Cat Saturday (27 Photos)

Don't forget to check out our Cat Fort contest! Win an iPad 2 for constructing the most creative Cat Fort!

  • Picard_

    #13 will tear down those cat forts with hims tank!

  • asdfasdfafds

    I like the one with the cat in it

    • failagain

      Most of everything she posts is funny.
      Today, not so much.
      She is still the best thing this website has going for it. imo
      FU Losers.

  • tsk
    • Paula_

      I puuurfer gasoline.

      – the one you love to hate

    • crowebar360

      It is better than the first website they tried –

  • Paula_

    Also, in this gallery #4 is the only kitty I approve of right meow.

    – the one you love to hate

    • stephanie

      still hoping to see a post of just hot cat girls…

      • Phil

        MAC!!! next week make this happen

  • LIJay

    #4 Purrrrfect. (lame I know). Have a good weekend, Chivers!

    • adphilpo

      If I am not mistaken, I believe this is one of the Twilight vampires known as Alice. Her real name is Ashley Greene. Such a hottie

  • Capitalsfan74

    #9 "Does it look like I give a fuck?"

    • Vegeta

      I like you based on your name 😀 OV!

  • Bill57

    I never ever thought that paula and i would agree on anything but i hate cats too the only good cat is a dead cat

    • DaddyD

      The only good Paula is a dead Paula.

      • Paula_

        I'm currently watching True Blood and see possibilities there.

        – the one who thinks Sookie is as cute as they come

    • Candybabe_66

      How about if you don't like the cat post, don't look at it? Sounds kinda simple to me, you should be able to handle it.

    • Your Mom

      Your not going to get any pussy with that attitude

  • Alfred

    #8 Well that's an odd cat.

    • Some Dude.

      That one has been one here about 50 times since I joined. Cute, but time to retire that like the number 23.

  • Bill57

    cept maybe #4

  • Pete_Mitchell

    #13 when you have the best cat fort… someone's gotta protect it.

  • HighFive

    Right here on the chive

  • PopcornFarts

    Can't stop laughing at this one!

  • aeheb

    Shut up.

  • Luke

    go play in the road

  • Mark

    #13 cat tank into mordor?

  • Verbal_Kint

    best post on the site! can't stand the ugly chicks and the redundant posts. this, however, works well for me. love to my hipster friends.

    • failagain

      You mean, love to suck off your hipster losers.

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  • Nick_FTW

    #1 come at me bro, I'll go all nine lives on your ass

    • Neil Kay

      i think those cats are fucked man. dont fuck with geese. pure evil!

  • DaddyD

    I'm in.

  • Nate

    Ohhh cat Saturday is so funny!

  • Hungry Joe

    #27 Fat cat in the middle of nowhere!

  • Hungry Joe

    Stupid troll! Don't light the tail first!

  • TBM

    #9 Papa John's sucks. Support your local independent pizza operator.

    • Trent

      Blow me

    • Owen Smithers

      Then make a consistent pizza for a change. And don't try to wow me with BS. Decent crust, good sauce, real cheese and some kind of topping. It's not rocket surgery…or brain science…or wait, what?

    • TheAndychrist

      Fuck these guys. Go to Scratch Brick Oven in Johnson City TN. Local pizza all the way.

  • Mac the Intern


    • failagain

      You STFU and call it CATURDAY biatch !!!!!

    • Paula_

      Awww…. You're so cute when you run along with the angry mob… ❤ And so ugly when you're not mad…

      Anyway we're about to start and you haven't placed your bets yet. Also you still owe me 30 from last weeks run. Oh but then you did bring in 3 cats today so that's 30 for you; we're even!

      – Ah! But I bought the gasoline today, you still owe me 4 bucks!

      • Hefla

        you should be locked into a portable toilet and set on fire Paula

    • meho

      shame on you…what kind of language is that, .stupid mac

  • ChiverBU

    #20 That should be a new Budweiser commercial

    • cheezebits

      haha, WHASSUPP?! was the first thing I thought.

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