Yeah… we need to talk (23 Photos)

  • Kitty

    #17 definitely going there if there's a zombie apocalypse

  • Mero

    #17 is just being ready for the zombies

  • bisketz

    #5 Theres POO EVERYWHERE!

  • Nuked

    #22 Justin Biebers house. FACT!

  • That Guy

    #10 just got a stalker boner.

  • booboopeedoo

    #10 Congrats to theCHIVE for giving us our first look at the iPhone5.

  • #17. There is nothing to talk about. This place is AWSOME. Besides that,what would be your point ? "too many guns". Bullshit! Invalid.

    NewLondon. CT

  • Mrs. M

    It will be mine…oh, yes…it will be mine (#17

  • p1babyarm

    #14 #17 KICKASS

  • Mrs. M

    #17 It will be mine…oh, yes…it will be mine!

  • Hyperspacedisco

    #14 the viewfinder collection looks awesome. 😀

  • ringo

    all the lonely people….where do they all come from

  • Kirk Schuman

    I remember this chick suing the tattoo artist because she "only wanted one star" and he did all those. Of course, the issue came after her father saw her face..

    • doreen

      Actually she didn't sue him successfully, she eventually caved and admitted tha she asked him to do it. Oh well, she'll have to live with it….

  • Chris Hood

    #8 made sense to me–everything else was truly creepy.

  • Jesse Lloyd Hall III

    #8 and #17 are not wierd, they just show dedication.

  • Nicolas

    Haha #6 is from belgium, my friend knows her.
    STERRENMEISJE aka Stargirl

  • headless

    i haven't seen twilight or harry potter and i haven't read any of the book. so i dont see the big deal although #1 is a going too far.

  • Rob

    #17 HK headquarters in virginia

  • Coldzilla

    #4 WTF? Shoot it before it multiplies

    #17 Bet theres no arguments in THAT board room

    #23 Yeah thatll get ya the chicks

  • WailingFungus

    #17 Isn’t all that obsessive. I’d say it’s more like, “Domestic Doomsday Rediness.” Also bad-ass.

    Everyone else has problems.

  • Paul

    How the hell do you wash that thing..?

  • Daniel Galindez II

    I've seen #4 in Hachinohe.

  • Çreeo

    sorry tuff guy. i was askin the people that werent read to put their head thru the screen.

  • dez troyer

    #17 needs no talking to.. that's a win in my book

  • Joe

    #17 Nothing wrong with that, he's clearly prepared for the Zombie apocalypse.

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