Set phasers to Find Her (34 Photos)

  • Pat

    #31 "Nailed it"!!!!

  • Logan

    find #6 and all the worlds problems will end

  • w146

    #24 is as close to perfection as I've ever seen.

  • hip hop anonymous

    shit happens when you #4

    • Gabsy

      Ugh, why is she wearing clothes? No commitment to her statement

  • weirdworld

    #27 wtf ,really ? The chive just hit a new low for me.

  • Andrew June
  • First Time Caller

    #14 and #28 – I like the booty

  • Danna San

    #3 Demi Rose Mawby

  • truth

    #28 The body every women should have. 10/10

  • Tom

    #23 #24

    Priority status: Max. MUST FIND!

  • Anonymous


  • TFresh

    #29 Google lost camera photos and she's the first result. Google lost camera photos nsfw and you can see even more…

    • Bud Lee

      huh…well I be

      They seem to be real…and they are spectacular

    • ilovethechive
      She has been on thechive before

      • -tard

        I don't get it. Everyone knows she's TiffyToodlePoo or whatever and that it was a viral marketing campaign, but for what? If we don't know what the product was it wasnt a very good campaign. If she's really a XXX porn star, where are the XXX pics?

        • Tatty Boo
          • b-tard

            X-actly! From the article:
            But the object of their fascination turns out to be Wendy, a model who poses for X-rated pictures online. The porn site has admitted that it was all a "clever viral marketing campaign".

            Which "porn site"? Horny minds want to know!

  • boneriffic

    #22 this is the opening scene to a les porno, trust me…

  • Selmy

    #2 is Chewbacca.

    Apparently no one at the Chive has ever seen Star Wars…

    • truth


  • German

    #2 she goes by the name VAMPTRESS LeeAnna Vamp, now you can google the shit out of her

  • rob

    #19 #24

  • NebraskaGuy

    #32 This dame wants to be found … Challenge Accepted, Chive??

    • Matt

      She's so pretty, I was the guy who made this request! Burn the midnight oil for all if mankind Chive 🙂

  • crazydog

    #8 there should be more pics of this woman out there…

    • DireWolf

      It's funny, I always thought the other chick in these commercials with the pigtails was cute.

      • billymadison95

        Elizabeth Triplett

  • Mesropa

    I think my buddy knows who #24 is! Go CBSD!

    • gocubsgo!

      Y U No post her info?!?!
      Get buddy on Chive and update!

  • chelle

    I'm pretty sure I know who #10 is.

    • winfields


    • Above Average Tastes

      I know who she is …. an std riddled skank from Doucheville USA. Leave this one buried please.

  • Too Much Time

    #33 is Danielle, she models for a site called FTV

  • joe

    #10 nicole scherzinger

    • The Doc

      Quick, now unfind her…douchettes must be lost.

  • Jeff Martincic

    half of these girls aren't even cute…lol

  • Rodney Farva

    #17 She looks… um… "smart!"

  • Jeremy Eskind

    Does not get much better than #6!!

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