Meet the idiot college freshman (26 Photos)

  • wawa

    checks Izismile(dot) come…see's same posts on chive two days later

    • toby

      U r right ,this whole post was copied from there + tons of other pics too. This is really low even for Chive. Give credit where its due even if they are not original pics.

  • tool

    Cool post bro

  • Luongo is a fag

    what's wrong with lanyards? They're handy.

    • Tigre

      I county think there is anything wrong with the lanyard thing unless that’s the only key on there.

  • tkc

    Directions for freshman at the University of Maryland, College Park: "Take this path down to the mall and it is the red brick building with the white pillars."

  • @StrongAsMeat

    Finally out of the house….. brings laundry home to mommy.

    • Jessica Condrey

      My lazy ass ex did this everyweekend. Lame

      • Mr.brightside

        You’ve got to be kidding, people still do that?!

  • Ted_Stickles

    Hahahhahah these are so awesome and true… Reminds me of this kid I deliver pizzas with during the summer. Mirror image honestly.

  • Royce

    I still think Scumbag Steve is funnier… Meh… Maybe I'm crazy.

  • College Freshmen! Losers. HAHA!

    […] source __________________ RIP Travis Billings […]

  • Superman

    #17 was by far the funniest!!!

  • bisketz

    #3 Pisses me right the F off. Generation last is gunna fuck us all.

    • Jessica Condrey

      I agree, Neo Douchebag Hipsters.

      • Chivin While Black

        Amen to that, fuckin weirdos.

  • griff k

    hahaha I know this kid

  • drewdeze

    these were all pretty damn good, the guitar one is classy


    Thanks for the UNH love

  • Cherve

    Rejected by 5 girls, tells friends he had 3 sum

  • Dan

    forced meme is forced

  • macman1987

    I love how its a kid from unh. Def hit the mark there.

  • Guest

    EPIC WIN!!!

    Also, how about–>

    Says he is an independent man now..
    Goes home to mom for laundry and full refridgerator…

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to tail gate at the first home game….finds out school has no football team!

  • Ryan

    All of these fit my first roommate…

  • Anonymous

    Haha, i know so many people who could use their picture instead of that guy and it would fit 100% on every comment

  • David Milinovic

    GTFO Spamming cunt.

  • Nurther

    Thats the truth, truth!

  • Henry Gibson

    Am I the only one who thinks this dude looks like Jason Alexander's nephew or something?

    • yoselahonda

      Looks like Jimmer Fredette!

  • orangewhip

    #13 film major – lacks basic math function.

  • Rick


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