Let’s have a post for the douchebags (28 Photos)

  • LukeSkywalker

    Ah, the douchebag post. Reminding me why I hate Jersey Shore one ugly photo at a time.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      So it has happened, the great douche storm of our time

    • b-ry

      looks more like Chiver self portraits.

    • Quam

      "Don't look now Chive but you may be fuckin' with your core demographic."


    • itsjustme

      I HOPE you are talking about the show and only the show. Go to a beach in south jersey, where the good beaches are, and the only 'Jersey Shore' people are from North Jersey or NY. As a Jersey Girl, I take great offence to Jersey Shore references.

      • crowebar360

        As a average person who lives in New Jersey I take great offence to girls who refer to themselves as Jersey Girls.

  • therapist_for_500

    #8 #26. Douchebag hipsters… You've probably never heard of them.

  • Squire


  • http://ishop.pricehound.ro Dan

    seriously, let's not have one

  • G-mo

    #28 I like Guy! I always wanna try the shit for you food he has on his show.

    • thedude

      uhmm … what?

      • McBeastie

        I think he wants to shit on Guy's food. Kinky.

        • ...

          shit-for-you food

    • Steamboat Willie

      Guy Fieri need the get hit in the throat with a baseball bat.

    • huh?

      fuck that guy, he likes to put mayonnaise on sushi… I mean that just screams douche

      • Syn

        The fact that you do not have an open enough mind to try things that aren't normal makes you the Douche..

        • frankysins

          the fact that youre such a priss that you make a comment like that makes you the douche

          • Honkie

            come up with something original.

            • frankysins

              telling me to be original is soo not original.. douche

              • NoMoPrissy

                Touche' Frank. Give it to Miss Priss. Can't stand the prissies. Soooooooooo NOT good in bed. Die Prissy Die.

              • Honkie

                *yawn* are you done yet?

    • Producer1

      He doesn't have sunglasses on backwards…What gives

    • gnocco


    • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan

      WTF? Is this a case of not knowing English or just public schools in action once again?

    • Tony

      Huh??? What's wrong with Guy? He's nice to everybody.

    • http://www.tube8.com Simon Phoenix

      I met him in Albuquerque, NM. He's a fucking douche to MAX! Good way to end a DB post with him. A total douche. Albeit, a semi-famous, rich douche.. but .. total douche none the less.

      • max

        huhhh?…what happened?….He wasn't a douche to me…i don't know him

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001019719478 Drew Bolden

      is this the guy from burn notice???

    • commodoresixtyfour

      you wanna try the shit for you food? i assume that you wanna try the food he has on his show if thats the case whats stopping you from going to TGI FRIDAYS?

      • GuyBlows

        TGI Fridays and Applebees can go lick the curb. They just reheat microwave crap and call it cuisine. They can't even get a burger right. BLOWS. Guy Fieri No different… Total DBag pushing that shit food then saying dooshy things after taking a bite. Dude… "that's money". Dude… "You the man." Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Kris Dee

      I love GUY!!! He's not a douche…. he doesn't deserve to be on here.

  • Steve.Jobs

    #28 The epitome of a douche.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1654449324 Ryan Smith

      im gonna go hipster here and say i knew this fucker was a douchebag before douchebags were douchbags

    • Birdhaus32

      Shows off great food so that takes away from the Dbaggyness but since he is the king of douche it doesn't help any

    • Oswald

      He looks like the 90's threw-up all over him.

      • jdb

        Yes… Yes he does.

    • Dan

      I love that Anthony Bourdain just rips him all the time on his show and Twitter.

    • Kyle

      His show is somewhat interesting, but granted he looks like a d-bag.

  • bayer

    #7…..complete douchebag

    • Steamboat Willie

      I hope he died in a car crash by slamming into a telephone pole while taking this picture.

    • aemdee

      what an utter cock!

    • HERB

      no shit

      • steve

        want to punch in face ….. twice

    • Honkie

      looks like a chiver.

    • Jay

      I happen to know his girlfriend… the kid goes by the name "Duece" alright guy, your name is Zachary, time to relax

  • r@f

    #20 Let me help you with a real one.

