The Cubs suck this year, their fans don’t (27 Photos)

  • Kevin B

    I beg to differ with the premise you present. Not only do I believe most of these gorgeous young ladies suck, I am willing to bet more than a fe swallow as well.
    Long life to Cubs fans and their annual chat, "There is always next year"!

  • mr me

    #10 what a dog……

  • Anonymous

    White Sox baby

    All f*ckin day!!

  • movieboy311

    The cubs dont suck, the astros suck. People just dont like us because we have the hottest fans.

  • DrKev

    I’d like to poke some of these girls with my baseball bat…

  • derek

    i think #8 is maria kanellis but im not sure..even so—let the fap-fest begin!!!

  • Andy

    NOthing to see here White Sox fans … go back to your meaningless lives.

    Ron Santo Day!

  • Dick Richardson



  • Sacramento916

    #22, no thanks, #25 YES PLEASE!!!!

  • rossy

    #21 i would love to cream pie that

  • Ham

    Hmmm…nope. Cubs still suck.

  • Doc

    Our male fans (most of them) might be college frat boys who dont know the first thing about the Cubs, but our female fans, well… same thing.

    But, that's acceptable.

    Go Boys in Blue!

  • aaa

    #3 #17


  • Juan Espinosa

    Mis-worded title…. The Cubs suck every year

  • UncleScotty

    There's a year when the Cubs don't suck?

  • Noriega

    Baseball's boring.

  • Cpm

    Don't kid yourself. Cub fans suck worse than the team does. A few hot chicks won't change that.

  • Brenden

    #3 and #17

    FIND HER!!!

  • Beldar

    @35 Cuboobs!!

  • Beldar

    Well hell. let's try again. #25 Cuboobs!!

  • Vester

    #10 is a sexy bitch.

  • Mr_Zambu

    very nice… thanks Chive!

    #16, #23, #26

  • Joe

    Holy 18

  • Swarley

    #2 #9 #16 #27

  • Jimi D.

    #1 must have mouthed off during a game. Looks like someone smacked her in the mouth !! Thanks for the #26 pic.. Alyssa is sooo hot !!!
    Stay thirsty my friends……

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