• dan

    glad to see they gave Nick Swardson a starring role. He was fucking hilarious in Grandma's Boy

    • b-ry

      grandma's boy = hidden gem

    • Biggus Diccus

      His show he did on Comedy Central is pretty good as well

    • Tito

      That was a terrible movie.

      • https://www.facebook.com/ilya.josefson Ilya Josefson

        You're a terrible movie.

    • mikethemotormouth

      and benchwarmers

  • perry

    I wonder how I'd react if I found out my parents were porn stars….?

    • haha

      how did you react?

    • McBeastie

      $5 a back alley and a sony handycam doesn't exactly make your mom a porn "star"….but she's trying. I'll give her that.

    • Scott

      father, I am disappoint.

  • forrester

    If you look closely around the 2:07 mark, there is a boob

    • xDV8x

      You're a boob

    • http://www.facebook.com/sebastian.schwaighofer Sebastian Schwaighofer

      this is a porn site !!! :O

    • The Darkness

      yea you probably Bucky Larsoned when you saw it… hahah

    • Rob

      Who is that chick?

      • hugh

        who cares ?!

  • Boooger

    Wow, Don Johnson has fallen far.

    • imdb sucks

      you watch your mouth when you're talking about that man

  • myspacers suck

    Written by Adam Sandler, getting back to his roots I hope!

    • steve

      that explains the complete immaturity

  • Grifo

    I can't wait to watch that on TNT on a Saturday afternoon in about 9 months.

    • DefendDallas

      LOL, out loud

      • redclyde

        Should be about 15 minutes long, 20 minutes if they play it in the evening.

  • jason

    buddy went to a screening, said it was goddam hilarious

  • Jon

    did he jizz on that old lady?

    why yes he did…he actually did

    • ROK247

      i saw jizz on an old lady on the internet. i can go home early.

  • innuit

    Nick Swardson is one of my favorite standup comedians. Give him a role playing a simpleton premature ejaculating porn star? sounds about perfect

  • Paulson

    kid's a firehose

  • Pete_Mitchell

    Cant wait!

  • mark

    yeah, i'll get stoned and watch the shit out of this

    • meme

      i'll bring nachos and beer

    • meme

      and condoms.

  • Zach West

    Didn't anyone ever tell him that you never go full retard?

  • right guy

    Adam Sandler sucks ….. hasnt done anything worth a damn in twenty years

    • Tito

      Funny People was good, but that was because it was written by Judd Apatow.

    • ROK247

      i remember listening to his stuff on cassette tapes twenty years ago and it was the funniest shit i had ever heard in my life. slowly went to shit from there.

      • Flicka

        Yea me too. But 20 years ago, I was 14. Might figure in there.

        • ROK247

          right. we grew up and he didn't.

    • Ryan

      You know what?……….You suck!

  • taylor

    met swardson once at a bar in hollywood. he was drunk but really nice, funny as a mutherfucker. looks like a unique concepts

    • okay

      never knew mutherfuckers were funny.

      • AssDoc

        Well they wouldn't be if they were fucking your mother.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sebastian.schwaighofer Sebastian Schwaighofer

    welcome to the stink… lmfao haha

  • glaring

    Kevin Nealon is one of my all-time favorites

  • Htisss

    lol…I don't even know where to start.

  • flydenrict

    Anyone else think this looks like shit? Dont get me wrong, I love swardson's stand up and grandmas boy, but this? there is a reason "pretend time" didn't last more than a couple episodes. This reminds me of what they did to jon heder in blades of glory.

    • DudeBro

      I liked Pretend Time, but this movie looks like one joke for 90 minutes.

    • Terrible

      can you say straight to DVD

      • terribles dad

        It's in theaters on September ninth so can you say "straight to theaters"?

    • HUH?

      yeah, i think we saw the best parts just now. the other 88 minutes will be his loves story with that girl, she will teach him how to last longer than 2 seconds and his career will end, but he will find love. awwwwwww. yack.

    • JDub

      I agree. He can be funny as hell but this movie looks terrible.

  • Tito

    This looks fucking terrible. Nick Swardson was good on Reno! 911 and that's about it. I will wait and see how he does on 30 Minutes or Less to decide how much I may or may not profoundly hate him.

    Any one that really wants to go see this movie should have their right to vote revoked.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=587208531 Benton McGrath

      Anyone who says people should have their right to vote revoked just for seeing a movie should have their right to vote revoked

      • Dan

        Anyone who says people should have their right to vote revoked for saying someone else should have their right to vote revoked just for seeing a movie should have their right to vote revoked.

        • b-ry

          i tried to do one more but it's really confusing now. hahaha.

    • steve

      reno 911 was horrible dude….are you kidding me ?

  • Dan

    Seriously? We have to see man-ass, but can't see nips?

  • DeDav

    This just looks hilariously wrong

  • I don't think so

    movie makers have given up and I guess Swardson just needs a paycheck, yikes

  • Grandmas Boy

    Eat that frog dick Timmy

  • chris

    I'd rather install a glass tube in my penis and smack it with a hammer than watch this movie.

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      So we should just for you to post a video on YouTube then?

      • JDub

        no thanks… I've seen enough fucked up shit on the internet.
        – I draw the line at intentionally watching some guy break glass inside his dick with a hammer….

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