    • Robert

      no way u actually know those guys!
      haha xD
      total Duche baggss!
      Props to whoever submitted it

      • Robert

        no way i** actually know those guys!
        (sorry about that(

  • MOAR

    #20 If those were only real….

  • Rodd Hungwell

    Look Grandma….Im a DBag!

    • steve

      not a d-bag…a bit camp maybe

    • aemdee

      camper than a row of tents

    • HUH?

      wonder what else he likes to squeeze between his boobies.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Cbarksfullout Chris Barks

    Duck Duck Douche! Classic.

    • https://www.facebook.com/k.lage Kevin Lage

      I was looking through a friends photo gallery on FB and the caption just instantly came to me when this picture came up.

      • oX_Animal_Xo

        Loved it!

    • BroadStreetBullies

      Best Dbag pic – captures it all quite nicely.

  • Fish

    #11 looks like he's attempting to crap out a rock.

    • 340Swinger

      Or possibly shit bricks. It's anyone's guess.

    • nitticker

      … but instead crapped out a douchebag.

  • Spidey

    #6 CABS R HERE!!

    • Kidn

      good lord. my mother has that same car.. minus the redneckness.

  • mipo2010

    Crikey!!! Look at this one here…The elusive flannel duckface douche…Im gonna go poke it with a stick. #21

  • Intensemasterdebater

    This post sponsored by Summer's Eve…

    • NebraskaGuy

      Lol made me laugh – nice comment!

  • Kyle

    Anyone else think it's strange how effeminate (that may be the wrong word but it's early and I'm tired) all the muscle-bound meatheads are lately? Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, I guess. It's just weird how masculinity changes

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1654449324 Ryan Smith

      stupid social changes

    • Joeyk

      Haha i love how youre skirting around the issue so you dont offend anyone.. I really dont care so I'll help you, they're being gay.

    • thehookah

      Ah, there is Kyle, seen him now.

    • Kidn

      half the guys in these pics weigh south of 150 and are walking around in beaters. if they're going to be douches why not go the extra mile and roid up? its not like any woman of worth is going to be staring at their testes any time soon.

  • kevin

    love DDD but i want to beat the shit out of him and be the host.

    • who knew

      My guess is that is how most people feel. I know I do.

    • eatit

      Frosted tips just don't go out of style if you frost to the root, right?

  • BaJezzus


    Whadya lookin' at esa?….Don't you know their loco?

    • SpellCheck

      There, their, they're – learn the difference and use them wisely!!

      • BaJezzus

        wow. add yourself to the dbag list you effin' grammar Nazi

        • Guesty

          No, he is just pointing out something you should have learned in about second grade. As you make fun of other people, you have the balls to show how retarded you are… Soooooo, me thinks you are the D-bag here bud

          • BaJezzus

            nope. it's you. trust me. i've seen some pretty bad d-bags in my day, and I can tell by how douchy they you can all be.

            it's almost as if you've never heard of auto-correct or something. Learn it, live it, but don't love it, 'cause all in all, it's the douchiest thing out there sometimes.

            • Mister H.

              the point is that YOU'RE an idiot.

              • BaJezzus

                No. The point is that YOUR the idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                there. did I win anything? I believe I was the loudest.

                • Guesty

                  *you're…. Jesus man. Is summer vacation almost over for the elementary school you attend?

                  • BaJezzus

                    uh oh….we have a super smarty here who obviously doesn't recognize sarcasm. Look out everyone!! Super Smarty Guesty is in 'da hizouse!! He's so guesty and smarty….and sarcasm free!!!

                    • Guesty

                      da hizouse huh? Wow

                    • BaJezzus

                      yeah. da hizouse. ever hear of it?

                    • BaJezzus

                      I can see how you might not have since your so Super Smarty Tardy Guesty

                    • Guesty

                      Trying too hard dude. Just leave it be now. It's OK, the mean internet guy won't bug you anymore.

                    • BaJezzus

                      Thats not what your mom said last night. I win

                    • Guesty

                      yup, mom joke wins… good job!

                    • BaJezzus

                      Thanks Super Smarty Angry Lonely Moral Douchy Guesty. Hey I thought you said you were leaving? Thanks for taking such a superior interest in me.

