Bill Murray surprises Chicago Cubs fans

bill murray small 01 Bill Murray surprises Chicago Cubs fans

We’re piecing together hundreds of photos from the amazing photobomb-fest that was theCHIVE’s Chicago meetup, we’ll have those for you in the next couple days.
We did meet one Chiver at the meetup, Geoff, who had been saving a story about Bill Murray for us.

It all happened over Memorial Day weekend in Wrigleyville. Geoff (pictured back right) and his buddies were at crawfish boil at Toons, a NOLA-style Jazz bar near Wrigley field that hosts an annual Memorial day crawfish boil, when Geoff noticed Bill Murray walking past the bar. Geoff went to the front porch with his buddies and mustered the courage to yell out, “Bill, come to the crawfish boil! They’ve got Abita Strawberry!!!’

*Abita Strawberry is Abita’s limited harvest beer produced annually in small quantities and it’s not easy to find. Toons serves it only once a year.

Bill continued walking toward Wrigley Field but the comedy icon slowly raised his right hand and gave the guys a thumbs up. “We all went nuts! Just a thumbs up from Bill F*cking Murray was enough for us,” Geoff exclaimed.

Then about a half hour into the game, it started raining. The Cubs game was delayed. Shortly thereafter, Bill Murray walked into the bar. For a hot second, the whole place fell silent. Then Bill Murray said, “Anybody got one of those Strawberry Abitas?” A dozen people scrambled to get the legend a drink.

The next few hours were amazing. Geoff said Bill was as awesome as you’d hope he’d be. Bill drank with Geoff and his friends all day. “Bill was playing games of Golden Tee with anybody who wanted to take him on. He’s really good. (Bill) stayed all afternoon. When he left, Bill remembered everybody’s names and took the time to thank everyone for the beer and the crawfish. And, like that, he was gone.”

Larger version of the photo here.

  • Darcy

    I can never get enough of these Bill Murray stories. The man is a living legend.

    • Ha.Ha.

      I was at a Giants vs. Bears once. My buddies and I sat near Bill and ragged on him the entire first half. It was my turn to go buy a round, so I was waiting in line just before halftime, when someone behind me said, "I'll cover this guy's drinks." It was Bill Murray. After that, we obviously didn't have the heart to keep going at him…

      • ya ok

        cool story bro.

    • Jvee Veneracion

      In the distant future, his stories would become so legendary that kids would go, "Aw Dad, everyone knows Bill Murray doesn't really exist. It's just stories grown ups make up to encourage kids to be awesome."

  • frank

    I love this man

    • stupid

      why don't you suck his dick already

  • Dan

    Bill probably doesn't have to pay for anything. He just shows up and hangs out, and gets free stuff. Best job ever!

    • Frank Viola

      I'd say hes earned it

  • dOOb

    Bill Murray… I think I love you…

    • David Cassidy

      So what am I so afraid of?

      • Foosbah

        that song sucks.

  • Malkintosh22

    If he was in Chicago, he better have went to the meetup.

    • Endo

      He was there Memorial Day weekend, not last Thursday. READ.

      • Malkintosh22

        Remembrance day is the Canadian Memorial Day and takes place November 11th. Therefore, 'memorial day' is not a specific day to me so I just assumed that it took place this weekend. I suppose I have made an ass of myself.

    • Chicago_Animal

      If he went to the meetup My view on him would drop big time!

  • not a legend.

    he's so ever rated. not sure why so many people have a boner for this guy.

    • DaddyD

      Because he can spell, or at least proofread.

      • not a legend

        oh right…anyone that doesn't type a mistake once in a while is a legend now.

        your an idiot.

        • A killer whale

          Probably because he is a good actor and appears in cool films. People also like him because he doesn't hang about the internet trying to bring people down.

          • not a legend

            do you swallow when you suck his dick? there are A LOT of better actors…just don't see the hard on for this one.

            • uhhhh.....

              I'm gonna go ahead and say the reason the guy is a legend is because of how he acts to the general public. How many other actors have you heard of going into a bar, making friends with everyone and just drinking and bullshitting with them. From what I have seen he is very respectable even for his status and that alone makes him a legend regardless of the movies he has been in.

  • Ashley Robertson

    I love his smile. This story was pretty awesome too

  • stupid

    just give him a blowjob already….fuck.


