The internet would be pretty black & white without photoshop (27 photos)

  • Thomy


    • Sterling Crawford

      #13 Not shopped, just Paula.

      • Randy Gallegos

        i thumbed you down just for tryin to ride the "first" comment wave.

        • Thomy

          I just wanted to do it once. Its out of my system now. Now im looking for 43rd

    • Boner_fied!

      #17 – That's rascist guys …

  • Matthew Rose

    #3 makes me laugh every time i see it

    • Anjin-San

      I was gonna write the same comment

      true story

    • Bryan H.

      She remind of tanks off of L4D

    • equalizermax

      Flying dog leash!


    • Nishtai

      The human T-Rex!

  • Paula is a Skank

    Better than the last shit with the photoshop cutting tool y'all posted I guess.


    #27 is actually really hot

    • Big_Curt

      hell ya I def agree

    • ilovethechive

      Extremely HoT!!

      • Pete Ribaudo

        best use of photoshop ever

    • NebraskaGuy

      I'd hit it

    • oughtnot

      Uh …. NOT! It's like painting a Ferrari with pink house paint – destroying something beautiful with something tacky.

      • Smuggler

        Shut up.

      • Lex

        Hey! My Ferrari looks great in pink house paint!

    • GreyGhost9

      even hotter now

    • Tomas

      J.A. is hot to begin with. The original photo is sexy as hell. And, surprisingly, PS'ing the full-body tats STILL doesn't detract from the awesomeness. :p

  • Pete_Mitchell

    #27 hot no matter what

    • hMMMM

      one of the greatest shots of all time.

    • That Guy

      The Most Overrated Women of 2011, #30 Jennifer Aniston

      The clock is a tick-tick-tickin’ for Rachel. (We bet she just hates it when people refer to her that way. At least we hope she does.) The marriage clock. The baby clock. The sexy clock. Uh, oh… DING! Hopefully her molestation of Charlie from It’s Always Sunny in this summer’s Horrible Bosses is an extremely convoluted Fountain of Youth.

      • its_forge

        ::douses you with lighter fluid, sets you afire::

      • Brian

        Iz u gay?

  • Trent Stroud

    Maybe Jennifer Aniston should get some tattoos…

    • tylrd67

      She has some…

      • DaddyD

        I've seen them. Touched them. Made love to them.

        • tongystunter

          me too! what a slut…

  • lol

    I don't get #23?

    • rick

      the center of the spade is a club

      • cthesandman

        there's a heart and a diamond in there too

        • Anjin-San

          I see the diamond, not the heart

          • Chris

            look outside the diamond

      • Tommy

        And a diamond… and a heart… Still don't get it.

        • Stick

          It's an Ace of Spades- SPADES! There wouldn't be any other suit on that card if not for photoshop.

    • EnragedGonad

      There is a club in the middle whilst the rest of the card is clearly spade. Clearly photoshopped.

    • huzrdaddy

      me either

    • dub

      There's a Club inside a Diamond inside an upside down Heart inside a Spade. Card-ception?

      Though I don't see why it would be photoshopped.

      • Dead Embryonic Cells

        I don't think it is. Most of the decks of cards I've seen have all the suits represented in the ace of spades, it's a tradition

        • Matthew Rose

          You are right, the Ace of Spades usually has all suits in the center.

    • Tomas

      I just won my poker hand with a 4-of-a-kind in Aces… with ONE card! LOL

      • Shawn

        cool story bro

      • Mike

        I believe the quote goes something along the lines of "Ace of fours! The best hand!"

        Or you could always go with, "I am holding all the cards and they are all full houses."

    • equalizermax

      If you look closely you can see a naked girl riding a unicorn shitting rainbow…

    • Dan
    • The Dude who Spewed

      Folks…The symbol "Spade" is a mix of the other three suits. Its a club with an upside down heart on it and if you look, a diamond makes the center going down into the base or handle. Ya see the suits were a reference to the social classes of the time when cards came about and the spade is the top class that encompasses all other classes…that also why spades are considered to be a winner if you play "suit strength" card games.

      I don't believe this is shopped as I have seen cards like this one. If it is shopped then good job loser, that's like 'shopping the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

    • TITO

      BTW, not shopped! I've seen this card. Hell, I've got this card!

  • dash

    real players never fall in love! yeah. #27 im in love..

    • Steven Pounders

      What JA should really look like

  • Brian


    Anyone help me out here? Not getting it.

    • I keeps it real!

      no idea, error post i do believe.

      • bisketz

        your both dumb, look at the center of the card.

        • Dead Embryonic Cells

          loads of decks of cards have all suits represented on the ace of spades, it's a tradition.

        • Endo

          YOU'RE dumb.

      • colin

        it's because there is a club in the middle of the ace

    • Anjin-San

      ther's the "flowers" symbol inside the "spades" one.

      Even without photoshop, that could be done with MS Paint!

      • Anjin-San

        OOPS, I do believe you americans call it "Clubs", not "Flowers"

        my bad

      • assface

        Called a club, douche bag

        • Underbaker

          Nice to see people signing their posts. Underbaker.

    • ilovethechive

      Club in the middle of the spade

    • Dan
  • Irish Dave

    Jesus! #22 is the stuff of nightmares!

    • Brand_n

      Jesus truly is the stuff of nightmares.

      • Nick Murdaugh

        Not even a photoshop. Google baby head mask

  • Spt

    #22 is just a mask if i remember correctly

    • PixelsInMyTime
    • GernBlansten

      Oh, that makes so much less creepy. <shudder>

    • Big E

      yeah, an expensive one too

    • Shawn Sepehripour

      yea that's not shopped. I've seen a few shops in my day.

  • racerx2112

    I think these are 'shopped….I can tell by the pixels and…meh…you all know the rest…

  • bisketz

    #27 HAWT!

  • David

    #20 inception type shit

  • Htisss

    #6 still funny after all these years

  • NothingToSeeHere

    #8 and #22 – both acceptable options for Tool's next album cover.

  • EdWood

    That's not shopped !

  • Richard Rice


    not cool bro but funny as fuck

  • Richard Rice

    #27 rad

  • Underbaker

    #9 So is this in one of the cracks in the shell of the great turtle we are riding on?

    • IndyGirl

      From the movie Big Fish

    • seanrk924

      stephen king fan?

  • Cheese

    i think #27 deserves a please find her chive with or without the tattoos this girl is phenomenal!!

  • BoobieWatcher

    #1 should have a patch on one eye too..

    • truth

      Your average Chiver

      • Chiveroni

        Not true, computer wank time is lefthanded, right on mouse. That's old school dvd/vcr with remote in the left hand.

  • matt

    Cheese. Dude #27 is Jennifer Aniston. You know….the famous actress. not hard to find

    • idunno

      yah, and she ain't got no tatoo. so there's that.

    • Turduckenn

      there's also this nifty little reply button thing

  • oh man thats funny

    ha ha ha haha ha ah ha aha aha aha ah

  • Sawyer

    free earl

    • Mutt

      With the purchase of an equal or higher priced Earl?

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