When I think cheerleaders, I think splits (33 photos)

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  • Jimi D.

    #19….. I want to know her in the biblical sense….. Then I want to kiss her between her splits !!!!
    Stay thirsty my friends…..

  • Nanook

    #32 Yep

  • rb

    #3 they’re def like 15

  • Beaver lover

    #19 Is now a Portland Trailblazer cheer leader. Enjoyed watching her from the student section when I went to OSU. GO BEAVS!

  • its_forge

    Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Stacey Williams did a pose with a graceful artful split on the beach in front of a gorgeous romantic red-and-gold sunset; the next morning she wrote a note to the photographer saying it was lovely and fun and the pictures looked like they were going to be amazing, but that she had suffered permanent damage.

  • Kyle

    #16 Can I buy you a drink?

  • bmwbro

    mind the gap in #25 ?

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  • MannyD

    Haha went to school w/ #17 (holding the water)

  • Drew

    It smells like fresh vagina in here!

  • Ara


  • R8ders6

    Find 11, 14, and 21

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #19 well i like the Beavers!! and #32 we needs a sequel right Meow

  • Paul

    Delete #2
    All the rest KEEPERS!

  • Mike

    #28 #29 GO BRUINS!!! That's right! No u$c dance whores up in here!

  • somerandomguest

    #6, #12, #19

  • spex

    #8 Because there's a God, and he loves us very much.

  • p1babyarm

    #3 I think it smells judging by her facial expression
    #8 Don't Mess with Texas
    #26 Saw this in a porno once…Impressive

  • slimstyle

    #12 used to be an accountant…but she sucked so she became a cheerleader…

  • tommy2X4

    #1, #14 and #31 git me attention!

  • CBDeadman

    The cheerleaders never looked like that when I was in school

  • Lesbian(;

    mmmmmm, number 26(;

  • Amanda

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  • Anonymous

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