Get low, get dirty, and have a good time (28 Photos)

  • Stevo

    #7 please stop mislabelling wins as fails.

  • KidCherub

    I don't get #16 😦

    • jasgat

      Only thing I can think of is the pole represents a dick and the lock a puss? Or the person is a dumbshit and you could steal that bike pretty easy… I'm probably wrong on both

  • USLethal

    #21 What does it say for us as a society when that fucking waste of oxygen can partially choke herself in public without scores of onlookers running up to punch that pickle the rest of the way down? Sad state of affairs….

  • The dude


  • gizmo77819

    #21 one of the grossest chicks ever
    #23 such a hard job dont know how he can handle it all

  • Helmet

    #27 pedo-bear approved

  • Bob

    #5…How have I never seen a picture like this until now??
    #11…That's about a big dick.
    #18…I have never understood the fascination of chicks covered in dirt and mud. Don't care how cute she is, all I see is a filthy pig with no shame.

  • Ziggy

    #17 That charge could be more than the whole meal some nights.

  • Dana Xu

    #4 I lol'd

  • mishway

    is #17 for pedo bear?

  • bkfrijoles

    #7 thanks for letting me know

  • Ros

    #26- be it ever so stupid, there's no place like home 🙂

  • rossy

    can i please join in on #23

  • rossy

    sorry it was meant ot be #27 but i would join in on #23

  • p1babyarm

    #7 We should be friends
    #12 Fucking ridiculous
    #27 If only jail didn't completely suck

  • CableGuy2011

    #18 MOAR (pre Warrior Dash…BTW What a freaking awesome day)


    #7: can you confirm that?
    #14: which means that you're a JERK-OFF
    #: shouldn't that be a 69

  • Pete

    #18 must be a surefire case of Find Her!

  • @22ECO

    #28 should be birth control.. lol

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