• Irni Mark Gemzon

    wait. how did a snake get there while on a highway in the first place?

    • DiscoveryFAN

      That is easy poisonous (or is it venomous… oh well whichever) snakes like the water moccasin like to dive out of trees onto prey. I shit you not a couple of our horses have been bitten by them. Its not funny and they are really fricken dangerous. Also for anyone about to read the bickering that goes on after this comment keep in mind what you might do on a highway with a deadly snake oh they are also really aggressive if one jumped down on your car.

  • James

    poor thing, they couldve at least tried to let it live by pulling over or something

    • BSS

      Agree 100%. Another example of how humans treat animanls. What a bunch of fucking idiots. Pull over to the shoulder and give the snake an opportunity to slide off the car into the woods. I hope a semi truck crushed them.

      • BSS

        oops. animals. insert above.

        • shaka

          I hope you get shot on your way to the mailbox, you fucking idiot!

          • Blake

            Pulling over would have been the responsible approach. With their kid(s) in the car they were obviously distracted, driving faster than the other cars and passing on the left, all because an animal, which appeared scared out of it's mind, was trying to catch a tan on their hood. Guess nobody checks their cars before loading up their kids and driving anymore….

            • Blake

              Passing on the right* DERP DE F'ing ERP!!

            • Larry

              Oh noes! Driving faster than other cars? You pop your hood and check the engine before every drive?

              Considering I never even saw the lady driving take her eyes off the road and when she was passing the cars on the right she appeared to be taking an exit your argument holds no water.

              Stopping o a highway is far more dangerous.

      • pbdb

        Fuck Snakes

        • James

          Damn right. Too many of them. Who gives a shit if one ends up dead on the road.

          • Avi

            Same logic can be applied to humans

            • thespecs

              No it can't.

              • masan

                Yes, it can. there are far more of us and lets be honest, what can cause more destruction, a human or a snake?

      • HEYzeus

        Not as bad as that little helpless octopus getting lathered up in sauce only to meet the inside of someone's mouth. That I felt bad about. Not so much for the snake. I would have still pulled over and messed with it a little then let it free though…

      • jDong

        @BSS: I hope you are wiped off this planet soon. People like you are the reason this world has gone completely bat shit insane. You hope that a semi truck would kill them and a little girl in the car because they let the snake fall off of their car!!??? I change my mind. I hope your father and mother and any of your other family members from california are maliciously mauled by a pack of wolves, all while you stand there in horror watching…

        • Bluto

          Seems like a legit proportional response…

        • carl

          omg my mom was killed by a pack of wolves! you insensitive jerk!

          • The Pict

            OMG, yours too? What are the chances?

        • the

          I thought it was a little boy. oops.

    • sully23

      Alright PETA lovers. Calm the fuck down. It's a fucking snake. Not a dog or a cat or any other animal that people care about. A fucking snake. The world will continue to spin without it.

      • StaticFX

        My 12 year old has a pet snake… so because you think its not furry or cute, you can be mean and kill it? There are millions of people out there that are not furry or cute.. or even REMOTELY attractive… ok.. they are downright ugly as shit, and the world would still spin without them as well, does that mean we could kill them? Im no PETA member.. in fact.. cant stand them. I love a nice steak and leather sneaks… but there was no reason to not pull over and try to let it go.

        • BlowME

          You fag, someone should take your 12 year olds snake and shove it up his ass. Then pull it out and beat him to death with it. Then eat the snake (wash off the ass crud first). Snakes are for fuckin weirdos and so are "sneaks". Put down your cornbread you hillbilly homo and go try to finish 4th grade in between your truck driving runs.

    • Pants

      Why do animal lovers hate people so much and versa visa?

    • Colin


    • bizron

      the dude kept saying "pull off here, pull off here" so they were trying to get it away from the fucking highway. so how's about we don't be such an assuming dildohat

      • Hmmmm

        It is amazing how many people die because they react to an animal on the road.
        These people are at least smart enough to not stop on a highway because of a snake.

