How about you guys come down and show Florida some love? Orlando is right in the middle of the state!

    • Rick

      I've been pushing for Gainesville for a while, I haven't done Orlando since I was a kid (of course, the mouse thing) but do like the idea of the location

      • specv44

        true true, Gainesville wouldnt be bad either, college party town. IDK, I think Orlando may have a larger draw, especially with all the bars/clubs downtown

      • Nax

        I think a lot of cruise ships have silamir luxury as the pictures here. I had the good fortune of getting taken on a cruise and our ship had all of the same accommodations. Needless to say, I have never been in or on something so spectacular in my life.

  • Nurther

    What about Texas? Too hot for you?

    • Todd

      UT maybe, ACL would be a good one

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