Starting the day out right takes a little light stretch (34 Photos)

  • n1ghtstalker

    Such hot pictures… #9 looks like she if from Terrance and Phillip show in South Park! lol

    • Steamboat Willie

      Is it Katherine or Katie?

    • dub

      Aye, did you just fart on me, Buddy?!?

      • Steamboat Willie

        I'm not your buddy, friend.

        • dub

          I'm not your friend, Pal!

          • Steamboat Willie

            I'm not your pal, guy!

            • Robert Plant

              i'm not your guy, faggot.

              • Steamboat Willie

                I'm not your faggot, cock holster.

    • WirelessCable
    • Ruffestneckaround

      What, Canadian? The top of her head is clearly attached to the bottom, can't be.

    • jason_in_pc

      looks like the lady walking by just snapped her a close up of that camel toe.

      • n1ghtstalker

        What would it be called if you ran up and motor-boated her lips while she read that magazine.
        (PS. I am looking for something more imaginative and comical than "Rape!")

    • Bdrizzle

      I'm amazed she can do that in heels without holding onto anything. Skills – She has them!

  • JustinFL

    #3 #18
    Hot women in tights are the BEST

  • JDubs

    #4 is doing it right

    • Yes please.


    • TxChiver

      Those legs!

    • BleedC&B

      She has a lot out there! She needs her own post! STAT

    • truth

      Seems gratuitous… just sayin

    • chiverMike

      That's called presenting.

    • KCJake

      Claire Goodill, I think.

  • Ben

    #27 knee is bent.

  • Patrick

    #13 may not be the most impressive stretch, but its definitely one of the sexiest.

    • Guiltyplo

      I completely agree with you. Damn ! that's reaaally sexy.
      Love her face.

    • Birdhaus32

      What's that? You want to watch the X-Files too? I can do both

    • Broseph Stalin

      I don't know Patrick, that's pretty fuckin impressive if you ask me….

    • thrillho

      By far the best one. Just all sorts of awesome happening right there…

    • BentWrenches

      She def takes the cake in this post,Must have MOAR!

    • max-pow

      we should have a picture from behind…that'll be awesome

    • Tomas

      Lucie B from MetArt.

      You're welcome. B)

      • MassHole

        See also Satin.

  • n word jim

    #27 is kinda gross but pretty damn impressive for an elderly woman

    • Stevo

      Im in there like swim wear!!!

    • Paul

      Find Her

  • @The_Scofield_

    #12 You bastards…

    • confused yet frisky

      ur mom?

      • truth

        Paula`s Mom.

    • penguin slayer

      she wont be getting up any time soon!

      • de ja vu

        cannot be unseen

  • 420

    #13 o hello

  • clint_735

    #19 Nailed it! 🙂

    • Çreep

      not a single fuck was given during this tea baggin.

    • Stalenin

      My diving coach, back in the Soviet Union, used to sit on my back like that, when I was 7 – standard procedure. Totally fucked up my back that prick.

  • steve

    What a bunch of tards

    • truth

      Hey everybody lets look at the skankiest ass in town. Whore on !!

      • The Chivery

        Be wary.
        Take care. i can hear them coming/cumming fast.
        Her legion of fanboys, who fap to her skinny-ass.
        They herald the arrival of one who'll claim they're no help
        in bolstering this attention whore's inflated sense of self.
        She'll call you "delusional", imply you're a homosexual, or a "troll".
        A few of the many petulant assessments her fanboys will overlook in their mission to extol
        her gangly physique, outfitted with the schnoz of a crow.
        At this point, she herself will step in and assure you her collegiate degrees amount to more than you'll ever know.
        But as one chiver stated earlier this week "having a degree, nor boyfriend doesn't prove you're not a ho".

        Chive on!

        Chive on!

        • Guesty

          just. epic.
          bravo good sir, bravo!

        • urDad

          Comment of the fucking decade !! You win good sir.

        • Lotus

          Comments like this are (sadly) more entertaining than most of the posts the chive has put up lately.

    • Spidey

      her feet are so enormous and hideous you can see them from behind…true story

      • Coast Guard

        Coming from a guy who works with her on a daily basis, she doesn't have big or ugly feet at all. Lay off the crack dude. Have you actually met her? She is a tall girl who's more porportionate than any person I've ever seen before. Can't believe people like you actually exist.

