• therenegaderacer

    Chive, You owe me 5 bucks…
    The dumbest thing I saw today: My former roommate at the grocery store… she's dumb as fuck.

  • Jeff

    hahaa I love the Laugh track in the background, makes it sounds extra creepy.

  • Zane Smith

    she is smoking hot now. most recently on the defenders

  • itsmebaby

    she grew up to be pretty hot actually, she's on Friday Night Lights now

  • Elliec

    Been at the DMV for 2 hours already, had to secretly laugh it was very hard bit funniest thing I’ve seen in a while lol

  • Da Sandman

    omfg that was hilarious

  • goodbyejeffery

    michelles face at 00:12 describes this entire video

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