Mind the gap Monday (28 photos)

  • Josh_5FDP

    #26 TOE!

    • ROK247

      toe of the camel is a delicacy in my country.

    • HogtownDaddy

      Might as well be camel toe Monday with as much as there was. Not complaining though

    • Chird

      just be glad no FUPA is involved

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000212541689 Matt Nowak

      And an excellent one at that!!!!

    • bonzi

      omgoddess let me in

    • Buford_Justice

      smuggling YoYos

    • Colombianchiver

      camel toe + gap= heaven

    • BigE

      That's a double Gapper

  • http://renounceapprehension.blogspot.com/ MrRushing

    #1 "good morning" indeed…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000829687118 Cedric Schlosser

      This one in HQ and it would have been the best morning ever..

    • Will

      We need more of the ones in the middle on to the right.

      • hMMMM

        girl on the left is on point, too. She's just at a bad angle.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Sgt.Shnooky Sebastian Barison

      The best photo to start the week =)

    • hMMMM

      middle gap is shaped like a heart at the top. is this a first?

      • John J

        At least someone else noticed it. Super sexy.

      • JHL1

        No, it's not a first, but it is awesome!

    • asb

      models of some kind? i mean..that many good asses in a row occuring normaly cant not likely.

    • Jonathan

      I can say I'm pretty glad I submitted this one… 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/_J0R_ @_J0R_

      # 1 is

      you're welcome.

      • http://twitter.com/_J0R_ @_J0R_


    • zaldiboy

      good morning…. and morning wood!

  • Jeff

    Wow.<3 Chive.

  • Some Dude.

    A reason to look forward to Monday!

  • Log

    Oh, the humanity!

  • Vantastic

    #25 Now that's GAP!

    • ilovethechive

      Love the shear panties too!

    • TH0R

      best undies ever?

  • tbone


  • I keeps it real!

    #13 i see vajayjay

    • truth

      I see douche bag… oh that's just keeping it real

    • Lisa

      Please, for the love of all gaps, STOP using that term!!! It's a pussy. I'm telling you people. USE IT. Sheesh.

      • The big Bone

        Pussy sound so much better.

      • B cup chivette

        guys who wont say it are pussies

      • its_forge

        A twat. A vulva. A beaver. (usually reserved for ones that aren't shaved)

  • disturbed

    #5 GAP FAPtastic right there

    • Dexter

      If it wasn't for the tats, I swear she was jailbait.

    • guest

      Looks like this chicks name is Felice Fawn.

      website: http://blog.felicefawn.com/

      video from that shoot:

    • idunno

      looks like a doll

  • pjsupremex

    i love #19

  • trololol

    best start of the week!
    #25, #26

  • The Truth

    You can put #16 up as many times as you want. Amazing.

    • oldboy


    • ilovethechive

      Google Images says this is Nicky Whelan!

      • The big Bone

        I don't care who she is….not from this angle anyway!!

    • poppajo8

      Looks like there's something yummy in there to eat!

    • codvip

      So amazing she doesn't need a name. You say "that girl" and we'll all know exactly who you mean.

  • olfisheye

    oh gap…how i have missed you!!!

  • olfisheye

    #23…pedobear approved

    • Chird

      Why cant I have neighbors like that. Oh excuse me Chird, can I borrow some suga?

    • pedobear

      Maybe I don't approve?? You have no idea what young girls I will drag behind the dumpster and have my way with!

      • Coldzilla

        Yeah cause pedophilia is funny…….

        • its_forge

          I wish to fuck all you pedo police would just go off and fuck yourselves. The only people here who are perverted enough to look at a picture of a clothed woman and think Oo, I want to have sex with that underage girl, are the ones who see the picture and think "pedophilia." The rest of us merely appreciate the pictures for what they are.

          • Coldzilla

            Wow settle down Skippy. I appreciate the pics for what they are too but this had nothing to DO with the pic – it was some idiot making light of the ACT ITSELF and thats not funny what so ever.

            Take a downer dude, seriously 😉

            • its_forge

              Well yeah, that's a complete no-no, it's not a fricking laughing matter. But JESUS CHRIST I'm tired of EVERY THREAD being LITTERED with pedopedopedopedopedopedopedo it sounds like a posse of mopeds idling past for Christ's sake.

    • jpp407

      If shes younger then 18.. Ill eat my own head.

    • finder

      thats Masha Novoselova born 1985

      • theederv

        Holy super sleuth Batman! Good spot find sir

      • El Andy

        What! You mean that the moron who posted "Pedobear Approved" was off by 10 years? I can't believe it!

    • its_forge

      LOL she's like 27

  • JBNZ

    #16 #21 #26 Can be the first three pictures in your new poet "Toe Tuesday"

  • thinkbob

    It is not a gap if their legs are spread. But I really like the toe in #21 and #26

  • theonehodge

    #10…I can see the light!!

    • Kodos

      plutonium gap

    • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

      Blinded by the light,
      revved up like a deuce,
      another runner in the night

    • thatsa


    • mishway

      i always knew the holy grail was in the gap

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1485290783 Marcus McConnell

    #5 Sold! GOD BLESS THECHIVE!!!

  • Logan

    wasn't sure how i was getting through my last week of work before my summer vaca, then #26 showed up. thank you miss Chivette, thank you oh so very much 🙂

  • dirtimus


  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    #2 dated the football team in college

  • NebraskaGuy

    Excellent post, Leo – It could only be improved by MOAR like this one here #8

  • Jacob

    #8 Find Her

    • The big Bone

      I think thats the short bus, you can find one in any town.

    • Panda

      And then ask her who her hotter friend is that's sitting behind her.

  • HUH?

    #9 she will never be that hot again, fuckin babies ruin everything

    • Selmy


    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B


    • max

      she's kind of stupid, but who cares…still super hot

      • Brad

        I feel like fuckin babies would ruin my life also

    • its_forge

      Beg to differ, most women get even hotter after the first, second, and sometimes even third baby. After that it's pretty much all over though.

    • biggles

      AGREED. now she has mom butt. It's like her butt de evolved from cute bubble to flat ass pancake

      FARKING BABIES!!!!!!!

  • poppajo8



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