theCHIVE Cat Fort Competition: Vote for the winner!!

We received some great submissions to the cat fort contest, here are some of the best. Look them over carefully and cast your vote below. The winner will take home an iPad 2 and the runner-up will receive a $100 gift certificate. We decided that all the other finalist will receive the mythical Chive logo T-shirt for their efforts. Voting will stop at 6 pm PST, double voting has been disabled, so vote carefully. And congratulations to all the finalist, you have made your cats very happy.

Don't forget to check out catforts.tumblr for more catforts!

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  • E-Money

    #15 is awesome, i know for a fact the girls worked very hard on it. 🙂

  • Abrasive_Jay


    Cat-tank-erous Kitty

  • Polonuts

    Had to pick #34. Close second was #6. because both are OUTSIDE where these monsters belong. A place where they can do what they are supposed to do and kill vermin.
    But 6 was second in my opinion because of the extra time wasted to build it. You cat doesn't give a crap about it or you.

  • eatit

    #6 is awesome and comes with Corgi guard knights!

  • Petey G

    #37 is by far the most dope on here. Too bad they didn't show the flatscreen you put in there :(.
    Cat Tank is not a fort BTW!

  • Adam

    #37 mario=easy win

  • brian

    theyre all so amazing! bravo fort builders!! i cant pick…. i just wanna hug them all!


  • Anonymous

    Tank cat #23

  • Bobby

    Tank cat #23

  • Fasteddy14

    Always feels like it is an April Fools joke when you guys run posts like this. Isn't The Berry for stuff like this?

  • darryl


  • John Andrew Jose

    #23 cool cat tank!

  • Cameron

    #31 for sure. The voice of Garfield, Bill Murray.

  • KAT


    woulda picked hyrule cept they had to cheat with the pics

    • michael

      Thx, I had more pics that showed way more of the fort, too bad, those 2 didn't do my fort justice….

  • zaner

    post more of #37, it has way more to it than your showing!

  • I.Glove

    #23 It's all fun and games until the neighbors house is annexed

  • Mark Bareng Respicio

    #24 For the flagpole and pipes included! Super Mario Cat!

  • Erbn

    Whoever made the tank should seriously consider doing that professionally. I'd buy one. Okay… several.

    • Vidiot

      Prototypes always take the longest but I've been toying with the idea of making more and selling them. Considering I made this one for about 30$ (paint, concrete form tube), a bunch of free cardboard and some random found objects I would just need to see what I could trim my build time down to to make it affordable. Plus, shipping might be a bit interesting..

      I'm holding on to this one for a bit since the cats won't stay out of it. Considering it's theirs I would hate to evict them to make a quick buck!

      • Erbn

        Do it! Perhaps you could just do the base construction work and have the consumer assemble the product post delivery? Would cut down on your shipping fees and might increase the quantity you could turn out in the same amount of time. Unpainted ones could go for less and allow after purchase customization. Market sampling suggests you could move at least 1,500 easily!

        You might even want to copyright the design, not that I know anything about the process.

        • Vidiot

          Trust me, the first few hours was quite a bit of stumbling through to get the dimensions right. The design changed so many time during the who process what I ended up with was considerably smaller.

          Now that I have some solid specs to go off of I would be able to put together a second considerably quicker. If i could hunt down some large cardboard sheets (AKA intact appliance boxes) it would make it so much easier than doing it all piece by piece. 40+ boxes met their maker to bring this thing to life.

          I do like your idea of shipping unpainted. Kind of like those Munny things..

          BTW, were you the Cat Castle of Awesomeness? If so, that was killer! Working catapults.. 😀

          • Erbn

            Definitely perfected it in the process. The wire mesh for the treads is brilliant. A lot of supermarkets and appliance stores will give away the large amounts of cardboard from their deliveries rather than deal with the hassle of recycling it.

            Yeah, the castle was mine. Unfortunately you have to load the catapults for them and then encourage a pulling of the launching string, and targeting is right out… but still.

            The only problem I'm having now is finding a place to put it. My fiance is dead set against it residing in the house. I'm sure once I've set it up and secured the battlements with the neighborhood's feral cat population she'll be unable to do anything about it.

            • Vidiot

              The wire mesh was just a bit of a happy accident. Happend to have some left over from a planter box I built for the girlfriend. It was a fairly heavy plastic mesh that was the perfect length when cut into 4 inch strips.

              I'm not sure how long i'll keep the tank around. We're still amassing furniture for the newly bought house and i'm feeling once we get a proper dining room table it'll have to find a new place to live. We do have a pretty big basement so there's always that..

  • DrInsane2U

    #15 gots my vote

  • durham

    Nice 15 has my vote too. Good job.

  • spencur

    #15 has bewbs

  • Keith

    #6 for sure

  • Ghana Dulal

    I vote for # 9

  • Anonymous

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  • acoustrix

    #15 for the nerdiness. the ladies are just a bonus

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