Chivette of the Week: Chicago girl Sarah Hill (20 Photos)

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  • Michel Payette

    #19 Chivette of the year 😉

    • TheBoris


    • lol.

      No. She needs a good strong bag over her face.

  • Coop

    is this a Chivette post or a Derp post?_

  • Adam

    #12 #13 #19 Sarah is a cutie and extremely sexy at the same time.

    • lol.

      no she isnt. 3/10 at best

  • maggiemay13

    I feel like they could have done better but she does have a pretty rocking body and I wish she wouldn't frown so much, her smile from the profile looked pretty but hard to tell.

  • p1babyarm

    #2 #18 #19 Sweet buns!

  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    #19 is badass

  • fuckSH

    this chivette is a bitch and her twitter feed feels like nails on a chalkboard

    • guest


      • Jessica Condrey


  • Sacha Pilon

    #10 Really sexy babe! 😉

  • AppStateJW

    I think she (and the chive) should come out to NC sometime!

  • screamingdeal

    i want to work at the chive so i might have a chance is sexing these girls

  • xxs

    #12 nice back fat

    • Sacha Pilon

      It's called skin….but since you're 12 and have never touched a woman's body, we'll let it go…

      • bull1123

        AAAND boom goes the dynamite!

        Nice call Sacha!

        • creamed corn

          agree, its skin. I'm 5'8 and 125 pounds and i even have that. Photo shop just makes males believe that natural parts of the body don't exist, like skin..

    • maggiemay13

      That's what happens when a girl turns her body like that, it's just skin. The point of The Chive is to not airbrush features like that and you can easily tell that she is not fat, not in the slightest.

  • Justin

    Nice uniform, ugly helmet. She looks like she's giving the stink-eye in the kitchen shots or just farted and is worried someone will find out.

  • Logan

    #3 & #6 = lopsided face? what's up with that?

  • Mememememe

    She's hot but her facial expressions look like she is either cutting the cheese or smelling it.

  • max

    her face is weirdly shaped

  • daddy

    face fail

  • BRB

    #1 Absolute beauty!!

    • lol.

      absolute fail

  • $teve



  • Chicago_Animal

    Trying to sell the remaining 275 tickets for your get together tonight by hiring a model to appear?

  • dOOb

    #3 those are some reeeeally nice bewbs

    • lol.

      with a reeeeally terrible face

  • Skedaddle

    She looks good in the kitchen.

  • Erich Backhus

    She looks like one of my in-laws…

  • clenis

    what is wrong with you people today? #19 is ridiculous.

  • $teve

    #3 cook me breakfast pleazzzzzze

  • The Truth

    Her face is fug.

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