The internet would be pretty black & white without photoshop (27 photos)

  • bdawoodworker

    #27 With or without the tats I am still totally in love with her.

    One of the few in the world I'd totally walk away from life to be with forever.

    • jasgat

      Stalker alert

    • AssDoc

      And she will probably back towards life to get away from you.

  • Birdhaus32

    Jennifer Aniston with tats is pretty hot!! #27

  • bkfrijoles

    #11 epic

  • Danna San

    #26 This is a good look for miley

    • Rocks Off

      I almost didn't notice the difference cuz she is that fugly!

  • Tupacsuked

    Bin Laden had more class than that.


  • John

    #3 im just astonished by the floating leash.

  • Didalos

    #22 not shopped, just creepy art. Artist Landon Meter made the mask.

  • Bless1

    #2,#17 – win.

  • graham

    #17 made me lol

  • TitoRigatoni

    #23 subtle 'shop is subtle

  • Dave

    #27 didn't think Jennifer could get any hotter. I was dead wrong!!!

  • ensergio

    #2 What movie? The girl on the left, find her.

    • EdWood

      I don't know what movie.
      But seems like it could be from a porno. imo

  • Bob

    #1…His dick must be heavy as all get out.
    #3…She looks like a bad guy from the Sly Cooper Video games.
    #10…I thought this was real.
    #22…That's a dude in a mask, not photoshop.
    #27…I wish this were real.

  • Can Öktem

    My fav #2

  • Katie

    #3 They forgot about the leash, otherwise pretty good job.

  • top dog

    Some how…I don't think #16 is a shop job.

  • waltgator

    #5 i remember taking this pic wif me polaroid camera!

  • Coldzilla

    #2 two girls one cone


  • devin

    #27…i wish

  • Zack

    # 23
    Theres a club in the big spade in the middle and the big spade shouldn't be that ornate




  • acoustrix

    #27 duh

  • Ian

    #23 Actually there's a club, a diamond, and a heart in the spade. It's the ace of all four suits. Best card to have in a game of war.

  • Citizen_Pa1n

    #27 I can dig it

  • Savvy Duck

    #27 Jen An is hot either way… but this way is just fantasy!

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