• BMW

    Boys have penises and girls have vaginas.

  • Blake

    Staff at the chive have serious mommy issues.

  • @TLKV3

    "On her way to a bronze medal!" *Girl is currently lopsided and in the process of falling down*

    I laughed… so freaking hard.

  • bretthultz

    where is the Benny Hill music when you need it?

  • Eder Paz

    How come it no load??

  • unknown

    almost got it. realy? no.

  • Dr. Bob

    Those are the highlights?!?!?

  • Tex

    You people obviously have NEVER ridden a dirt bike!! That stuff is extremely physical and technical. Get off your arses and try it before you open your big mouths….

  • Gren

    I've never seen a kitchen that looks like that before…

  • Anonymous


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