Cat Saturday (27 Photos)

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  • Coldzilla

    #15 not exactly James Bondish

    • fail

      Heard any good jokes lately ?

      • Coldzilla


    • Trent

      More like Pussy GaFloor….amirite?

      *high five*


      • Coldzilla

        ** crickets **


  • Kitty


  • Go Die Bitch

    I hope all the bad things in this world happen to you and you alone, dumb cunt. Go die in a fire.

    • failagain

      Go Die Bitch !!!

  • sabrina

    what kinda cat is #16 ?? his ears are crazy!

    • el chupacabra

      Maine Coon 😉

      • Owen Smithers


        [chuckles quietly to himself for being so trendy and witty at the same time)

      • sabrina

        thanks! man i thought it was a cross breed of some wild cat lol

  • The1Architect

    #14 Wingardium Leviosa!

    • #387

      It's Levio-SAA…not leviosa!

  • Juan Espinosa

    Where can I adopt this type of breed?? 4

  • Juan Espinosa

    #4 ***

  • Ian

    Im not going to lie, that may be one of the dumbest things ive ever read.

    • failagain

      I'm not going to lie, that is the dumbest thing I've ever read.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        I'm not going to lie, that is the dumbest thing I've ever read.

        • fail

          I'm going to lie, that is the smartest reply I've ever read.

        • Paula_

          It's OK, I dine in hell every day.

          – the one you love to hate

  • Candybabe_66

    So hey, you can do that because you don't like cats. And, I don't like you. Does that mean I can do that to you? See how this works?

    Hey, grow up. If the cat post isn't for you, then don't fucking look at it.

    • failagain

      Candybabe, suck cat balls.

      • /golfclap

        original story bro

  • Joey

    The sociopathic troll hits a new low. Perhaps this type of comment should be forwarded to law-enforcement for when this freak finally snaps?

    • failagain

      Joey, you have set the standard for new lows.
      Call a shrink now.

    • Paula_

      Guess where I work? (dies laughing).

      – grow a sense of humor plz

      • failagain

        My guess would be Law Enforcement.
        Am I correct, officer.

        • Paula_

          Close enough.

          – the one you love to hate

          • failagain

            No it's not.
            Maybe a nurse or EMT.
            But where ?

            – the one you hate to love

            • Paula_

              EdWood under 'failagain'? Hmmm…
              Anyway I'm in the Netherlands.

              – the one you love to hate

  • Chubby Chivette

    #15 I don't always scratch myself on the table, but when I do….OH SHIT!

  • MidwestChiver

    #22 wtf lady ohh one day i will get you when you least expect it

  • DerJöe

    I love u Paula

  • Paula sympathizer

    I love cats and "cat saturday" makes me always smile. But that is one funny comment!
    How many people here already wished Paula to die? Or told her "to go play in traffic"? And then you thump each other up. Not just today. And now you people call her dumb or a psycho?
    "Kill it, kill it with fire!" is one of the most overused and lame memes in this forum. Did you ever call those uncreative posters psychos?
    And Mac the Intern, you are extremely low for an administer of this site. Do you think Paula really describes a crime to happen? Then block her, report her to the authorities and delete the comment. Or do you just don't like her comment? Then be a good and fair administer and respect her freedom of speech, which includes jokes even though you might not think they are funny.

    • failagain

      Most of everything she posts is funny.
      She is the best of trolls.
      Most trolls suck.
      Just saying. Cool story Bro.
      Find her. Mooaarr. Calm down and Chive On.

    • Paula_

      Mac is doing just fine. Hardly ever do my comments get deleted; sometimes for reasons unknown to me, but usually I get why. All in all the Chive admins are very cool about this. On most other sites comments that intensely insult the admins get deleted pretty fast. These guys? Almost never. They rock!

      – honestly NOT in any way associated with the Chive

      • failagain

        Intense Trooling is Intense.
        MOAR. Find her.
        You know…
        Keep calm and chive on.
        That is all.

      • Mac the Intern

        I actually didn't mean to delete it, it was right below a guy that keeps spamming. Paula is free to post what he/she desires.

        • Paula_

          You! Have! Got! To! Be! Fucking! Kidding! Me!

          Just when I write how you Chive admins are so cool and rock for not deleting my insults to you, you delete my perfectly harmless post about setting cats on fire!
          Please come over so I can spank the crap out of you.

          If you did this on purpose I could really appreciate your sense of humor though, incredibly ironic…

          BTW there was no spam above or below my post. I suppose someone pressed 'report' on my post and I showed up in THAT list next to a spammer?

          – the one puzzled as hell right meow

        • failagain

          Cake is a lie.
          Your post is also a lie.
          I'm very disappointed with TheChive right meow.
          Do not remain calm and do not chive on.
          Failing for life.

  • CBDeadman

    #4 looks like the perfect pussy

    • sbj1964

      Indeed ! CBDeadman Rocks !

  • doglover

    that was pretty funny i thought. well put paula

  • chuck

    #7 i call bullshit.. clearly photoshop

    • Seth Schueler

      or glue

  • BloodScrubber

    #26 Crazy lady put me in this freezing water! Christ!

  • person

    Hate as much as you want, but Paula's right. Calling it "Cat Saturday" is akin to some ancient Fox News anchor saying "the facebook."

  • Justin Zavalaa


  • Guest

    #26 Fear is what that cat is swimming in.

  • stonyjoe

    #2 best so far

  • wuzzman16

    #27 reminds me of my old cat wuzzle, we used to do stuff like this all the time. RIP you fat fuzzball

  • Kitmit

    My kitten and I propose you guys change "Cat Saturday" to "Caturday".

    Chive On from San Diego

    PS: My kitten insists on it 🙂

  • Nathan

    #4 I want that kitty, i want to make it purrr

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