• Brock

    It's ridiculous to act like these women are doing particularly bad at their sport. The whole point of enduro is that it is almost impossible to get around the track without crashing. Watch the men's highlights and the guy in first place eats it going over a log. Most of the comments on here are from people who have no idea how this sport is supposed to work.

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      the fact that the majority of them crash before they even start the course negates your argument.

    • @The_Scofield_

      That's not true at all. Actual Enduro races that have been made popular in Europe have some very skilled riders that can easily navigate the courses without falling. The X-Games course was way too small, to get it inside of an arena. The fact that you take this event at the X-Games as a "normal" race in this type of event shows that you aren't sure of wtf you are talkin about.

    • Brock is an Idiot

      Your an idiot

      • Brock

        One person crashes at the start. If one person is the majority I have been doing math and thinking wrong my whole life. Watch the men's video. There is exactly one fewer crash than the women's video.

        Scofield- I know there are very skilled riders who can get around the track without falling. They are very skilled riders. Unlike most racing sports a normal person could not get around an enduro track with falling, making it almost impossible.

        Brock is an Idiot- You are a clever dude. I can't imagine how I will recover from such a scathing attack on my central premise.

      • anon

        No sir, you're an idiot.

    • Anthony

      Dude, we watched both events in full. There is no way you can compare the two to each other. The men were faster, coordinated, daring, aggressive, weren't CONSTANTLY falling over (the guy in first place did eat it, but that was either the only one or one of very few). You can't even defend this, its just sad. I'm not being sexist or anything, but if you watch them both, its very obvious the skill sets and/or training of the two.

      • Brock

        Actually, if you watch them objectively, they are about the same. There is only one fewer crash in the men's highlights than the women's. Also, because I was curious, I cued up both videos and played them back to back for someone else with the sound off. Without knowing which group was which, or even that one group was male and one female, the other person thought they looked about the same. The way this is presented is ridiculous, and outright sexist. The reason most men can't take women's sports seriously has nothing to do with skill level and everything to do with the way the sport's narrative is constructed by the people presenting it.

        • hockeydude11

          Brock, what color is your purse?

        • Leigh

          I'm struggling with your counting ability. I've watched both videos 3 times, and I count 6 crashes in the women's race, and just 2 in the men's. That doesn't even take in to account going slowly over obstacles to stop yourself falling off, or completely going around the side of a set of obstacles.

          I have just done the same (ridiculously subjective) experiment as yours, showing a neutral party both videos without any introduction to either, and they said 'Well it's clear the second video is the professionals doing it, whilst the first was amateur."

          It's great that you've decided to dress yourself in your favourite 'Girl Power' t-shirt this morning, but to say the two videos are the same is utterly ridiculous.

          • Dick Rahmer

            they show zero grace

  • wakedork

    Ok I am tired of seeing this video on every website and reading the same dumb comments, ESPN should be shot for this farce. I guarantee every girl in that race could wax any guy on this board on a real MX track. Enduro-X is a small sport, hell it was only invented a few years ago and they only hold one or two events a year. I'm sure those girls have never even seen a course like this much less ridden on one. The men on the other hand have Erzberg and other races to hone their skills on. I think this video is embarrassing but not for the girls but for ESPN and the money grubbing farce they have turn the X-games into.

    • cake!kgo

      awwww no funneh bone

    • James

      Saying that professionals could beat the majority of people isn't saying much. I don't think we are laughing at them because we could do better. We are laughing because this is their profession. Yes, I'm sure these women could do better than me, a man that hasn't been on a dirt bike in 10 years. If that makes them feel better about their performance, that is sad. We laugh at them because the standard to which they are measured, and should measure themselves, is, presumably, much higher than the standard to which I measure my dirt bike abilities.

  • Tee

    That sport is almost unwatchable, for both sexes.

  • links

    Anyone know how to get rid of the "LikeChive" Facebook bar at the bottom of the screen? It's driving me insane.

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      yes, click the X on the right side of it (switch to full screen)

  • Trent Martin

    …and the yellow is out.

  • CaptainInsano

    pretty extreme stuff at the x-games

  • Davjid

    I just got in trouble laughing at my desk.

  • jred

    The best part was the last part as the "winner" is crossing the finish line there is a girl spinning out and wrecking in the water…end scene!

  • billshakes626

    I don't know how the announcers kept their shit together. I would have been laughing my ass off. They should have had sandwich making competitions instead.

  • Bless1

    dude if this is how the sport looks its retarded. those chics look like their bikes a way to big for them to handle. the mens race looked way different to me. how bout enduro kitchen for the ladies.

  • Mattxav

    What the hell are they doing out of the kitchen!!!!!!

  • Ruben

    The guys with the yellow flag clearly got a lot of exercise with all that waving!

  • Verbal_Kint

    This was like footage from the Special Olympics.

  • Jesús Muñiz

    get off the bikes and get back into the kitchen

  • Bro

    Maybe they should just compete naked so this would be less lame.

  • Lauren174

    So, coming from a woman that actually rides moto (you saw me in last week's sexy chivers doing a wheelie) I do feel embarrassed to watch this! Enduro is REALLY tough. That's the point. BUT, they don't need to be riding at this level if they can't stay on their bikes. Props for the effort, though.

    • Flargen

      We have a winner. Women are more than capable of excelling in enduro – just not them. Too much, too soon.

    • Diana Santos

      please send a film of you riding a moto to save the honor of the specie xD

  • Alf

    lol this was awesome, they just told me to shut up here at work lol….

  • GarlicInYourEye

    Might I suggest a kitchen Xgames?

  • Coldzilla

    Yeah I managed to stay tuned for one lap and then it was a House rerun….

  • flybirdsfly

    Even a wipeout at 0:57 on the right….

  • Shut up wakedork

    Shut up wakedork sounds like ur mad because the x game found out how bunk wake boarding was and set it on the shelf with roller blading don’t knock x games eat a fat one

  • Pani Booyah

    Why can't women stick to safer sports like opening a beer or cooking an egg in 3 minutes?

    • mike


      • Pani Booyah

        Thanks, I cant believe idiots actually took it serious and thumbed it down. the same idiots that sit there and salivate over Chivettes like rabid dogs….just like me 😀

  • Newc

    Fact is all those women could probably outride most people. That was an extremely tough course and women being smaller doesnt help at all. That said, it looked like there was some very poor throttle control.

    I dont think this event will be here next year.

  • Old Person

    Kind of poor taste with a girl dying at the Moto-cross nationals last week. And one of the top (and record setting) riders being a girl from New Zealand.

  • BigR

    Women are beautiful that's all I can say!

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