        • Spidey

          whatever you say bud, tell Frodo i said wattap!

          • Coast Guard

            It's sad how pathetic you are. Keep living in your delusional world but just know that since you have never met her or seen her in real life, you are completely talking out of your ass. It's unfortunate that I have to serve in my field to protect citizens like you. This is when I fully believe in survival of the fittest and you are probably when of these least fit, judging by your lack of mental capacity.

            • Spidey

              calm down bro, ur in the coast guard…now the Marines! those are the one you wanna fuck!

              • Coast Guard

                I do Intel for the Coast Guard and I sure as hell am not 'bros' with any dude who says any bullshit about Lauren, especially straight up lies, without even meeting her in person. She's a fucking gem in every way, her small feet and all. And why would I want to 'fuck' the Marines? They aren't bullshit pricks like you.

                • Spidey

                  Ms Gentiles feet give you penis envy, true story brah!

                  • Broseph Stalin

                    Trolling completed. I must say… well played.

                  • Çreep

                    troll, set, match.

                • Steamboat Willie

                  Calm down puddle pirate. I guess you missed that episode of Family Guy.

                  • Stoops

                    Puddle pirate, holy shit that's awesome.

                • Steamboat Willie

                  And by doing Intel for the Coast Guard you mean watching CNN right?

                  • Spidey

                    he sounds more like a foxnews type of guy

                    • Steamboat Willie

                      He sounds more like he is frustrated that the Marines are fucking all the Coast Guard girls.

                    • 168.11.234

                      He sounds like he is LG`s man bitch or mebbe her pimp. Hoe`s always hangout with such losers.

                    • dOOb

                      You guys are a bunch of Douche bags. First for ripping on a woman who posts her beauty for our enjoyment (I'm sure for her ego as well, but who could blame her), and does it gracefully, and respectfully…

                      But mostly, you guys are cock suckers for ripping on a dude that spends his waking hours keeping you fat, lazy fuckers safe! I'm the first person to say the U.S should focus more on itself than wars/conflicts around the world, but shame on your for ripping on a HERO!


                    • THIS

                      Is such a fucking awesome comment. Couldn't be any more right, and keep on being awesome to both you, the CG commeneter, and LG who is also a CG gal!

                    • Guesty

                      Everyone knows the Coast Guard doesn't really do anything, I mean, come on, it's the Coast Guard….

                    • Steamboat Willie

                      So poking fun at a coastie having served in the Marines myself makes me a "faggot"? Good to know fuck stick.

                    • Ateka

                      Nah, you're just an idiot.

                      And while we're at it, Lauren is hot and classy, why bash on her while there are tons of skanks out there?

                • Jimmy Mack

                  Coast Guard is also partially enrolled in the White Knight academy. lulz.

            • Guesty

              probably *one* not when… Intel huh? We're fucked

          • TRON


          • Carl

            This. This just won it right here. No contest.

        • JMikeH

          It's a little creepy that you care about the size and attractiveness of her feet so much.

          • Dunny_

            A "little creepy" ???
            It sound like he's either gonna tie himself to her car bumper to keep her from leaving or bring in some rabbit stew.

      • Quam

        i know, i remember that. nasty as shit.

    • Steamboat Willie

      Emily doesn't look impressed.

      • craigarlen

        i don't know, she seems pretty interested…

      • HisDudeness

        She looks down right pissed off! She needs a caption post for this picture

  • Boomer

    #5 Caught mu eye 🙂

    • SushiMutilator

      same for me
      how about TheChive find us moar?

    • Çreep

      mine as well, would love to grab the hips and roll her back and forth naked if you know what i mean.

  • Brad Stevens

    #24 damn near perfect

    • mooseknuckle907

      I agree!

    • @tonydeli7

      I agree too..

    • Stupid I know

      You look a little bored…budm-tssh

  • Mario LeMew

    #9 Inconspicuously farting in public fail!

    • dub

      The woman walking in front of her is taking upskirt(shorts) picture.

  • Jay

    #7 #8 #9 She really loves to stretch

    • steve

      thank goodness !

  • JP Souza

    FIND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tay diggz

      I second, need waaaaaaaaaaay moar!

