Chivette of the Week: Chicago girl Sarah Hill (20 Photos)

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  • Chiverino

    Nice body minus the fake tan but that face is jacked. She looks 40 years old. Hate to be a downer but she is definitely a butter face, with the exception of her profile.

    • agree


      • Çreep

        i'll take her! shes fuckin' sexy. didnt know Hugh Hefner was a chive blogger disguised as chiverino.

  • Urban

    #3 so many photos she looks like she is frowning. Cut girl though. Thanks Chive.

  • Otismyman

    #14 Wow…Freebird on cayenne! Awesome!

  • Bless1

    #19- crazy hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! calendar must!

  • Anthony

    nice body but a little bit ugly

    • haha

      little bit?

  • Anonymous

    #14 Special moments are best shared while eating a massive burrito, well played John.

  • no go

    Worst Chivette to date and this chick is seriously full of herself. Glad I didn't fork up this cash for the meetup this time, sorry guys. Her Twitter is unbearable and her body is good but her face looks like the wicked witch. Pass.

    • Tom

      She is so full of herself I agree with you totally….just a drunk whore who hooks up with washed up hockey players.

  • mario

    how old is this chick?

    • old

      body = 23
      face = 43

    • chim richels

      No shit. Even the screen name 'SarahLongLegs' – bitch please.

      Based on the shots of the kitchen counter top and the railing, she appears to be about 5'4".

      Don't get me wrong – nice little body (although you can tell she's just young and naturally thin – never worked out a day in her life), but nowhere near as hot as she thinks she is by her photo promotions and her twitter shit.

      Go to any suburban pool today if the weather is nice. You'll see at least a half dozen high school/college aged girls with bodies like this.

      Nice, but certainly not unique or earth shattering.

  • Colin_

    #14 Damn that's a big wrap. Also, boobs!

  • jakubwrobel

    #5 – Oh, it seems you have something on your leg…..let me get that for you!

    • gay

      it's cum…lick away

      • jakubwrobel

        You would think that you fag.

        • gay

          i would cause it's my cum. now…….lick away.

          • jakubwrobel

            I suggest you wipe your screen then…

  • JOHN?

    Don't delete the negative comments like you always do but she is 100% grade A trailer trash. God damn is her face busted. What is going on with this site…

  • davey

    ummm. dont like.

    She got man chin and kinda flubby

  • Jeb Bisset

    All I have to say is I want Mac the Intern's job!

  • Bubba Fatt

    #5 #6 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12

    She's always looking over her shoulder… must sense me coming up from behind.

  • Dee

    #18 and #19
    must have been tuesday!

  • MOAR

    I hate the fact that you asshats work at such an amazing office.

  • Broadbem

    Where are the NSFW's?

  • xDV8x

    Can we get #19 in HD for a wallpaper?

  • snipes

    when is there going to be a nsfw section?? would love to see some reveal

    • b-ry

      never gonna happen but it would be amazing.

  • marc

    Haters gonna hates…

    This is a really sexy regular girl. Thump up the chive.

    Not a top model, not a shopped/plastic face.

    • yep

      she needs plastic done on the face.

      • bull1123

        i'm sure your girlfriend is WAY hotter.

        How many breaths did it take to blow here up, again?

  • Lowrent75

    Man…I am fairly sure their is a team o' trolls rolling around just looking to dog on the Chivettes and Chivers out there. Seriously..what do you people do beside work for competing websites? In case you have not noticed it is perfectly okay to express you opinion, but there is a way to do it to no be a huge dickbag. Learn some manners gents.

    • marc

      Full of win !

      • Lowrent75

        Thank you Marc

        • marc

          Just kidding. You fail !

    • Chiver

      I've been a long time Chiver and because there is a comment section and I find her to be unattractive, I am permitted to state my opinion. If someone says she looks like a dog than thats not exactly cool, but if someone says she looks old or her face isn't so hot, that's not rude or disrespectful. We voice our opinion to let theChive know how we feel to help them select better for the future.

      • Lowrent75

        I totally agree with you. But most negative comments are from 'guests' who are just looking to bag on any and all people who enjoy this site. There are several who you can tell they are the same person under different names. Pretty sure they work somewhere else and get paid to bang on this site. Again…perfectly fine to state your opinion just do it nicely…

        • b-ry

          not i. i comment on however i see it. no sense hiding the truth.

          • Meowzer

            As a female, I will say she has a beautiful body but her face isn't amazing, maybe its the way she keeps holding her mouth but it looks like she is smelling something gross. I'm curious how old she is because her face looks older to me..

            • Lowrent75

              See? A respectful comment that disapproves of her looks….State that she does not think she is attractive but does not bash her…Thank you Meowzer.

              • Meowzer

                you are meowelcome! I really should make an account and stop being a guest, I'm just too busy petting my many cats in my underwear

    • Chim Richels

      Ooh, everyone look – it's the cool 'defend her honor' guy.

      Fuck you Ted Moseby!

      You don't know this chick. None of us do either (most likely), but welcome to the internet.

      If you're gonna post half nekked nipple and camel toe pictures of yourself and put a bunch of attention whoring tweets out there, be prepared for the blow back. Especially if said pictures are on a site know for having photos of super hot chicks (and random Czech porn stars). We all know/have known chicks like this – chicks that are kinda hot but think they are fucking ten times hotter than they are.

      But yes, nothing screams 'show proper manners' like amateur T&A photos. This isn't grandma Sally we are talking about, it's some attention whore chick who chases hockey players (what a fucking cliche).

      • maggiemay13

        I just love the fact that you called him Ted Moseby. And I can't help but agree with your point, althought I see both sides here. So I offer this, everyone has their opinion and no one needs to tell another person how they should express it. Some people will find her attractive (probably because they mainly focus on her body) and some people will find her, to put it nicely, not so attractive (probably because they put more emphasis in her face).

      • TRON


  • Ricky

    Whoaaaaaaaa!!!! DEAR LORD look at 18 and 19!!! Found what im doing the rest of the day!

  • Jon

    What is wrong with her face?! It looks as if she is cOnstantly smelling something funky!

    • Crazy

      I agree!!

  • Simon

    The most difficult decision ever! Sandwich Wrap or Topless Chick??????

  • PubicJones

    Who are those fuckin losers in the pictures with her? They look like huge pussies.

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