Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (29 Photos)

  • danny

    Me likey #9

  • Anonymous

    #29 yes please

  • Andy Valentine

    #18 – Smoking

    • Dalvik90

      In complete agreement.

  • max-pow

    some of them HOT and some of them only CUTE…but all beautiful

  • Trent

    #12 Has anyone made a pot o' gold reference? Oh, like 10 people…oh well, I think I'm original anyway! That's a nice pot o' gold!!

  • Richard Rice



    • Kinkade Francis


  • The_Redevil

    #9 #17 #22 #28 🙂



  • Hamburger Buns

    #29 makes happy things happier.

  • mastodon311

    MOAR from all of them!!

  • beemo


    Fantastic opening picture

    • Johnson

      That would be Anna Kournikova, or how ever the fuck you spell her last name, and that shoot was unbelievable!

  • @JoeMcCrary

    Love #12. I believe it's Michelle Vawer.

    Safe for Work

  • yup

    #5 for the win! MOAR please…

  • intro

    apparently chive thinks hot girls are all white? broaden your vision my friends, there's a buffet out there in the world.

    • Tits McGee

      not to those honkies.

  • jay

    13 & 18


  • medical assistant

    #5 scores for me, the pic is expressive and the rainbow enhances the beauty. Yea! Middle of nowhere.

  • Anonymous

    #5 – :0)

  • Jay

    #14 Victoria Pratt

  • bkfrijoles

    #19 needs a little bit more love!!

  • Kris

    Love these posts!

  • Cdog


  • Anonymous

    #22 went home with her once… she asked me to pee on her… I walked out of her apartment. If recall correctly, I threw up after I got home. Regret.

  • Vij

    It is #1 for me. Rest is not up to Chive standard

  • Maximiliaanvdv


    Better dan mona lisa i think

  • beautyandbraids

    #18 #23
    the good ones

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