Soooo…. you got wasted (26 Photos)


    First? Like it's a big fucking deal…really


      Also gotta love the fact that number 19 is here in good ol' Chico, Ca. hahahahaha

      • xxs

        wife grew up in chico. you sir get a thumbs up from me.

    • BrwnPwr


    • Spivias

      cool story bro

    • steve

      fuck off just a little bit

  • El Fantom


    • chivesucksdick

      Chive your site sucks dick , it plays scroll over ads non-stop . #26 shirtless protest dickbag needs face mace .

    • Shant1k

      totally thought of that when i saw the pic


      • DJM

        Montreal, ftw.

    • poutine lover

      Oui les amis, d'l'a criss de bonne poutine!!!!

  • Greg

    #19 smart kids. No drinking and driving

    • Nolok

      but they did park their truck in the compact spot…

      • lowdown

        Is this a parking garage in Lawrence, KS?

      • thom

        Screw those compact spots. Compact cars don't leave the bigger spaces for the bigger cars. Take what you can get.

        • reme

          That's because D-bags like these take up the compacts spots. der-der-derrrrrrr

    • Michael Heredia

      It's not their truck!

    • 340Swinger

      I have passed out in the back of my truck drunk, but it was at a bonfire. If it is or isn't their truck, still good show. It's fairly comfortable.

    • Southern Discomfort

      Totally fucked up!must of been a great show! m/

  • warchest

    #17 Axl Rose???

    • Buster

      let's see…24 bottles, 7 bucks a piece typical ballgame price, wow…$168.00 of Bud Light? that would hurt more than any hangover you might get from all that beer flavored water.

      • Rondo

        Reality check complete. thanks for that. LOL

      • daveh873

        That's a minor league game. Beer isn't 7 bucks. It's probably a Thirsty Thursday game, where beers are usually a buck.

        • Buster

          at our minor league stadium (charlotte knights), beers are 7 for a bottle. On Thirsty Thursday they are little 8 ounce plastic cups on tap, not the pricey bud light aluminum bottles. but who knows, maybe they have better prices than us.

          • Scott

            I've gone to that stadium a lot and beer is not nearly 7 dollars a beer. Awesome pyramid.

            • Buster

              just went july 4th, what i got:
              coors/miller/bud tall boys $8.00
              12oz olde mecklenburg beer either $7 or $8, don't remember
              aluminum bottles either $6 or$ 7

              if we're don't debating the minutia of my comment, i think we can agree that buying 24 bottles of beer at a sporting even is a crazy sum of money. certainly not something i can afford. but who knows, maybe he had some friends to help him get through them all.

      • Chris

        I took this picture, it was the start of my bachelor party so my beers were FREE!!!

  • jim halpert

    does anyone else think the sharpie thing is stupid?

    • El Fantom

      But you can always do it to Scumbagsteve.

    • Rob

      Yup. Cowards take advantage of someone who is incapacitated.

      • MonkeyMadness

        It sounds like somebody has had it happen to them 😉

        Dude, get over it! It's hilarious!

    • thom

      If it is really Sharpies, then they really screw those people and it isnt funny. If they are just washable markers then it is kind of funny.

      • Ryan

        Actually I've had the sharpie treatment a few times and it comes of pretty easy if you just use some Vaseline.

  • Craig

    #26 Peace dude *tazed*

    • BloodScrubber

      People behind him are sayin…"um…yeah…good luck with that"……

    • thom

      He should be tazed just for having his shirt off, and arrested. Has anyone ever seen Cops?

  • ben

    #11 I would murder my "friends" who would do this kind of thing to me. The revenge would never end and would be more horrible than anything they could imagine.

    • David Milinovic

      He looks like Joe Pesci at the end of Casino.

      • Capitalsfan74


    • daudilis

      just unfriend them on facebook. that's payback enough.

    • all about it

      I'd pee in their butts.

    • Runner141

      He didn't pass out in his room.

    • Southern Discomfort

      Totally fucked up!

