Chivette of the Week: Chicago girl Sarah Hill (20 Photos)

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  • 2audentes

    she's hot…..but the chi has got a lot more to offer

  • Anonymous

    Omg, enough of the ugly sluts

  • Eddie Olazaran

    She is fun, hot, and awesome! Been following her on twitter for a while and she's always having fun haha.

  • wolf

    What's wrong with some of you people? If they post models, you leave comments about how they need to "eat a bunch of cheeseburgers" and are airbrushed and how the chivettes are SO much better, hotter and real. Well here's your "real chivette" ya morons! But this one doesn't have her head cut off like 95% of the girls who send pictures in. And she's NOT airbrushed! And, she's cool and had confidence enough to do a full shoot for the Chive. So all you idiots out there spitting hate, just shut the fuck up, we know you weigh like 400lbs and could get a girl like this to even glance at you! Yep! all the people who left negative comments all weigh 400lbs.

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      The Internet: Were everyone is tougher than B.A. Baracus and they only fuck supermodels

    • now here this

      I only weigh 180 bitch

    • Calling BS

      Oh hai Sarah! Nice of you to join us!

      • @SarahLongLegs

        i have no need to be anonymous.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that she isn’t fat but she doesn’t actually come to this site. Chive got her to make mention of the site on her twitter and she will do whatever is asked as long as her pics are posted cause she is a Wannabe Model. They are all over websites. They write the websites name on their body so they can be on the website.

      I don’t get why you people reply like this is personal to you.

    • Chicago_Animal

      I agree that she isn’t fat but she doesn’t actually come to this site. Chive got her to make mention of the site on her twitter and she will do whatever is asked as long as her pics are posted cause she is a Wannabe Model. They are all over websites. They write the websites name on their body so they can be on the website.

      I don’t get why you people reply like this is personal to you.

  • OwnerOfYou

    #14 I hate you so much right now … haha.

  • ABB

    Me thinks the travel to Chicago means no Sexy Chivers tomorrow.

  • Rick

    Chivettes bring the AWE in AWESOME!

  • That guy

    #18 & #1 are my favorite.

  • jay

    She’s fuckin ugly. Ew!

  • Dave

    hot but needs to learn how to smile in some pic's. She looks mad not sexy in most of them. but yes girl you have a rockin bod and a sweet face.

  • Craig K.

    I don't necessarily agree with Jay, but does she not take a good photo when looking straight at the camera? Looking over shoulder is sexy sometimes, but you don't have a single photo where we get to see her whole face. It's a shame!

  • Chazz_B

    wow she is hot

  • Joemama

    Smoking Hot Sarah!!!

  • Bugman72

    I think all haters should submit a photo of themselves with they’re hate’n opinion…..!!

    • Isanbod

      Camera's don't always work in unlit basements, and the glare of the monitor might reveal they are only 12.

  • Dave

    wow just went through her pic's again and sorry guys, my opinion, not that hot, doable but yeah what a stink face. Does it just depend on who gets naked in your office. I had hoped for more. so many hotter Chivettes.

  • Jon


  • gary

    really just not that hot…and the fact that she's in love with herself makes her all the more un-appealing

  • @CSmith0203

    I blame the photographer…because these (… ) look a lot better.

    If you don't find her attractive that's fine. But some of the shit y'all say is downright rude as fuck. I'm not a fan of this photoshoot…but I think she's pretty hot. But, that's just my opinion.

  • JOHN

    BUTTERFACE!!! You can tell she's british by all the asymmetry and other signs of inbreeding.

  • reallychive?

    body is money…that face is brutal!!! i mean really?!? #4

    • come on

      come on you can do better then this. 77 chivettes did better then this last friday

  • Jessica Condrey

    There sure is alot of hate over this girls face. Yet the pics that make the SC on friday are about 95% just body and No Face at all. I guess I just dont get what men want to see >:X

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  • @SarahLongLegs

    I never once submitted a single photo to 'The Chive' until I was posted on here in a "find her." Actually, I hadn't even heard of this site. I did not ask to be featured, nor did I ask to be flown out to Venice Beach to hang with the Chive guys and take a few pictures.

    I will admit that I have taken some of your comments to heart. I immediately regretted putting myself in such a vulnerable position with all of you on this site.

    I had a moment of self pity, but that moment has passed…..I now have to go get ready to hang with the Chivers (who aren't going to be sitting behind their computers all night analyzing my every flaw)

    Yes, I will be at the Chicago meet up tonight, drinking tequila and enjoying my life. Afterall, I didn't ask for any of this, but there's no reason why I shouldn't be grateful for the opportunities I have been given.

    Chive On!
    Sarah (a Chivette, whether you like it or not!)

    • Alec

      Fucking rude some of the shit you people said on here. And I'm not "on your nuts" or whatever stupid thing someone might say. You're obviously attractive. Just remember that most of the people saying this shit probably look like trolls and wouldn't even have to confidence to approach you in real life.

      Some of you guys are pricks, seriously. Why would you take time out of your day just to type something negative? Just go fap it to one of the other posts like you do all day.

      Chive on Sarah, #18 and #19 look amazing

    • Patches

      So you willingly agreed to go get mostly naked in the office of a website you had never heard of, just because they asked you to. THIS is why I find you unattractive… physically I think you're super hot, but I just can't respect a woman who lets some strangers take nude photos of her to be posted on the internet for millions more strangers to jerk off too, just because they asked.
      Same as Dylan the other day, I actually find her even more attractive physically (more my type)… but I just can't imagine what would go on inside your head to pose for pics like this for millions of strangers (little kids, dirty old men and everything in between) to look at. Do you have self esteem issues and you were hoping for validation? Were you thinking that every single guy would come on here and gush about how perfect you are? You said you only regretted doing this once seeing negative comments… which leads me to believe you were only fishing for positive comments.

