Hot Right Now: Girls stretching their way into our hearts and minds (35 Photos)

I’m dreamin’ of the beach (30 Photos)

  • 123

    #7 made my eyes pop out

  • Jason Reyes

    #7 perfectly timed! #22, Burn Bra, Gap and… potentially FLBP… win! #11 find her!!! … #12 pretty cute, but I live in NYC and it seems like lots of the gals here on booze-cruises, happy hours, woo-girling are justifying Duck face poses with the dual peace signs. I've asked several if they realize it's kind of the Nixon and 50% are like "who's that… like the camera?" (facepalm) … perhaps i'll start a submitting.

  • Dimeone86

    Reminds me of my days stationed in Hawaii, F*** you chive for reminding me about the good times!

  • Aaron-MVI

    Man some of these beach pics are the truth.

  • Eddie Olazaran

    Man, I miss the beach. Stranded in Dallas, TX.

    • Stern281

      There are plenty of beaches in Texas. Not as nice as some places but they are there and they have their days. Go to South Padre Island…

  • Rooky

    MOAR of #16 please.

  • Christian Linenko

    #30 I got married on that beach.

    • hitechsailor

      I got laid looking over that beach. :^)

  • pete

    #13 Looks shopped 2 me!! Scary if real!!

  • Bob

    #22 great boobs

  • ChiverBU

    #19 #27 Combine these for the best summer anyone has ever had

  • bearded


    I have partied balls here – passed out and started all over again….

  • Craig

    so several of these pictures are from video games…

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  • New Sara Jean Underwood Pics & Daniela Rush in Lingerie [Afternoon Dump] | Busted Coverage

    […] • Every guy dreams about the beach (for the babes) […]

  • Stern281

    Chive if you wanted to do a beach post you should have gone down to Hunington for the US Open. Hot chicks all over the place. I couldn't be there but I was watching the surf contest online and sweet jesus there was some tail walking around! You guys blew it if you weren't there. Other than that, keep up the great work!

  • Jimi D.

    #3 and #19 both look like they could use a little assistance……. I volunteer !!
    Stay thirsty my friends….

  • Bill

    #22 is Chive’s best picture EVER!

  • its_forge

    #22 I love you, even though you have muscles in your pelvis that could rip my gear right off my body if you so much as thought about it.

  • Signature Kauai

    My favorite is the sand… I love it and we can help you find some of the best at

  • tony

    #19 need i say MOAR

  • Longterm Fan

    where is the pic 27 from .. I need to go there .. I am serious.

  • Sacramento916

    #5 never gets old and i love to see MOAR of #7

  • rad anthem

    #10 and #11

    want to be there

    • hitechsailor

      To be at #10. Fly to Beef Island and take the ferrie to Virgin Gorda or charter a cheap sailboat on Tortola and sail across Drake's Channel.

  • Brewster

    #7 and #19 made my day, and my pants a bit tighter.

  • NicBree

    #12 Can't see the beach, there's a duck in the way.

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