                    • BaBlows

                      LOL, trying to cover up by using the sarcasm excuse? We all KNOW that you didn't know the correct usage of "YOUR" "YOU"RE". You didn't fool us BaJezzus.

            • Guesty

              "how douchy they you can" really? I make fun of you for being retarded, and you reinforce that ideal. retard

              • BaJezzus

                uh ohhhhhh….Now guesty is super tardy!! Super Smarty Tardy Guesty is up in this bizatch like a mo fo'in scholar!!! I bet he/she/it passed K-12 with ALL GOLD STARS and 'erything!!! Your so Super Smarty Tardy Guesty. Can I be like you and get in such a huff and puff over a typo too?

                (let's see if Super Smarty Tardy Guesty falls for the sarcasm trap that I laid for him again, and gets all huffy puffy over a typo.) (shhh…..were hunting super smarty tardy guesty's uhuhuhuuh)

                • Guesty

                  again, trying a little too hard. Tone it down a little bit. Just saying.

                  • BaJezzus

                    Okay Super Moral Smarty Tardy Angry Guesty. Your so much better than everyone. Should we just bow to you now?…or maybe later?

                    Maybe if you can't take the criticizims, you shouldn't try to play with the big boys. Have fun living such a lonely life!! I win btw.

                    • Guesty

                      Yeah, you win! And I have the lonely life, because to me it was a contest… you pathetic little man. And intellectually, you are the big boys? OK….

                    • BaJezzus

                      Must be cause your still here trying to win. See ya soon Super Moral Smarty Angry Lonely Guesty. When will you learn?

                    • Raymond

                      Do yourself a favor and just shut up.

                    • BaJezzus

                      You first. Who invited you to this party anyway? Tits or GTFO!

                    • Robert Plant

                      shut the fuck up, faggot.

                    • BaJezzus

                      that was a good one. did you break your brain coming up with that. So original.

                      Crude language from a simple mind. Better get ready for supper there son. I hear your momma callin'.

                    • Robert Plant


                    • BaJezzus

                      The Brain speaks again!! took quite awhile to come up with a whole 5 letters.

                      Maybe if I'm lucky you'll be able to come up with a complete sentence soon. ahh. who am I kidding.

                    • SanDiego

                      NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE "THEIR/THERE" RULE. That is all

                    • BaJezzus

                      YHA1'P, AYTIUTA

                    • cornollio

                      Y U lick your own cornhole BaJezzus? Do it taste choclatty? Eeeeeeeeeeeeee U smelly armpit licker BaJezzus. U like smell of own groin also. Jesus lub U.

                    • wiper55

                      Yo momma ashamed of you BaJezzus since you have ass for face. Sad. You also have a tiny wing-wong and that is why U angry and Kant spells.

                    • BaJezzus

                      you two are pathetic. the world weeps for you both and your lack of balls

      • Steve

        This whole trail is the most amusing thing I've seen today. BTW, the only ones who don't care about the whole "they're", "there", "their" thing are the ones who can't grasp it.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #18 Would be forgiven if she took her shirt off and resubmitted her pic 😉

    • DaddyD

      No forgiveness needed. Mostly hot. Very little douche.

    • Bill57

      the tats send her over the edge to douchette

      • Guesty

        That's because you are a fucking faggot. "Oh, she's got tattoos, she must be a douche". Suck a cock you queen.

        • Waldo

          Actually I would say it is the hair, sunglasses, and overall douche look… plus the retarded tattoos

          • Guesty

            Sure. You would try to fuck her, but becasue you haven't touched a real woman in years, you would blow your load as soon as she touched your arm, and you would be saying "I'm sorry, this never happens" over and over again, fag

            • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

              that your sister?, you sound mad bro.

              • BaJezzus

                You're right. He does sound angry. Super Smarty Tardy Angry Guesty!!!

                • Guesty

                  Still? Really? With the rhyming and all? Alright, keep fighting the good fight my man.

              • Guesty

                Yes, as a matter of fact. Let me guess, you're going to say no to go home to the pig in your picture, right?

                • BaJezzus

                  And the superiority complex continues!!! All Hail the Super Moral Smarty Tardy Angry must have a supermodel at home Guesty!!! We can only hope to not make typos like him. Hes so awesome!!!…and I bet he's still sarcasm free!!

