theCHIVE Cat Fort Competition: Vote for the winner!!

We received some great submissions to the cat fort contest, here are some of the best. Look them over carefully and cast your vote below. The winner will take home an iPad 2 and the runner-up will receive a $100 gift certificate. We decided that all the other finalist will receive the mythical Chive logo T-shirt for their efforts. Voting will stop at 6 pm PST, double voting has been disabled, so vote carefully. And congratulations to all the finalist, you have made your cats very happy.

Don't forget to check out catforts.tumblr for more catforts!

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  • Anonymous

    #23 – tank cat ftw

  • Fernando

    #15 is unfair… but I like it!!

  • KyleGamgee

    Many excellent entries. I made my choice and cast my vote,

    but the real winner of course is THE CATS.

  • mehhhhhh


  • T

    #15 RULES

  • Ashley

    #15 HYRULE! zelda always wins.

  • Ronnie

    By far the worst chive post ever.

  • David Milinovic

    Don't give it to #15, they're using tits to their advantage. Borderline cheating. lol

    • tom

      I think the fact that it's just Hyrule prevails. Regardless of tits. WHICH is exactly what this photo album needed anyways. Grow a sack dude.

      • David Milinovic

        You can't go through 1 gallery without tits eh? Its alright, puberty does that. As for my sack – It's looking good, thanks for asking bud.

  • Laura Bergh

    #24 – my grandkitty's in it!;)

  • thetaoofamy

    TANK CAT FTW…PANZERS take note!!!

  • Coldzilla

    #15 hands down!

    Now get these cats off my puter!!! :@

  • kelli


  • ethan wilson

    Tank cat.

  • mehhhhhh

    VOTE VIA THE POLL (above the comments section). NOT VIA COMMENTS.

  • @SweetJessss

    Even though I have my own cat fort in here haha, I got to say #6 #24 #31 are pretty awesome! Next to mine of course (;

  • john

    #25 hands down.

  • Bill Murray

    the Bill Murray fort is super lame! theres nothing cool about this fort. Its just a couple boxes put together with Murray's face on it. It has nothing to do with cats, or cat forts! LAME. don't vote for that crap…

  • sauly zane


  • JChampion

    Wher is the one with the cat gallows?

  • RGH

    Whoever wins this post was funny as Hell!

  • after dark

    Number 25. Bad picture quality though.

  • Cool CaT

    #9 the West Wing Rocks!

  • QOV

    #15 Rocks! The best one ever! Boy some people really have potty mouths on this site 😦
    Jealous of two pretty girls?

  • THD

    #13 Luxury fort isn't showing up. I wanna see….

    • THD

      Damn…now it shows up!

  • Khairi

    Ah, obviously I've voted for the most voted already… the tank cat yeaaahhh! – vote from Malaysia.

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