The Cubs suck this year, their fans don’t (27 Photos)

  • Bret Van Arsdale

    #6, #7, she can have sex with her clothes on !

  • tylrd67

    #10 Find that bitch!

  • p1babyarm

    #7 #15 Cubs blow but pigtails don't…How bout sexy Chivettes in pigtails?

  • konaehukai

    At least the fans are winning.

  • wil4aim

    #10 is a Real Bitch hands down!

  • Larry

    Without looking at even one of these photos my response would be god I hope your wrong. Because I am sure sucking is what these fans might be best at.

  • Dongo

    Tongue bathe #3 and #17? May I, pllllllease?

  • Munk85

    we cubs fans love our women…unlike the trashy white sox fans

  • buck bahm

    Maybe 2 or 3 of these are not posed models. Even the Cubs can get hot chicks to pose for them for enough $$$$$. I'm just praying that braindead Harry Carey is still dead. He was a total fucking idiotic moron. The fool couldn't call a taxi let alone a baseball game. As evidenced by how excited he got over a "Double Play Ball" when there were already 2 outs. He would say there's John Krucks instead of Kruk, spelled backwards it's kurx, no idiot, pronounced backwards it's kurk, spelled backwards it's K URK. When he sang Take Me out To The Ballgame he'd screw that up by saying take me out to the crowd, it's take me out WITH the crowd and it isn't Cracker Jacks, it's Cracker Jack. But the you have to consider it's a brain damaged Chicago Puke talking here. You assholes win one super bowl 26 years ago get fucking over it. And get out of Arizona you Mid-West scum bag fags. Buck.

  • LBE

    Believe me, these girls suck just as much as the cubs if not more! That is, unless they lick of course.

  • Guest

    Well, obviously some of the fans don't "suck". But the overgrown sausage-chewing, beer-swilling bum at the top of the page needs to be introduced to salads in the worst way. (Guy in the Chives world famous DAR ad above.)

  • John

    #21 is Gross.

  • @Troy_Muchwano

    #21 this is just straight up nasty and gross

  • Katie Ashley

    #6 im in love 🙂

    For more gorgeous girls see xx

  • Guest

    #4 was a contestant on The Bachelor a few years ago. She was eliminated on the first night.

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  • Angryhandjob

    Thats proof that hot chicks are only intrested in Douchebag losers!!!

  • vente cocotte minute

    Hey, fearful photograph !

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