Black bear attacks mother cow, herd fights back (8 Photos)

I received these photos from Kettle Valley, BC. Early yesterday evening, one of the ranchers, Wayne, went out to check on the herd when he spotted a black bear dangerously close to the cows.

In a flash, the bear charged one of the cows, a "12 year-old very attentive mother, one of our best cows who wouldn't give up easily." The bear clawed the momma cow's face and clenched down on her neck.

Wayne said, "all the cows were bawling, the bear was squealing, the calves were running around with their tails in the air."

Just then a 7 year-old Angus-Cross cow described as, "one of the smartest of the lot", took action. What followed was an event rarely photographed in nature. The two cows teamed up and flanked their attacker. They rushed the bear from either side and, "just crushed it."

After that, the entire herd came to their aid to chase the black bear from the field. The mother cow is under observation now and seems to be doing just fine. That is some tough beef.

  • Zach West

    Get off of my LAWN!
    also Moooooo!

  • Travis Pike

    That bear needs to hand in its man card….. plus im pretty sure theres a cow cavalry joke in there somewhere

  • black27696

    That must have felt like getting caught in a trash compactor.

  • Glenn

    Next FOX special "When Cows Attack"

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  • bob


  • Tom

    Take a hike Yogi. No picinic basket full of steaks for you. Thats my dinner.

  • tommy2X4

    Broken ribs at the least. Poor moo-cow.

  • Hich

    We will fight for, bovine freedom, and hold our large heads high!
    We will run free, with the buffalo, or die….!

    Cows with Guns.

  • Len

    That was only a cub, not even a year old, a full grown bear could have put a hurtin' on that cow.

  • todevans

    oh…no wonder, it looks like that farm has blacks around..making trouble



  • shaniqua2520

    the bear vs. cow story happened on a ranch in eastern Oregon.

  • carpenterbyron

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  • ...

    yeah, ill have salad today …

  • BCbadass

    Fuck "Alberta Beef"!!!

    In BC, we breed them to "make it to the plate"!!!

  • Teczeus

    I wonder if that's what they will do when you are about to slaughter them?

  • 2cool4skool

    Well that was awesome.

  • Coldzilla

    When Hamburgers fight back…..

    Film at 11

  • Jen McVay

    Must have been a very hungry bear, to take such a risk.

  • sammy4231

    That bear will be back in about 2 years to break somebody's neck with one swat.
    I'd get after it if those were my cows. Put a couple of Chivettes on a bear skin rug by the fireplace.

  • The Darkness

    Dam Cows… when they are mad..

  • mattheadface

    i must eat these cows to gain their strength

  • Anonymous

    I love cows, the sounds they make, the way they look.
    If only i didnt love their taste as much. Sigh*

  • Cliff

    That bear's pretty small. Has to be a young one still learning to hunt. This was a pretty big fail on it's part.

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