    Cool story bro, tell it again.

  • roy stalin

    bill murray in a place that serves sailor jerry? i am surprised the place didn't explode with awesome.

  • sixdeadelves

    if anyone can get Bill Murray to come hang out, it's the chive. now go forth and do it!

    • women?

      yea just what they need. another dude at the Chive meet-ups.

      • Dogman

        Bill Murray is totaty worth it.

  • junior

    saw a biography on him on a&e over the weekend, actually kinda of a sad story…his wife of several years left him, citing booze and weed…had kind of drifited prodessionally and personally since his divorce…I feel his pain on that front, and on the weed and booze affection, any way if I'm going gaga over a movie dude, it's gotta be Jeff Bridges, Bill is good and Ok and all, but come on…whats all the fuss

    • junior

      Ok, I've been thinking about this post and this whole Bill Murray thing, and maybe what we're seeing is Bill finding the next chapter of his life and to that I say Chive On and rock on Bill, I'm sorry if my first post was harsh, after reading the comments it seems as though Bill is a man of the people hanging out in Chicago, Doesn't sound too bad. Life does go on brother, I know about dissapointment at 50. Once again Chive On Bill….

  • walkingtheriver

    "When Bill left, he remembered everybody’s names and took the time to thank everyone for the beer"

    Awesome is as awesome does! Just for a celeb to remember a bunch of names of random people is actually quite fucken crazy! But they again, it IS Bill Murray…

    • not quite.

      not really AMAZING that he remembered names. it's called having a memory. and if you spend all day with a few people…it's not that hard.

      • Foosbah

        thank you.

  • Lowrent75

    The dude is awesome. And being from New Orleans..Abita strawberry is grand.

  • Gor Gor

    What's so special about this pockmarked slob that has everyone's panties moist?

  • Observation

    Once again, overdone and overrated. Let's move on, shall we?

    • retarded

      yea seriously…how many more Bill Murray posts do we have to see?

    • Paula_

      There's NO such thing as:
      – too much Bill Murray
      – too much Lauren ❤

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG –

      • hells ya

        there is such a thing as too much Paula though.

      • Observation

        Thumbed down for Billy Murry comment
        Thumbed up for Lauren comment

        Zero sum game.

  • Ftw

    #1 First the Baptist pumpkIn center sign now Abita Beer! Louisiana is moving up in the world!

  • Daemon

    Does Bill Murray realize that he is a legend on probably the best site in the world?

  • Paula_

    BTW Mac, were you taking upskirt photos of me at the meetup?
    It's either that or my snatch has started flashing randomly.
    Also you were looking way too innocent when I looked at you!

    – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
    — LG –

  • etc4779

    Bill Murray, I like the guy but theChive goes a little over board with him……I feel like there are 1000 movies starring Bill Murray that I have never seen after looking at this web site.

  • Doonby

    WTF do people in Chicago know about boiling crawfish for fucks sake.

    • Frank Viola

      boiling crawfish? Do tell what the fuck is so hard about that? I have never partook in a crawfish boil or never plan on it but I am guessing it probably involves an assload of crawfish, a shit ton of salt, and throw in a bunch of random shit, potatoes, corn, mushrooms, onions, garlic. Although if your from the south you probably toss it all in the deep fryer after its done just to get that layer of grease on it.

  • Lucidity

    Ya know…I'm torn between the two sides of this discussion. is Bill Murray and while he's had a pretty decent career and made me laugh a few times, I also don't see the need to slob his knob any more than it already is.

    The one thing that I think Bill is REALLY smart about is that while he's getting closer to the sunset of his career, he doesn't use social media like facebook or twitter to keep himself relevant. He shows up to random places and let's the masses do his twittering and fb posts for him.

    • A killer whale

      People like him because he shows up in the most ridiculous places, like at a bar with Wu Tang clan. He also doesn't show up with an entourage or act like a jackass in any way. He seems like a found but nice guy and people respect that.

  • Meh.......

    He's an alcoholic….good person to envy…..

    • feh....


  • Coldzilla

    What can ya say?

    The guys Bill F******G Murray!!

  • ummmm....yeah

    So the guy in the center is thedoppleganger for Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski from The Wire.


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