A little inspiration goes a long way (32 Photos)

  • martin

    #1, #2, #31

    Thanks for that, Chive

    • maggiemay13

      #2 is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen.

      • http://www.facebook.com/NelsonCosta1983 Nelson Costa

        what movie is this? thanks

        • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000318206977 Pedro Maia

          Little Miss Sunshine, em português "Uma família à beira de um ataque de nervos". Vê porque vale a pena 😉

          • http://www.facebook.com/NelsonCosta1983 Nelson Costa

            thanks a lot my fellow compatriot B)

      • Winner

        I'm sorry

    • HiJacker

      #28 You should probably buy your ticket before you quit your job!

    • -KhmerStory-

      Thanks Chive, this made me smile. 🙂
      We need more posts like this.


    #1 wants her be-hymen taste tested.

    • Rock Raza

      how can i say fuck u politely… oh wait… i cant… so FUCK U

    • Martin

      Remarkably creepy. Way to go, fucknut.

      • truth

        creepy but I bet it tastes like candy just the same….

    • Kris


  • JAMon

    …needs more boobs

    • Speak the Truth

      Thumbs up

    • TheBoris

      It is true.

    • hMMMM

      you three should get together for a circle jerk

      • thatdude

        you must be a women. JAMon, Keep Up the Good Work.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=514615429 Pat Overton

      Douchy, but funny.

  • Urban

    #11 Zombies are real too!

    • Lebo

      He's a pre-zombie author. Though The Cell went there…

      • Ninjack

        No author is "pre-zombie"

  • Mike

    The Chive just took me on a roller coaster of emotion

    #2, #5, #12

  • xDV8x

    Is this from the same site that burns bras and minds gaps?

    • bryce

      yep, and the fact that they don't burn bras and mind gaps exclusively is the reason they're becoming a national phenomenon right now imho

    • Jesse

      yes. thats why……"probably the best site in the world"

    • xDV8x

      Wasn't necessarily complaining, just not what I was expecting after that monumental MtG yesterday and a great Burn your Bra. But at the risk of starting a riot I'm not a fan of FLBP, I prefer Hump day so Diff'rent Strokes, I guess

      • hMMMM

        not really into FLBP either, compared to the other female posts. Most of the tits are fake and they all seem to be old internet photos or model pics.

  • Hombre

    Get back to the hot chicks!!!!!

    • wordy


    • The Ruiner


  • Oasis

    #16 reminds me of my favorite…"Why do we go through life avoiding risks just to arrive safely at death?"

    • Robinsos

      So true, also – "Don't take life so seriously, or you'll never get out alive."

    • maggiemay13

      "I refuse to tip toe through life just to arrive safely at death's door."

    • Primo

      Apparently there is a range of mountains stopping me. I don't have the mountaineering skills to get through a range like that!

  • thomas

    I needed that


    • The Ruiner

      what? what did you need? reading a random thought pasted to a picture of steve carell solved all your problems? you suddenly have money to pay bills, all your relationships are fixed, and you're confident in your path in this life and potential afterlife?
      either that or you have no problems to begin with.

      • Poley

        Quit being a douche, maybe he meant it made his day or it reminded him to get his life back on track or something.

      • mike

        u sir are an ass…

      • Kris

        Yeah…. I don't think either of those mean are Steve Carell.

      • maggiemay13

        Random thought pasted to a picture of Steve Carell? It's a quote from the movie Little Miss Sunshine that Steve Carell was in and was said by Paul Dano, the guy standing next to him.

    • Kris

      I think we all do sometimes, brother.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gibblet Mos Eisley

    #21. wow.

    • Visitor

      Arrigo Boito, not Shakespeare

      • Ha.Ha.

        Good catch – Shakespeare wouldn't have used "you" in Middle English

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1102047130 Thom Stokman

    "it is not your job title that defines you , it is how you spend your time at work that matters.." The Chive..

  • Kcruz09

    #3, unless your on a moving escalator

    • ROK247

      forgot rule 4: make sure your typography is so fucking tight your shit is barely legible

      • xDV8x

        Or an elevator. Or a bus.

        • Kcruz09

          Or that too

    • Ha.Ha.

      Who came up with this dumbass poster? First, none of those are RULES. Secondly, all three of them are wrong:

      1. It could be handed to you
      2. It could be handed to you
      3. See above

    • Russty

      As opposed to a Non-Moving escalator?

  • MikeOmment

    …and nobody else is either. May you find strength through vulnerability; you're false image will be the only casualty.

  • TSM

    I often find posts like this to be kind of trite. But this one was full of real wisdom. It bears reading again and again. We'd all be better off if we read more Mark Twain on a regular basis.

    Thanks for posting

    • northerner


  • Dan

    #6 So true

    • The Ruiner

      is it? really?

      • Guesty

        Come on, it is true, so true, so very true. truth. true. so true

    • Bud

      im with dan

      • The Ruiner

        i'm with dan's mom…. its true, so true

        • Guesty

          truth. that is so true. so very true. truth. should change the name of the website from chive to truth. so true. very true.

  • Frog

    I actually really needed this today.

    Thank you, Chive.

  • kingsfan34

    "If it feels likemore than two fingers, it's probably a dick."
    -Dave Attell

    • Guesty

      Words to live by….

    • Ha.Ha.

      whether it was fingers or a dick…what the fuck? not feeling either, thank you.

    • lol

      i lol'd…

  • Zach

    #2 reminds me of Broke Back Mountain.

    • The Ruiner

      Gays on the brain?

      • LuvH8fulChix

        Gays in the membrane…

  • Clinton Manitoba

    multiple sclerosis

    • Ha.Ha.

      no legs

      • Clinton Manitoba


    • ebits21

      Just parachute in, duh.

      • Clinton Manitoba

        And do what to get out?

  • craig b from ct

    #27 is one of the best quotes of all time

    • switch_24

      agreed.. i'm saving that one and making it my daily motivation..

      thanks for posting these, John!

    • Trent

      Thanks, Kayne.

  • yo yo ma

    Before you do it make sure the door is locked. After you do it put the sock in the laundry basket.

    • Guesty

      I envy your knowledge good sir. Thank you for spreading it.

    • its_forge

      Pull up your pants before you flush.

    • hMMMM

      no colored socks either

  • qteam3d

    Can I just thumbs up the whole post? Thumbs up, Chive.

  • danny

    The Chive is really becoming a juggernaut right now because of posts just like this. I can look at boobs all day but this post leveled me, as did the posts about Lilly and Fluvanna Country. The Chive is carving their niche in pop culture right now and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of it.

    • ryan


    • Guesty


      • ryan

        (strangely enough) also agree.

    • LuvH8fulChix

      I'm so <sniff> proud to <sniff> visit a website. I'm <choke> part of a family.
      Grow a pair.

      • Guesty

        ^ this right here, perfecto!

        • LuvH8fulChix

          I'm honored, Guesty. You, sir, are a juggernaut.

      • Ha.Ha.

        Agree – understand the sentiment, but wayyyyy too much

    • TKJDNoid

      yeah that's it. the site that gets most of it's content from Reddit and 4chan's trash-bin is quickly becoming a "pop-culture juggernaut". lulz.

  • maggiemay13

    #11 One of my favorite Stephen King quotes, I love that man.

    • bambam

      And I still adore you maggie..

      • Guesty


    • Kyle

      King wrote a thesis once called "Why we crave horror movies". I really recommend googling it and reading.

  • Sarah

    Bravo, Chive. keep giving the internet both barrels, guys! ❤

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