Burn your bra Tuesday (45 photos)

  • PianoFingers

    ( . )( ' ) #39

    • Daron


    • Sick

      i was gonna give it a thumbs up, but then saw it had 39 thumbs up, and i saw it fitting. chive on

    • boob man

      is that kitty? "goodbye michael! and say goodbye to these because it's the last time you'll ever see them!"

    • derka

      close enough!

    • Ozzy

      Go home nipples, you're drunk!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1102047130 Thom Stokman

    #42 Oh yeah!!

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Google Norma Stitz. You're welcome.

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG – twitpic.com/5q3g21

      • Don't do it

        Damn you.

        • butt lovin

          it's getting old

          • Alec

            Used to think Paula was actually pretty funny. This is all she/he/it says now, though. Kind of sad, we need a new troll!

            • de ja vu

              Agreed. I think LG ruined her.

      • SouthAfrica28

        My eyes are burning after that… damn you….

    • Trent

      hot hot hot

    • grant

      I don't think the ones that don't need a bra should be included.

  • Will


    Yes, please

    • Matt

      Is that the chick from the 3rd underworld movie, Rise of the lycans?

      • nojoke420

        I believe that is Aria Giovanni

        • bigjohn

          I believe you're correct

        • jken

          Indeed it is

        • http://thechive.com/ BobbaFett

          I know for sure that you're correct.

  • BMW

    Thanks girls…! #3 #4 #13 #33

  • RGH

    Yea it is back!

    • I've got an idea

      How about some chive pasties? I bet if the chive gets some pasties made up every chivette would rock em. I'd be more than willing to check out those pics. So how bout it chive?

      • Joe

        I second this one! GREAT idea!

  • penis

    Finally!! after weeks of holding my breath!

  • pookies-r-us

    Oh thank the internet gods. Been missing this subject..

  • :-D



  • http://twitter.com/danlundberg1 @danlundberg1

    #32 MOAR!

  • DOTD


  • Beano

    #5 Yum Yum

  • Chuck

    Ladies – Y U Torture Us with those fantastic Goodies?

    • ROK247

      can somebody please tell my why i like boobs so much?

      • its_forge

        Genetic coding from about a million and a half years ago or so. Next question?

        • ROK247

          if thats the case, then its pretty dumb that we get in so much trouble when we try to grab them without asking first. just sayin.

  • new york

    nipples are great ~ love 'em tits !

    • new york

      first by the way ! muahahaha

  • JD Marsh

    #39 lulz…"ME GUSTA"

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1529572974 Dan Blazing


  • james

    #43 simply amazing

    • BSmike

      Oh man. Love the subtle lip bite.

    • Yosi

      She's a porn star. Goes by Harmony.

    • mr al


  • R2G Fan

    #18 I do so love piercings.

    • R2G Fan

      #7 as well. Simple little bar bells through the nips…

    • shamshe

      Pierced nipples are so unattractive!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=591747781 Erich Backhus


      • naturlovr

        Agreed. It's defacing a work of art… They are great as is ladies! No need to try to improve!

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Love the face on this girl. the piercings are a plus. #18 FTW

    • Psymon Gallows

      Glad I'm not the only one that thinks so. #16 seems to have hers done as well, diagonally.

    • bdg

      I want to play peek a boo!

  • Cristi_P

    #14 – is that Angelina Jolie in her early years? Even if not, that's one WOW photo…

    • hMMMM

      maybe her Aborigene lost sister

    • robin

      so hot

    • mopmonkey

      Not even close…

  • vmax

    #37 I like the burn your bra with visible nipple jewelry!

    • vmax

      Ooops…so totally meant #18 with the jewelry!

      • Birdhaus32

        And she has two. Be damn fun to play with

        • Fish

          I'd be too tempted to imagine it as a dial.

          Which would be terrible.

      • Dan

        I actually like #37 more.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000214752111 Armando Navarro

      #37 looks like she burned her panties as well 😉

    • Skeeter

      You missed the bare tail in the mirror

  • laelow

    I mean, My Gaaaawwd!

    #18 #27

  • DubYA

    That Nipple's Been Tampered With!

    • max-pow

      piercings mate!!!

    • Birdhaus32

      But in a good way

    • Ripple

      and i like it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/wgrichardson William Richardson

    #25 yum yums

    • http://www.facebook.com/wgrichardson William Richardson

      I can't believe more people aren't commenting on how beautiful this woman is! Who is she? And MOAR please!

      • grrregg

        Don't forget #6 too. Both really gorgeous ladies.

        • http://www.facebook.com/wgrichardson William Richardson

          no not #6

        • hMMMM

          why, b/c they're both black?

          • JOHN

            yes white guys find black women attractive too. Its not always about the white girls and black guys… Where the fuck is Nia Long in all of this?

          • TKJDNoid

            obviously. the chive is super white.

            • PDubbs

              I was saying the same thing!

      • Darkside

        Candace Smith. She's hot stuff.

        • Hammer_Pants

          That's her. We went to law school at Northwestern together. She's also a former Miss Ohio. Insanely hot in person.

    • him


    • rfak

      She is beautiful!

      • Matt

        Good to see some hot diversity on here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1618490651 Matthew James Belt

    Not so suddenly… burn your bra.
    and i like the strategically cut tops #32 #27

  • specv44

    #1 That chest is a looker #18 Wow, those piercings are pretty hot #19 Those look great #43 I bet she is fun!

    • ROK247

      #1 YES beautiful, REAL boobs, right here people. this is what they look like. drink it in. ahhh yeah.

    • http://bryainiac.tumblr.com/ bryainiac

      1 and 18 were my favorite. You chose right.

  • Sylvester_Jr

    Just like the McRib, it's back!!

    • Ha.Ha.

      or the Chicken Bacon Ranch! Love that shit!

  • mnwildfan2k

    18 = pierced… makes a smiley face 🙂

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