The Top 10 Party Schools In The U.S. (10 Photos)

This list is according to the 2011 Princeton Review survey released Monday. Let me note that it doesn’t reflect my views hardly at all. What do you think??

Honorable Mention…
11. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 12. Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. 13. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La. 14. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wis. 15. DePauw University, Greencastle, Ind. 16. Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. (My vote for the best party school) 17. Arizona State University, Tempe, Ariz. 18. University of Maryland, College Park, Md. 19. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. 20. University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.

  • Triple H

    IU is the best party school in the nation. No arguments there, idk why we're 16th! Schools model their parties after us!

  • joe


  • 86Celticsboy

    #8 Jenn Sterger (right) FTW

  • Juan De Dios

    #10 why chive whyyy

  • Bongzilla420

    #4 WOoHoo we made it fourth. Lets raise some hell this year and make it to first!!

  • Karl

    #1 fail..dont use a OSU pick to represent those fags from OU…we party way harder up here

  • betamaxbandit

    D'you know, I think we probably could have worked out that the University of California at Santa Barbara is in Santa Barbara, California.

  • JoePa

    WE ARE!!!!!!!…. PENN STATE!!!!…

  • Michael

    #3 Finally us folks from Mississippi can be proud that we aren't last on a list (or first on a bad list).

  • shelbo

    #4 really, chive? This is the best we could find for Iowa? No one likes fat chicks!

  • old midwest

    Big Ten representin' – 6 in the top 16.

  • joe

    nice try buckeye terds.

    OU, Oh Yeah!

  • Luc

    I love partying there!

  • spencer

    OS-WHO? That pic for OU is not a good representation of our school. Next time put up a pic from block party, Halloween where there are 10,000 people drunk as fuck and costumed up. Sexy girls in sexy clothes and a very small population of douchers! OU OH YEAH #1

  • n4wl1ns

    the lack of TULANE is shameful

  • Fleeb

    terrible pictures

  • Jack

    #1 – Uh, Chive. Wrong Ohio school. You are showing a pic from The Ohio State University not OU. OU is a crappy school unlike OSU. FAIL

    #8 – ah yes, Jenn Sterger (on right) the gal that claims to have seen Farve's schween

  • Anonymous

    Madison should be number 1, that place is crazy!

  • hoosiers23

    Hell yes, honorable mention IU (Bloomington)

  • RollingDeathStar

    I still don't understand how Miami didn't make it.


  • etc4779

    #2 Thats the best picture you could find for UGA??

  • John T.

    #6 all day baby! Holgorsen and Geno are gonna light everyone up this year. Mark my words! EAT SHIT PITT!

    • EatShitPITT

      LET'S GO!!!!

  • Lee

    The complete and utter disregard of East Carolina University is absolutely shameful.

  • Phloyd

    No Johns Hopkins University?

  • Curtis Montgomery

    I thought the University of Minnesota knew how to drink…

    That is until I went to visit some friends in Iowa.


    They taught me things I never thought possible.

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