Merica FTW! (40 photos)

  • mat

    I love being from NV! Dales pale ale i believe is from Lyons, Colorado.

  • @DrewThes

    #24 I live in Minnesota and I'm pretty sure we don't have a lot of tornadoes…….. so does that mean we're the worst at making tornadoes?

  • Dana Xu

    #19 Slurm

  • Hammer

    I hope #17 is aiming at #16 for dragging that flag on the ground. Learn some respesct no matter how hot you are.

  • jamiebooks

    im not a merican, but I sure do love you…………

  • bkfrijoles

    #21 that actually looks really good

  • Grizzle

    #26 Man, I friggin' love Dale's Pale

  • Colin

    #29 Fail….Suzuki Samurai aint MURICAN…

  • Beast45

    #24 "taxes" was the best thing they could come up with for NJ?

  • Luke

    as an aussie i get this, our two countries have waaay too much in common! australia is the best, merica comes a close second though!

  • woolanoow

    I love America 🙂

  • Tim

    You forgot George W Bush… just sayin'

  • MasseyJanette

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  • Mandy W.

    All of the captions were read in Chris Hardwick's voice in my head "Merica!"

  • jscrant48

    #33, Nebraska is where it's at!

  • ven

    #24 Fresno, CA: car theft capitol AND drunkest city in america! home sweet home lol!

  • Underhill

    #38 and how much is spending to triple search old white guys by obese TSA agents.

  • Underhill

    Correction:: #38 and how much is US spending . . . . . . ??

  • Mario Alberto Rdz Vela

    #24 #33
    I live in the Least GREEN State and in the NOTHING.. 😀

  • lamchops

    Grand junction Colorado

  • lamchops

    #21 is a Peruvian invention not merican

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  • audiq8

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  • alex


    No water mark.. besides this one on the bottom..

  • Telephone Man

    #39. About that…it used to be me. The Diet Coke was because regular soda was rotting my teeth. Yep, hypocrisy resides in all of us.

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