Women in tight dresses like these might as well be kryptonite (30 Photos)

  • pete

    #24 A doll!!

  • korrie

    22 of these ladies are unbelievably gorgeous. Heavenly even. especially #22

    • AssDoc

      Ain't nothing heavenly about a fake ass. In time you will learn this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000336863389 Jeremy Tepper

    #20 chive don't even go there

  • Paul

    I keep comming back to this page just to look at #11.

  • Bxarnes013

    A little bit of 18 and 24 would be perfect for me. But you are all sexy.

  • chethive

    # 9 #17 #22 #29 That is all.

  • chethive

    and #9

  • snoell

    #19 I would go down on her for days!

  • Durr

    10 and 15. All I can say

  • Jack Mehoff

    #13 must have just finished with a trick, she threw the shit paper she used to wipe herself with on the floor….Clean that shit up!!!!

  • Jingles

    This needs to be a weekly addition!

    Also, #14.

  • sam84944

    #19 I complete you….or at least I will once I stalk, er, I mean, meet you!

  • Bob

    #20 so hot…

  • Dan

    In a gallery full of stunners, why in the world would you put that ogre in the #1 spot?

  • Papa Bear

    #18 is incredible!

  • mastodon311

    #12 IN LOVE

  • Jtown

    #19, # 15, and # 22…..yes please….I wanna burry my face in #22 ass,,,

  • Truth.Inc

    #14 #30 Add To Cart

  • Kai

    #5 and #23 find them!!

  • Tom

    #20 You messed up the flow of things with this, but it's okay. Women in tight dresses are my absolute favorite.

    Thank you Chive.

  • NightSky0

    Would hate to drop something wearing any of these

  • scooter

    All of them fine as heck I love 30 she has her high beams on no doubt 🙂

  • Sport Royal

    #1 is unbelievable. MOAR please. :]

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=734777999 Annie Tautua'a

      Yes. Unbelievably fake.

    • OsloLove

      For MOAR: Google search, Sunisa Horten 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’d really like to know the name of #11. And why not, #28

  • Adam

    #7 not a dress

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