• Matt

    Its like real life Trials (remember that old flash game!?)

  • rod

    my two favorite parts were "And Martinez with her problems, on her way to a Bronze Medal!" rofl she was on the ground after "tipping" over.! And then towards the end when the winner crosses there is this chick falling on the right side in the water all stupidlike. This made my day

  • Old Person

    Kind of poor taste with a girl dying at the Moto-cross nationals last week. And one of the top (and record setting) riders being a girl from New Zealand.

  • NW_Islander

    The very definition of a Shit Show

  • Hich

    I gave up all hope of success when they said "Struggling her way to a bronze medal".

    Oh, child…

  • Chappell Anderson

    Only thing that would've been funnier, is if they were 12 Wee-Mans…EF YEAH!

  • James

    Funny, the men's race wasn't much better tho

  • @SSJGodan

    there's no doubt that is super difficult…but comparatively, when you have the men's motoX race to watch, and you have the womens'…you'd watch the womens' race for a laugh

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  • Gibbo

    Hahahahahahahahaha aaaaaaaaahhhhh hahahahahahaahahahahaha

  • arty

    i think this is a mistake, it's like the special olympic game 🙂

  • PopcornFarts

    Maybe they were trolling the whole audience.
    Wishful thinking for my own gender…

  • dallas hessler

    im sry

  • Matt

    guys, check this out. it's the same vid but with kinda different soundtrack 🙂

  • Tommy2X4

    That is sexist editing at its finest. You made it look "special".

  • Da Sandman

    it would appear that women are incapable of understanding the mechanics of a steering wheel

  • Chuck Taylor

    That sport looks impossible. Sure, maybe the women weren't 'particularly' bad, but they were much, much less good at it than the men. And to say that men don't take women's sports seriously, I offer the following sports: Volleyball; Beach Volleyball. Sometimes tennis. But mostly volleyball. And mostly beach volleyball.

  • Julian Sison


  • SanDiego

    This is fake right?

  • FuckYo'Kitchen!

    Gosh, you guys sure are creative with the jokes!

  • TheRealJoel

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha…ahahahahaha….hahah……..ha. this satisfies me.

  • Teea

    I leave it to the men to do that sexy shit and I'll stick to being sexy as a Chivette 🙂

  • fee

    they are professionals, it's just that they will never show men doing the same thing, even though they also make mistakes

  • dan

    You people have no idea what it takes to ride and event like that, of you who have commented so far how many actually can ride? I don't mean ride down the street either. I mean really ride, in the back woods, over obstacles like that. What they (men and women) did was amazing and incredibly talented

    • Munk85

      I agree. I love the x-games. This was a challenging course and both sexes seemed to have a difficult time with it. I have no idea how to ride a motorcycle and if I did, I'd fuck up too. I am a male/

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