Hot Right Now: Lady in the streets, Queen B in the sheets (57 Photos)

Ode to fit girls (34 Photos)

  • Brad

    #5 Not fit. Model hit with spray bottle to fake sweat. Woman couldn’t lift a six pack with those arms.

  • D-Wiz

    #1 & #20 are mesmerizing

  • advid admirer

    No. 33 and 34 sooooooo very hot indeed. Great bods.

  • Dodith

    #17 #23 WOW!

  • Anonymous

    Aferica bosi photou

  • >18Only

    Calling Bullshit on #22 come on Chive, no fakery
    Find #10 she has a batman tattoo

  • Grendel

    #25 – if those are standard plates, that's a 225 lb. deadlift – legs and hips that won't let go.
    #27 – a little too posed – does tha bag hit back?

  • konaehukai

    #27. What Marloes Conen would like to do to Dana White.

  • jerald

    are these girls intimidating anyways pic #34 DAMM NEAR PERFECT!

  • jerald

    please Chive can you match a face to the abdomen of pic #34 yours truly jerald



    #8 Yes please, I'll take 1. thank you and goodnight.

  • john stamos

    #15 does not have enough post's about her, sexiest chick on this whole page

  • lambchops

    23 could have the worst face in history and still be a 9.

  • anon

    made out with one of this fitgirls yeahh

  • anon

    I know for a fact that #1 parties hard

  • jordan

    #23 wow!

  • monoxxide

    love the legs and ass of #34

  • chena

    #29, #34…breath-taking…

  • jgtz

    love me some fit girls

  • gflo917

    #34 is what you call backside perfection… wow… killer legs and a smokin hot ass…

  • B Man

    #34 your pizza is ready

  • Always Last


  • CanadianPiper

    #10….see you in my dreams

  • Virginia Beach

    #13 hello crossfit lady friend

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