    • jokderok

      watch out as u could be next. no u will be next…. that was revenge

  • Beau Young

    #12 Is that a cork… or the beginnings of projectile vomit?

    • graham

      possibly a chicken wing

    • yodafag

      chicken wing it is I think

    • @kellywalton10

      hahah that is my friend with a chicken wing in her mouth.

  • Amanda

    #16 representing SE Virginia well. Hahaha

  • Seannerz

    #10 How delightfully incriminating

  • graham

    #11 i would inject them with West Nile if they did that to me

  • The1Architect

    #1 They may take our lives, but they'll never take our….plastic lawn chairs!

    • jereyc

      Any day you can throw in a William Wallace quote is a great day

  • MrRushing

    #10 – Ah, the fabled strikeout, the a Chive on top.

    • ilovethechive

      Looks staged to me

  • buster cherry

    She looks pretty hot, even with a giant penis tattooed on her arm.

    • disturbed

      Agreed. Find her! She's hot and def down for a good time!

    • ????


    • hMMMM

      looks a bit like Hope Solo?

  • Sean

    Thanks Chive, my buddy and I #20 have been trying to get on the Chive for a while…our other friend #10 doesn’t know yet!!

    • Smokey

      Nice to see the Chive repping the Alberta Premium, that's some damn cheap whiskey.

    • Dood

      #20 Russell, is that you?

  • Jason Bartz

    Why do people do this to themselves over and over again. Know when to fucking stop.

    A few weeks ago a drunk chick was lying in the street outside my duplex at 2AM yelling about how drunk she was. After listening to her constant yelling for more than 30 minutes, I called the cops to deal with her. They in turn called EMT's cause she fell and hit her head. My sister-in-law was one of the EMT's to respond and she later told me that it wasn't the first time they've had to deal with this particular woman.

    • Gern Blansten

      Was she hot?

    • OneManWolfPack

      Wow, cool story bro.

    • uhhh.....

      This makes perfect sense as to why people should quit drinking. I mean obviously this women is universally accept as the most common drunk in the world. Everyone that gets drunk does exactly what this women does. I'm surprised that there are enough EMT's staffed to handle all of the nonsensical alcoholics in the world.

  • Shane

    Good thing i know my limit so these kind of things dont happen to me.

  • Sean

    Thanks Chive, we’ve #20 been trying to get on here for a while…our friend #10 doesn’t know!!! Chive on!

    • steve

      couple old gas bags bonding

  • hipsterbgone

    I was out on a boat tie up yesterday and got wasted… but not THIS #14 wasted…. now i'm just sunburnt and smoking weed all day to recoup.

    i'd be pissed if my friends used me as a coffee table.

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #4 to bad the cabinets dont fall off the walls

    • Gord

      That would be funny

    • Nick

      Where was this picture taken? The kitchen looks familiar to those at SUNY Albany Freedom Quad

      • Bella

        I'm guessing somewhere in Minnesota because of the Farve Vikings jersey.

    • MonkeyMadness

      It looks like the cabinet on the right is coming loose.

    • steamer

      check out the clock.. its not even 11pm yet hahah

    • reme

      Those are cheap-ass particle-board cabinets. They ARE seriously lucky they didn't come off the walls.

  • Tom

    #12 What exactly is that in her mouth?

    • Chivetian

      The guy in the blue shirt held down the guy in the black shirt. They kept giving him beers. Once he was blitzed, the girl ripped off his testicles with her teeth to win a bet.

      That's what it looks like to me.

    • joe

      aint no thang but a chicken wing.

  • OneClownShoe

    I am really happy that I was smart enough to surround myself with friends that are not assholes when I got wasted.

  • denzino

    #26 It's my birthday and all I want is a "keep calm and chive on" t-shirt!!

    • caleb

      you and everyone else budski

    • thom

      Then buy one.

  • Courtney Roxanne Jean Fair

    #16 Is fucking awesome

    • VanIsleChiver

      his dog is totally fucked up

  • Theebs

    #10- ooooh marijuana!

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