    • Derek

      I found her…Elina Tervo is her name.

  • sparky

    #31 You win this post, congratulations.

    • truth

      Absolutely… Clear winner

      • rextar

        couldn't agree moar

    • spanky jones

      I don't think I would be able to jog with a hard on if saw her at the park.

    • Good Lord!

      Um, did you all miss #13?

  • Beast45

    #33 perfect form.

    • unknown

      yeah he nailed it. thats pretty much all the stretching i do. *Yawn*

    • the elusive

      Kitty needs to stretch it out first before sucking out your soul…

  • Suggestion

    Chive, I think you need to implement something like this:

  • Chris

    #13 who is she?

    • anonymous

      Satin Bloom

    • Tomas

      Lucie B from MetArt (aka, Lucie Jurcakova)

  • laelow

    34 is LG!

    #1, #4, #34 amaazing .

    • 168.11.243

      34 is a certified legal chive whore.

  • rocknroll

    I could handle a whole gallery of #1 or #26

  • sparky

    #34 Yep, that's an ass!

    • its so obvious

      And then she claims she is not an attention whore or a slut. Yeah right skank.

      • @soy_LG

        Because I SO requested that they all make a joke and pose like that behind me. And posing in work out clothes? Man… I guess I'm just an attention whore/slut! /end sarcasm

        Thanks for the morning chuckle before work! 😉

        • class

          Cool story ,now go work ur corner.

          • RiverDogs

            Class-less is what you are. You enjoy LG as much as the rest of us; why would you risk insulting her and losing her contributions?

            • Guesty

              Cause she isn't that hot, and is a pain in the ass…

              • a friend

                You are reaching now. She is fucking GORGEOUS and in-person even more so (yea I work on base with her too). Maybe she's a "pain in the ass" to you because she knows people like you are bullshit and doesn't care what you have to say or maybe it's because it's becomming a pain for you to comment negatively on every positive comment someone leaves about her (which is a lot because its warranted).

                People like you need to not breed and rot in a corner somewhere. But garunteed that both are a reality for you.

                • Guesty

                  What is it about you Coast Guard retards, learn how to spell you psychophant faggot.

                • Guesty

                  Also, pain in the ass because here is someone that sends countless pics to countless websites, continuously comments on her own pics, then when confronted, makes excuses about things (*see comment above – "Because I SO requested that they all make a joke and pose like that behind me"). She was AT THE FUCKING PHOTO SHOOT! And if she gets too upset with bad comments, apparently the C U Next Tuesday calls the site admins to block i.p. addresses of the big bad meanies… so yeah, she really doesn't care, huh? Idiot

                  • impressed

                    Epic WIN

                    • Quam


        • MIK24A2

          Don't stress it LG bad trolls are bad trolls everyone knows the ones who comment negatively still live in their parents basement. Chive On!

          • Steamboat Willie

            What if I think LG is hot and I just troll because I'm a jaded asshole?

        • owner

          WTF were you doing at the photoshoot then ? Or did you go there to shag the guys and just ended up getting ur pics clicked forcefully ? Hoe.

      • dOOb

        Ever hear the saying "don't bite the hand that feeds you"???Doesn't make much sense going on a site to look at hot chicks, then rip on the hottie's when you're done fapping to their pictures.

        fuckin virgins

        • Raunchy The 1st

          i know right? 'cause there is no where else anywhere on all the internet you can go find chicks even hotter than the one here, with NO cloths on, amirite?

        • Lotus

          Believe it or not the Chive used to post funny material. Some people don't understand that the Chive has switched to focus heavily on T&A (likely to boost ad revenue and sell more crappy t-shirts). I can understand someone looking for funny material being fed up, but I enjoy T&A and the old funny stuff about the same. Though I can't deny I always left the site in a better mood after looking at something funny rather than sexy.

    • james

      look at the facial expression on emily, somehow i think she's intrigued 😉

  • MigraneBoy

    #19 The white mans oppression is still not over.

    • InternetJudge

      You win Mr. Commenter

  • The_Redevil

    #31 If only we could see her face.

    • Mike Hunt

      actually, i dont care

  • matthias806

    how do i post a picture with my comment?

    • TBM

      Just type in the number of the picture like this #5

      • Çreep

        or like this #13

        • dub

          Or like this #C

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