        Or you know, they could be like that lady who killed the father and daughter on the bike behind her slamming on her brakes because there was a duck on the road.

    • Deena

      Idiots. They should have pulled over and then the snake would have left unharmed. Some people are just stupid.

      • Larry

        Like yourself. Don't stop on a highway cause of a snake. Its stupid like rock.

  • Paula_

    Would have been cool if the snake was on a train, as a reference to the movie "Snakes on a train".

    – the one you love to hate

    • iliekbread

      or if it was raining, like in the movie "Snakes in the rain"

    • Jim

      The movie you're referring to is actually called Snakes on a Plane….not train

      • Seldi84

        There's a very shitty film called Snakes on a Train by The Asylum trying to cash in when Snakes on a Plane was released. FYI

      • NebraskaGuy

        Jim, you took Paula's bait – hook, line, and sinker! lol

      • David

        epic trolled

        • Ryan

          I love it when I see some unsuspecting person get trolled by Paula.

  • Chris

    I hope they both come back as snakes on cruel assholes' windscreens in their next lives. Karma is a bitch! What horrible asshole people!! Poor snake.

    • shaka

      You are such an idiot, why don't you STFU and go eat some tofu fag!

      • ssstoopid

        Since when does somebody not wanting a snake to die qualify them as an idiot or a fag?

        • Frank

          When that person wishes harm on other people? At least the people in the car didn't wish harm on the snake.

          See know how retarded you and above poster are now? Probably not, you seem very thick.

    • ssstoopid

      The only species causing trouble was that annoying kid! Save the snakes, slap a kid.

    • jDong

      I hope Chris is short for Christine, you butt fucking faggot. What self respecting man would give a tit about a fucking snake, you mother fucking pussy.

    • andyp311

      Wow, everyone chill… I can't believe how many peeps are worried about the snake… sometimes snakes get on your car for some reason. Sometimes they don't. But they always die somehow. Natural selection.

    • Frank

      Like, I know right?

      I took all the windows off my car so as to save all the bugs I might otherwise kill on a drive.

      It goes to shows how people treat bugs. People will cry and scream for a car to pull over on a highway, yet wont take the time to remove a windscreen to save hundreds or thousands of bugs!!!!!!one!

  • PieceofMind

    It'll be a long walk, sorry – slither, back home for poor snake…

  • theederv

    Y U No turn on your windshield wiper?

    • PieceofMind

      You mean a windshield viper? (:

      • Michael Cerda

        I was waiting for that moment, but it never came, it never came!

  • Mike

    Snakes serve no purpose whatsoever.

    • sarcasm

      wrong, they eat rodents and other pests

      • Sean

        False. Snakes eat babies and chipmunks

        • Squiggy

          False. Babies and chipmunks eat dog feces.

    • Jed

      wow, most ignorant statement ever. when the truth is you probably serve no purpose what so ever.

      • Mike

        Fine. Snakes AND Mike serve no purpose whatsoever.

    • Larry


      At the very least they can make an amusing subject for a video when they get stuck on a moving vehicle.

  • james

    Am i the only one who was saying pull over the whole time

  • Augustus

    1:39 when it opens its mouth is hilarious

  • Sebastian Schwaighofer

    enough is enough! ive had it with these monkey fightin snakes on this monday to friday car!

    • Fasteddy14

      Ha Ha!! Those that thumb-ed you down obviously didn't watch the version of "Snakes on Plane" edited for TV…. I laughed my ass off with their choices of language substitutions….

  • Jako

    Am I the only one thinking about how much it would suck to be driving behind these guys? I mean damn. I drive a motorcycle and I could only imagine a poisonous freakin snake flying back at me at 70 miles an hour. No.

  • Chesty Laroo

    Chive videos, why U no play??

    youtube and hulu play, are you trying to be less awesome than youtube and/or hulu? Hell, even non chive vids on viddler play.

