“Old” Reventon vs Poland’s New Arrinera or just take the Polish supermodel (31 HQ Photos)

  • http://Tice0105.BlogSpot.com Tice

    Reventon everytime

  • SuperDanMan4290

    Sexy, Sexy… Lamborghini every time…. What's the name of the models as well?? 🙂


  • disturbed

    I'll take any 1 of them. Couldn't possibly keep up with maintenance on all 3.

    Joanna krupa – she's def worth a google.

  • macrda

    You nerds, there is a bikini model pictured above. Car geeks.

  • shwan

    Lambo for sure. The Pol is the front end of a Ferrari California and the rear end of a lambo. At least come up with something original.

    • weird

      Kinda looks like the front end of a Ferrari, back made to look like the Lambo, and all slapped on a Corvette base.

      • Rick

        I was thinking the same on the front end looking like a Ferrari but the overall shape reminded me of the Lambo, as such, the comparison to the Reventon

        • weird

          #25 Just stuck out to me as screaming Corvette lines.

          • Hambone61

            Deffinitly the Corvette ducktail rearend from the side view.

  • Jason

    I'll take either of the Krupa sisters over a car anytime.

    • Giovani

      Danielle you guys look great!!! Thank you sooo much for referring me to them! Our sseoisn is this friday!! Im so happy and excited. Hope to see you soon xoxo

  • Dr. Paz

    its trying to be a lambo/ ferrari to hard. reventon all the way, but shit I'd drive a 74 gremlin if #29 was joining me, justt sayin

  • chong

    i'd take the reventon THEN i can use the car to get the model.


    I got a huge hardon….from the lambo

    • Eva

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  • fabian

    it looks like the last car you unlock on driver parallel lines

  • taylor

    The polish car is better !

    • Arrinera fan

      Arrinera is the best! Look's so close like Lambo but it's still Polish Europe Exotic Car! 😀
      Wielki szacunek dla twórców Arrinery!!

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