• Miles Davis


  • fuzz

    Patty knows all about the snakes in Memphis.

  • medtxpack

    Find her.

  • Efy

    That snake is not a water moccasin-nor is it poisonous.

  • Alaa Shawkat

    who likes snakes ! they are ugly creatures , i hope an eight wheelers stomps on it !

    • Jed

      wow, good job, go be ignorant somewhere else.

      and a news flash, we evolved from snakes

  • @karenmonster

    Pull over and let it get to safety. Sad day for poor snake 😦

  • kingsfan34

    Well now we're fucked

  • theoceanbeauty

    Im tired of these mother fuckin snakes on this mother fuckin windshield!

  • jarjarbinks

    first of all i work at a reptile zoo and i love snakes. they are amazing animals. that snake is NOT VENOMOUS (POISONOUS AND VENOMOUS ARE 2 DIFFERENT THINGS ASSHOLES). it is a constrictor. 25% of all snakes are venomous while the other 75% are harmless constrictors. if it was a bunny on your windshield you would have stopped right away to save it. snakes have a bad rep. we teach our kids that if its cute and fuzzy that its worth saving. what about the reptiles of the world. this video makes me super sad.

  • Tom

    Ass hats need to be slapped silly for not stopping and leting that snake get down. A real man would have gotten out and taken it off the hood.

  • da139

    You couldn't have pulled over? Not only would it have been safer for everyone on the road but could've let the little snake live. Idiot family.

    • Frank

      What's safe about pulling over on a highway?

  • thomas75

    That does not look like a water mocassin

  • Faust

    That's not even a Water Moccasin, otherwise know as a Cotton Mouth. They have larger head and different markings…this looks like a plain ole Boa. Pussies…

  • Michael Cerda

    I think I’ll hug some snakes! Yes! I WILL HUG AND KISS SOME POISONOUS SNAKES! Now that’s sarcasm

  • thespecs

    I used to think chivers were pretty cool. After reading some of these comments, I don't now.

    Most snakes would kill your housepet or are poisonous non-social animals that ARE NOT friendly to humans. You people 'lol' your heads off when you see a little kid about to get face-planted on cement but when a snake is on someone's car you freak out.

    That's screwed up.

    • baconcheeseburger

      you dont know shit about fuck

  • Mike

    I would have shit my pants if that happened to me.

  • satchel

    me: Hold on li'l snakey!
    snake: With what?!

  • Nick

    Was anybody else waiting for the snake to jump back up at the end of the video like that Nordic villain at the end of Die Hard?

  • baconcheeseburger

    its a rat snake

  • steve irwin

    CRIKEY !!………that is horrible

  • jkmcdermott

    Windshield Viper?

    • Kel

      Funniest comment I’ve ever seen!! hahahahaha

  • acoustrix

    Tried to grab a fly or something at about 1:40 lol

  • Da Sandman

    why the fuck didn't they just stop and let the damn thing off ? :s:s fucking american idiots

  • daniel

    Why didn't she stopped the car and let the snake go free? This video is disgusting!! Hurray for the stupid people who enjoy killing wild life!!! way to go taking care of the planet!

    • Larry

      Make sure you remove your windshield otherwise you will kill tons of insects on a drive. Is that any way to be a steward of the wild? Hypocrite.

  • cmac

    Sincerely, pull the eff over you idiots! That was cool for like 10 seconds, then pull over and let the thing off.

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