                  • Guesty

                    dude, you won. It's like fighting a retarded person in a wheelchair for me. Not fun anymore, just kinda sad. Keep on rhyming though. It seems to work for you.

                    • BaJezzus

                      So you like to go out and beat up on handicapped mentally challenged people? There's more wrong with you than I thought Super Moral Lonely Angry Guesty. You should seek help immediately and try your hardest not to pick on those that you feel are below you, which I guess would include the entire planets populous. Talk to you soon Super Moral Lonely Angry Sad Beats up on handicapped mental people Guesty

            • Waldo

              lmao, that is supposed to be your sister and you are mad because not everyone wants to fuck her…. you seriously have issues

              • Guesty

                Yes, it's my sister… no it's not you fuck stick, I was obviously not serious…. Fuck, are all Chivers this god damn stupid?

                • BaJezzus

                  Don't you just hate it when people take you at your post? Sucks doughnut?

                • The Chivery

                  "are all Chivers this god damn stupid?"

                  Does Dylan look like a horse?

                  Chive on!

                  • BaJezzus

                    Is the person that uses "The Chivery" as a name a complete tool?

                    • The Chivery

                      Of course I am. I'm a Chiver.

                      Chive on!

                    • BaJezzus

                      Your sad. you thumb up your own comments like you thumb up your own anus. lmao.

                    • The Chivery

                      Of I do. I'm a Chiver.

                      Chive on!

                    • The Chivery

                      *Of course I do*

                • Guesty

                  I have a small dick.

                  • BaJezzus

                    yep. you sure do.

                  • BaJezzus

                    That makes you Super Moral Smarty Angry Sad Tardy Douchy Beat up on Handicapped Mental People Small Penis Guesty.

              • Shovelller

                Oh God, NO, it is not his sister, it is actually BeJezzus. Wink wink, we all knew BeJezzus was a chick right? (Albeit a chick that doesn't know the difference between Your and You're and will likely ruin any relationships he/she is ever in because of nitpicking and whining.

                • BaJezzus

                  I didn't start the fight, I'm just keeping an eye on it and finishing it. Don't you have an ass to be shoveling, Shovelller?

                  If your going to jump into this fight days after the fact and make fun of a typo, at least get the names right ya douche. Better yet. Take a picture of yourself and submit it to The Chive for their next posting of d-bags.

    • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

      At least you don't have to wonder if she is easy, the swim suit says it all

    • Çreep

      id knock her back out.

    • JDub

      I think she gets a pass already… The Ed Hardy, and slight duckface aside she's really smokin hot and I'd hit it like a caveman

      • ilovethechive

        Agreed. I see nothing wrong with this young lady except she is clothed

    • SanDiego

      Shes fuckin hot. cmon guys, the only dudes calling this girl a douchette are the fat, internet slobs who couldnt look a girl in the eye to save their lives.

    • https://www.facebook.com/StevenLazo Steven Lazo

      Yeah, but she'd have to keep her glasses on. I'm sensing a butterface here.

  • Mr.brightside

    Fuckin douchers are as bad as hipsters!

    • DoucheMcFuckstain

      there not one in the same?

      …….the more you know!!

  • xDV8x

    #20 Do it!! Do it!! Pull the trigger!!

  • dr. awesome

    This by far the doucheyest post yet. Love the fuckin clown with the baby.

  • K.L.

    Finally got a picture on the Chive… time to find more

  • Chris_Mason

    #13 Sorry about the roommate

    • Çreep

      tie him to a chair and beat the hipster out of him maybe even a lil water boarding.

    • commodoresixtyfour

      a hipster isnt the only thing your roomate turned into…

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=526770996 Jay Hernandez

        He came out the closet…. Lock the door when you shower.

        • ldeegan

          he looks like a gay member of the nazi party

  • DarkChochiman

    #27 Still not as gay as Twilight…

    • Robert Plant

      it's also not as gay as chivers trying to hide their hard-ons for Twilight by ironically mentioning it constantly. faggots.

      • hMMMM

        I'm hoping it was a pun. Like he's taking the pic at sunset?

        • Foosbah

          doubt it. chivers aren't even original enough to come up with schlock as lame as that.

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