Bill Murray surprises Chicago Cubs fans

bill murray small 01 Bill Murray surprises Chicago Cubs fans

We’re piecing together hundreds of photos from the amazing photobomb-fest that was theCHIVE’s Chicago meetup, we’ll have those for you in the next couple days.
We did meet one Chiver at the meetup, Geoff, who had been saving a story about Bill Murray for us.

It all happened over Memorial Day weekend in Wrigleyville. Geoff (pictured back right) and his buddies were at crawfish boil at Toons, a NOLA-style Jazz bar near Wrigley field that hosts an annual Memorial day crawfish boil, when Geoff noticed Bill Murray walking past the bar. Geoff went to the front porch with his buddies and mustered the courage to yell out, “Bill, come to the crawfish boil! They’ve got Abita Strawberry!!!’

*Abita Strawberry is Abita’s limited harvest beer produced annually in small quantities and it’s not easy to find. Toons serves it only once a year.

Bill continued walking toward Wrigley Field but the comedy icon slowly raised his right hand and gave the guys a thumbs up. “We all went nuts! Just a thumbs up from Bill F*cking Murray was enough for us,” Geoff exclaimed.

Then about a half hour into the game, it started raining. The Cubs game was delayed. Shortly thereafter, Bill Murray walked into the bar. For a hot second, the whole place fell silent. Then Bill Murray said, “Anybody got one of those Strawberry Abitas?” A dozen people scrambled to get the legend a drink.

The next few hours were amazing. Geoff said Bill was as awesome as you’d hope he’d be. Bill drank with Geoff and his friends all day. “Bill was playing games of Golden Tee with anybody who wanted to take him on. He’s really good. (Bill) stayed all afternoon. When he left, Bill remembered everybody’s names and took the time to thank everyone for the beer and the crawfish. And, like that, he was gone.”

Larger version of the photo here.

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