Next level street art by Smug One (18 photos)

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Smug One is definitely one of the most talented photo-realistic street artists I have ever seen. Awesome. Check out more of his work HERE

  • jaynecobb

    he is good

    • Ckris King


  • Edward

    Wow those are all awesome!

  • theonehodge

    I love talented street artists! So underrated, especially by the government who always cover it all up!

    • douche

      buy your own wall and have at it. dont put shit on my building

      • theederv

        Dont post your shit comments on our wall…………

  • fil

    #16 please don't paint over!

    • max

      find the model who inspired it please…she looks hot!!

  • Alan

    As long as it is not on my wall or any I can see around…

  • Logan

    HQ all these please

  • pimpampet

    No shit, lets all go to that site and buy super cheap stuff 😀 "is there an admin online?"


    WOW !

    Now that's what I call art…


  • Elbie

    #11 and #18 are amazing – Damn you for that smiley face, chive, damn you!

  • femtrooper

    He did Boba thats awesome. #11

  • harlem

    great! wish he could paint my whole house!:D

  • sidewinder86

    He should be paid and the people should be grateful.

  • Vagina Jones

    #17 Ja'far really let himself go.

  • that guy


  • MrRushing

    #16 = Hot Stuff

  • DWD

    Chivers, join me in reporting this cunt, wont you?

  • Monk

    Chivers, join me in reporting this cunt, wont you?

    • DWD

      Hey… no quotes or anything?

      • Monk

        My bad, I was too lazy and didn't think it matters as it is a common goal. But hey all credit for calling him a 'cunt', to you. Chive on.

  • Vince Weaver

    Beats the shit out of Banksy, IMO.

  • Tyler Shipley

    Now that is what I call art.

  • JacksonMcNasty

    #16 FInd her!

    • Ireint


  • Bless1

    #8- i dig it. noice find.

  • Cake is a Lie

    Also known as a mural.

  • Matt

    Looks like he likes Suicide Girls… Most of the sexy ones are from SG photo sets.

  • Fasteddy14

    #8 and #11 should be painted on all abandoned buildings, bridges and pretty much everything else…

  • KyleGamgee

    So, loves boos and Star Wars. TONS of time spent improving drawing skill… Okay I don't want to jump to the obvious conclusion about the artist so-

    I hope she get gets laid tons.

    • KyleGamgee



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