Chivette of the Week: Chicago girl Sarah Hill (20 Photos)

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  • Coldzilla

    #4 Wow sexy as hell AND in the kitchen!


    • b-ry


      • Coldzilla

        Ya know whats REALLY "lame"

        Adults responding with words usually reserved for 12 year old skateboarders

        And the fact that you came back into the same thread 23 hours later to say this is just freakin HILARIOUS!

        b-ry · 1 day ago
        "face isn't the greatest but smoking body."

  • Um, What?

    Some of you folks don't get the "package" aspect of girls like this. A) She's smokin hot B) She appears to have a personality. C) She's real. No caked on makeup and no photoshop.

  • Falthor

    #17 made me think… hmmmm Human centipede, Damnit that ruined it for me.

  • Dude

    #17 Holy mother of…

  • TheTruth

    Butterface, but nice tits.

  • Billy Blunts

    She is sexy but DEMI ROSE IS ALOT HOTTER

  • TheBigKahuna

    great photos! especially #20

    • TheBigKahuna

      i meant #19

  • Steven

    not that hot

  • lol.


  • El Beaner

    As long as she can cook…

  • Newportsfinest

    Ew these girls keep get more beat!!!! Come on guys get it together!!!

  • jon

    fap fap fap fap

  • 4everDistracted

    Sarah is beautiful, this just happens to be a lousy set of pictures. Her first Sexy Chiver set from May 4th was way better, but at least she came back. Thank you Sarah, I think you're gorgeous! Keep them coming. All the haters can screw off!

  • Adam

    Face is a total bust, kinda looks like a man. Body is not that bad but need to work on the ass cellulite a bit but whatever, most people have it. Just checked out her twitter and my god she is one annoying broad. I think if the Chive is gonna promote someone so heavily, she should be better looking than this.

  • Honest Abe

    She's actually kinda ugly.

  • willimo27

    dont get me wrong, shes cute but doesn't do much for me

  • Halfasandwich

    Damn, there are a lot of haters on here. As a dude, I really don't think I could take the level of critcism you're dishing out.

    You ask for normal girls, then hate like a motherfucker when they don't look like Victoria's Secret models. What gives?

    I hope this doesn't offend Dylan, LG, Erin, or any the other Chivettes of the Week/Year, but they all look like normal chicks. That's the beauty of it, and really the whole point, right?

  • wow

    You assholes are forgetting that you’re talking about a real person. Who sees these comments. I don’t give a fuck if you’re “entitled” to your own opinoin you’re fucking rude. If you think she’s ugly then don’t look. She’s beautiful and knowing her personally she’s far from conceited she’s actually a very sweet down to earth girl. Who’s the fuckin losers hiding behind a computer going back and forth about how ugly she is. She wouldn’t give any of your douchebags the time of day no woman probably does which is exactly why you have to beat off to chicks on a computer! Atleast she’s out enjoying her life having fun…go fuck yourselves…. Sar, I hope u don’t take any of this to heart… xoxo

    • Eh?

      Who could have possibly imagined that posing half-nude on a popular website might lead to people judging her appearence????

      I am positively shocked! Shocked I say!

    • guest

      She is sooooo full of herself read her twitter, she is a hockey player chasing loser…she loves to brag about herself and the loser players she hangs with.

    • kyle

      Dude, you do realize she is the one putting herself out there. And if a person chooses to, then they have to realize there will be criticism. If you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. And her twitter pretty much reflects the person she is… conceited, not sure why though, she doesn't have much to brag about.

    • chim richels

      So in addition to her being an attention whore, she's got friends who are too. Shocker.

      Lived in Chicago my entire life. I've seen tons of chicks like this. Puck Bunnies – chicks who chase 'Hawks players. Yawwn. Ironic that the meet up was at Exchange. Was there about a week after the Hawks won the cup a bunch of them came in – Kane, Sharpe, Ben Eager, Ladd. Bunch skanks trying to get on them. Hawkeyes used to be the place for that during the Cheli/Roenick/Balfour years.

      So your friend has Patrick Kane's dried up jizz caked on the front seat of her Scion. Big fucking deal.

      It's easy to judge chicks that put half nekkid pictures of themselves on a half nekkid website. It comes with the territory.

      Do any of these fucking chicks not consider there may be future employment consequences in which this shit may come back to haunt them?

  • Jobiwan

    Damn those legs don’t quit!! She’s hot.. Fuck the haters.

  • Kroyd

    What happened to her face…

  • wow

    I don’t need to read her twitter I’m her friend in real life…..and as far as her putting hersef out there to be critisized ….critiscism is one thing being downright fucking mean to purposely make someone feel like shit is another. But I’m sure you people are all so hot yourselves and have any room to talk. Losers…

  • AndreaFay

    Gorgeous silhouette

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    GodfuckingDAMNIT she's hot. Whew.

  • Brian

    #19 That girl is fine as frog hair! mmmmmm tasty indeed!

  • Poopypie

    Wow shes fuckin hot. Nuff said.

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