    • jason_in_pc

      why u have old ass computer and or browser? wait, you have internet explorer still dont you?
      update to moxilla, chrome or anything else man. get w/ the times.

    • Derek

      If in Firefox, uninstall AdBlock

      • Fasteddy14

        No need to uninstall it. Just disable it for this site. I use NoScript to prevent active content that the Ads would produce…

    • Chesty Laroo

      I have the newest firefox and chrome, thank you. I even tried it on that useless IE. I don't have adblock installed. There was a short period of time where the vids worked (like a month) but for the last few months no dice. I didn't change anything on my pc, and chive is the only site I have found where they don't want to work now 😦

  • Spt

    i see your snake and raise with the idontgiveafuck bird

    • Jay

      and not a single fuck was given that day….

  • Alcoholic1

    Heartless people 😦 I hope they get convicted of animal cruelty

  • Broseidon

    Since when do all the bleeding hearts come out for poisonous serpents?

    "You should have pulled over and kissed it until it left! You're so cruel for not taking risks to help a snake that somehow ended up on your windshield!"

    • Ukulelemike

      Because it isn't a poisonous serpent-it looks nothing like a water moccasin: it is a rat snake, apparently a Great Plains Rat Snake, harmless to humans, devastating to mice and other critters we prefer not to find in our houses. I had one as a pet.

      • Jen

        water moccasins are poisonous, dipshit.

        • Jen

          i cant ready and am also a dipshit.

        • baconcheeseburger

          no snakes are poisonous, some are venomous. this snake is a harmless rat snake, and you are a nitwit.

  • keith

    where are all the people that say "awwwwww. dont let the poor (animal of choice) die!" when we are destroying habitats for oil, compact flourescent lights and wood furniture? i want to surf the chive on my computer powered by electricity from an oil burning power plant whilst sitting in a rainforest procured wooden chair and saving a few pennies with a CFL!!!

  • lee

    snake? can you read me? snake!? SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEE!!

    • CuriousGeorge


  • Kodos

    That was not a water moccasin…more likely a rat snake.

    What a bunch of whiney bitches.

    • Sean

      That's exactly what I said. Water moccasin my ass, that thing has spots on it. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about Cottonmouths knows they're dark as fuck. Dumb ass people shoulda let him live.

    • Martin

      True. Not a moccasin. Rat snake, Corn snake, Chicken snake; there are lots of different names depending on what part of the country you're in.

      But not a moccasin and not venomous.

      • Jed

        i am leaning more towards a fox snake, but def not a water moccasin and def not venomous

  • ShaHiROHara

    I am terrified of snakes but even I was like "pull over bitch!"

  • Brian

    I am mother fucking tired of this motherfucking….oh just forget it.

  • I keeps it real!

    wow not one comment on how the "man" was acting like a little bitch and not only by letting his woman drive but by acting worse than she was about the snake on the "outside" of the car. Real men are a dying breed….

  • loso

    more animals that dont suck

    more people who do

  • @latxxtal

    I have two rat snakes so this kind of disturbed me. Yeah it's not a dog or a cat but it's still an animal.

    And by the way, snakes aren't poisonous, they're venomous. When speaking about animals, poisonous is something you ingest.

    ….the more you know!

    • Educated American

      Thanks for the venomous VS. poisonous. It was bothering me as well. Educate yourselves people. You are the only ones that can take the initiative. ……and let the thumbs down begin.

      • tawhitlow

        snake people scare me more than snakes

        • thespecs

          Ever heard the song "Snake Farm?"

  • Jordan

    The bird video was cool..

  • Seldi84

    That is Samuel L – Motherfucking – Jackson's new movie.

    Snakes On a Mother Fucking Windshield in 3D

    • Brandon

      and i am motherfucing sick and motherfucking tired of all these motherfucking snakes on my motherfucking windshield!

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