• p1babyarm

    #11 So damn true…Just walk around Lubbock and all you see are douches in North Face

  • p1babyarm

    Get friend request from decent girl in class…Thinks they are dating now

  • Spleenforsoul

    You forgot the people who block the whole path to the entrance of the building you need to go into tripping over each other playing hacky sack, of course they think they are awesome at it and are all like "aw mann why'd you kick it to the left, I coulda got that one"….or the ultimate frisbee douches that take it too far and act like they are in the NFL.

  • Spleenforsoul

    Oh I forgot, the girl or guy or lights a cigarette from the filter end and won't shut the fluff up about it at a party.

  • Jake!

    we need more of these posts so i know what not to do come fall😄

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1298670254 Nick Marty

    Looks like I found a whole new list of reasons I'm glad I chose an alternate route to college.

  • Ryan

    goes to UNH, Drinks 5 days a week and gets a 3.7

  • Ryan

    Has John Belushi "College" poster: Has actually visited Beluschi's real grave site….

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  • An Ornery Moose

    So….. I guess this place is basically reddit lite, which is 4chan double lite? That's the vibe I get.

  • Confused

    I can relate to six of these, being a college freshmen myself. Chive on for Penn State!!!

    • Confused


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  • Greg

    I've met every single one of these in college!
    Got a kick outta calling them on it too😉

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  • Mike

    Has tons of sneakers…
    …Only wears socks and sandals

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