Captions are the cheese of the photo world (25 photos)

  • misschris

    #14 Made me laugh. Hard. lol

    • Rodion Butyrski

      Some girls just want to watch guys burn lol

  • hMMMM

    #18 – the Middle Eastern dude NEVER gets old!

    • JHL1

      That's not how you spell "really".

  • Colin_

    #12 Awww!

  • NotMyRealName

    #25-that crab is a beast…holy shit.
    #22-wins, awsome.

  • Hand of Fate

    #1 Gotta love when babies do that.

    #16 lol, no, I'd just get a big mirror.

  • Robocop

    why did #25 rip of his own claw?

    • thom

      Because he didn't give a fuck.

  • thom

    That is gayer than 8 guys fucking 9 guys.
    That is gayer than cum on a mustache.

  • David Milinovic


    Instant stiffy.

  • Seldi84

    #12 #24
    Made me laugh like a mad man

  • boatdrinks4u2

    FIND #16 AND #24

  • Tom

    #24 I love it… for now. Will need more to conclude.

  • LatinHeat

    #24, I dont know why, but FIND HER!!

  • Bless1

    #6- HAA!

  • Dylan

    #4 almost caused a catastrophic coffee mishap 😀

  • Verbal_Kint

    #25 It took Linda. Then it came after me, it got into my hand and it went bad, so I lopped it off at the wrist.

    • JHL1

      Just wait till he gets a boom-stick.

      • Verbal_Kint

        It's really the best way to deal with primitive screwheads….

  • Mike

    #24 Go!

  • Sonofabatchofcookies


  • Glitched

    is this douche nozzle spamming every post?

  • Jake

    #15 LOL- That guy's name is Thoth or something like that. He used to be at the 24th St BART station in San Francisco every day when I came from work. He sings opera and plays the violin while dressed like that and dancing around. Haven't seen him in years…

    • George the 23rd

      I saw Thoth in Portland OR just 2 weeks ago. He's got a young woman who travels and plays with him nowadays named Lila Angelique. They were headed north to Vancouver BC before burning man.
      Total badassery.

  • Patches

    So not only do you closely examine the backgrounds of the sexy chivers photos, you also get so excited by seeing what could possibly-maybe-if-you-look-at-it-right be a sex toy, you feel the need to tell everyone about it on a completely unrelated post like 3 days later.

    Dude, you need to get out more. Or even stay in and explore the internet a bit more… you can find plenty of photos (and even videos!) of women using sexy toys, without having to squint at a poorly lit mirror reflection for a peek at one.

    • Trent

      The Dude, you are not.

    • SharkyShooter

      Finding weird stuff in the the backgrounds of pictures is a time honored internet tradition. This guy was just looking a little too hard to find something that wasn't there. It's like when you're playing 'Where's Waldo?' and your eyes go to all the stripped shirts.
      While putting the comment in this post does seem kind of weird now that I think about it, my guess is that he didn't think anyone would be reading through the comments on a three day old post, so he thought this would be the surest way to get a response, and it worked.

  • Coldzilla

    #24 Im just glad they dont make hijabs for boobs

  • Candybabe_66

    Oh, and #16

    I've been a girl my whole life and sometimes I still do that. My bad.

    • Nick


    • Why Not?

      pics or it never happened.

      • Candybabe_66

        I'll take pictures and submit them to Chive. It's up to Chive to post them.

        • Why Not?

          Chive, you know what to do!!

          • Candybabe_66

            Used the submit page two days ago. Nothing. For some reason, the submit page never works for me. So, I sent an email tonight. Hopefully tomorrow.

  • Mike

    #19 STILL not as GAY as twilight

  • Why Not?

    #15 Y.M.C.A.!!

  • J-Row

    Number 19 is a soup kitchen, thanks for the f-shack

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