      • Patches

        I know I'm just another internet stranger like the other million guys looking at this site, but I'll give some advice anyway: you're an attractive woman and you shouldn't have to resort to posing for half naked pics on some website to get attention. Have some self esteem and self respect and believe that you can thrive and prosper without showing skin – if you believe you're a good person, just continue to do that. You don't need our approval.

      • DoucheMcFuckstain

        "but I just can't respect a woman who lets some strangers take nude photos of her to be posted on the internet for millions more strangers to jerk off too"

        — uhhh, if you are 'turned off' by an attractive woman who has pictures taken to be placed on a website, then why the fuck do you come to this website and click on the pictures of said women?

    • Chicago_Animal

      Next time don’t agree to get half naked for people you don’t know on a site you don’t know. Apparently you are an attention whore and now your a pity whore as well.

    • Isanbod

      Don't take the negative comments to heart, Sarah. The downright rude and crude comments are from the trolls sitting in mommy and daddy's unlit basement behind a computer, looking at porn, hugging their blow-up sheep, not knowing what a real woman is like nor how to treat one.
      There are those of us "Chivers" who appreciate what you have done, the courage it took to do it, and what the gentlemen there at the chive do.
      Keep smiling.

    • Jason H.

      Sarah, I actually think you are way hot – body and face – I would happily take it all.

      I became a fan after your first Chive shoot and began following your Twitter at that time too. I think some people on this site are haters just to hate, but others see a personality trait (either real or perceived) that turns them off and even sours any sexiness they may see in you. This is where I come from, I love your pics but then see some of your posts and Twitter feeds and get the impression that on one hand you are extremely full of yourself, but on the other hand you need positive comments from others to build your own self esteem. You agree to put pictures like this on a site you admittedly barely know and then jump on to read the comments because strangers telling you that they think you are hot builds up your inflated self esteem. These haters have got to you because you let them – you let them build you up and on the other side you let them tear you down.

      If any positives can come from this, I hope the experience has humbled you and I hope that you can build your own sense of self worth without relying on the lusting of strangers to build that confidence for you. I think if you were a little more grounded, more of a likeable person, and as hot as you are – you would find that this level of hate wouldn't be here. You are much hotter than many of the girls on this site, but they don't get hate like this because they are likable people. At least that's my theory.

      • @SarahLongLegs

        You guys act as if I hopped on a plane immediately. That was not the case. There were MONTHS of correspondence between John and myself before I flew out to la.

        This has nothing to do with seeking validation from anons on the internet, whatsoever. Anyone who claims they wouldn't be put off by the negatives is lying. Yes, I admit positive comments are great grand and wonderful, but they don't alter who I am in one way or another. I actually hadn't seen any of these pictures until this afternoon, and just came on here out of curiosity…which led to reading the insightful commentary.

        You guys come into these posts for the specific reason of gawking at the women in them. Am I right? Yet somehow every girl whom is posted gets labeled with "daddy issues" in your eyes. Either you have some fucked up fetish or that doesnt make sense at all.

        • @SarahLongLegs

          I guess I was raised under the "if you dont have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut" code that the rest of you weren't…………but wait…that cant be right because you are all morally and respectfully perfect, right? (not to mention 6ft, blonde, blue eye'd, chiseled millionaires)

          In the end, all it boils down to is you guys inadvertantly ruining something this site has generously provided you with. I enjoyed being a featured Chivette because John and Leo are great people. This site means a lot to them, everything, and I liked contributing to something that they have put so much effort into. Unfortunately, a majority of you have ruined the experience for me, and the rest of the Chivettes.


          • DJ Phillip

            I not only respect that you are way hot, I respect that fact that you've attacked these trolls head on and are so straightforward with it. Anyone who doesn't respect that has got you wrong – well, I think a lot of people have you wrong here. Keep on Chivin Sarah, you are an incredibly beautiful person and strong-headed on top of it. I wish you all the best and hope that you haven't let these assholes get to you too much. You've done amazing work here and it's a shame that these people have ruined that work now and probably in the future too. I look forward to much more "personal enjoyment" with these pictures and your month of the upcoming Chive calendar!

          • wick

            do you mean something nice to say like "I'd be shallow, if I didn't like it so deep." ?

            …keep it classy Sarah.

            P.S. You're pretty good looking. I'm just saying you would be out-of-this-world hot if you didn't act slutty, catty, or downright bitchy. When you do act that way, however, its easy to zero in on your (small) flaws.

            • JasonH

              Exactly what I am saying. Looks are an 8 minus the personality, which is a negative 3 to 4 in my book, that puts her at a 4 to a 5 and no one that I would want to approach in a bar, much less be intimidated by.

              Anyone can post an opinion, doesn't mean they are lonely or live in a basement. I've been with my girl 3 years now and make a good living – no where near the mom's basement. The fact still stands that regardless of what I see in the pictures – her personality makes her ugly.

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      Disregard all these fucking idiots who spend every night alone. You are a very beautiful girl and some times people act like assholes just for the sake of acting like an asshole. I'm sure if any of these morons saw you in person they would be too scared to speak to you.

    • Jamie

      Well be honest now. You submitted your own pics to the "find her" section. You immediately came on the site and was posting that pic was you.
      But don't take the comments to heart. People will always criticize. Just do your thing.

  • Inbred

    great body… that is all.

  • Danno

    #19 An angel just got wings

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