• Travis

    Wasn't this posted a few months back??

  • alex

    Rymdreglage – Insert Coin
    Very good 8-bit music and this is NOT FAKE AT ALL. Check their awesome clips in youtube.
    Recently they changed their name to "Ninja moped" cause many ppl couldn't spell their previous name as it is in Swedish (i think).

  • thom

    I call BS on this. Who would spend the hundreds of man hours required to make a couple of minutes of video?

    • Anonymous

      People who don’t spend hundreds of man hours surfing the internet would do this sort of thing. I know it’s crazy!

    • TitoRigatoni

      Lots and lots and lots of people have been spending hundreds of man-hours to make a couple of minutes of video, ever since animation was invented. Your logic is complete fail.

  • jerald

    this is pretty spectacular with nickels however the quarters are a solid choice does any one remember mini tger electronic games from the 90s.

  • Chihuahua

    Too much time on their hands?

  • Andy

    amazing! Music went perfect with it and if you think it is fake, you haven't watched the behind the scenes at the end.

  • Guest

    It is fake. The slightly irregular pattern of coins stays the same for each spot on the blanket throughout the whole animation. This can't be if the coins are rearranged for every frame. I guess those guys just laid out the coins all over the blanket once, took a photo, and then blackened out all the coins that weren't necessary for each frame. Still a lot of work with photoshop and would have been impressive enough but because of their explanation at the end I'd call it cheating.

  • http://faktabukanopini.blogspot.com faktabukanopini

    that so cool. Visit my blog too please..

  • http://www.facebook.com/podplesky Joe Podplesky

    My mind won't stop yelling at me!!!!!

  • Andreas

    naaa, thats fake

  • Patrick

    You clowns whining about this being posted a few months back ought to be ashamed at your demanding ways, not everyone is a lifeless twerp who's well versed in the back history of TheChive. Beyond that, where do you get the idea that repeats are forbidden? Pulled it outcho ass, that's where. Some people develop entitlement issues too fukcing quick, I'll tell you what…

  • Paul

    I dont mind the repost considering this is the FIRST TIME I HAVE SEEN IT!

  • Anonymous

    get fukin lives !!!!!

  • onebadmofo

    First I've seen it. And yeah it must have taken a long time, they probably started when they were 6 years old.

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  • JAM

    i stopped lookin at chivettes for this….god dammit

  • mitch

    Seeing how it was done at the end made it a lot less awesome. I wish I didn't see that =(

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